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Airtel 4G USB Dongle At Rs 1500/- Only

To attract more and more users to the 4G bandwagon, India's first 4G LTE service provider (at limited locations) Airtel is offering discounted 4G USB dongles to users under a new promotion. To make the offering more lucrative and buckle up for the upcoming competition from Reliance Jio 4G, Airtel has reduced rates of its 4G plans to match 3G prices and has slashed cost of the 4G USB dongle to Rs 1500/- as special offer to further push the adaptation rate. This is not all, for plan values Rs. 999/- or above users get access to 1000+ movies and 100+ exciting online games at no cost.

Airtel 4G


This is a welcome development from airtel

It cost's 5 times higher than wired broadband connection

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