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All Passwords To Access Dante’s Inferno Website Rewards

Digg and few other major websites are advertising the game title Dante’s Inferno in a pretty bizarre way by displaying ASCII art in website's source code having passwords to access the rewards, there are a total of six passwords you need to retrieve and get your downloadable price which is named sizing 129.66 MB.

Dante’s Inferno

We have hunted down all the six passwords from,,,, and and you can grab your prize by using them right now.

Dante’s Inferno Passwords :

  • excommunicate
  • scythe
  • grafter
  • styx
  • unbaptized
  • alighieri

I am still downloading the reward file and will soon update this post once done to tell what they are, you can grab them yourself by visiting and entering the above passwords yourself - I could share the link but that would take away the fun (whatever left after sharing the passwords) from the treasure hunt. Passwords Rewards


I can't seem to be able to download it, when i download using FF Its simply stuck on Starting, and with FDM it downloads a megabyte or 2 and then Disconnects me :/

# grafter - the 3. pass!!
# scythe - the 2. pass!!

thanks for share :)

Dante’s Inferno Rewards Prizes NiCkkkDoN

password provide by megaleecher
file upload by nickkkdon

credit goes to nickkkdon & megaleecher


It's some wallpaper, game music, artwork, ebook etc. Nothing very interesting...

I don't think anybody would want to download this, but I put in up on Mediafire anyway. I'll be deleting it in a week.

oh great this is simply amazing and creative work :D

password above not working

I cant download Iolo system mechanic9
as shown .
Will anybody help me??
I am a senior citizen & wud NOT like to spend hard earned money if something is available FREE.

I was able to access the promo download by using the passwords posted here.
(There appears to be a Mac version bundled with the download.)

Got it working. Indeed, nothing much, just some artwork, 3 mp3's and stuff.


thanks a lot guys =)

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