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iPhone 5 Cameos in Recent Photos Showing Bigger and More Powerful Specs

They say that the devil is in the details. Although what you are about to hear could be partly gossip and partly informative, digging our noses to get the most up to date mobile news in the marketplace has always been a fun and thrilling activity for us here. So if something interesting comes up, we will do our best to bring that one up to you. So what do we have here? Following the recent rumors that Apple is planning to release both the iPhone 5 and a somewhat remodelled version of the iPhone 4 this fall, we were able to grab a few pictures of familiar hardware internals that were allegedly taken from an iPhone 5 device.

Although this has not yet been officially confirmed, the chipset found in the images has the A5 chip marking similar to that of the iPad 2 tablet but with a startling resemblance to the A4 chip used in the iPhone 4, thus stirring the emotions of everyone who are all waiting for something to come from Apple. Thanks to Weibo, China’s own version of Twitter, our picture of the next generation iPhone is starting to get clear.

Even more interesting is the battery used in the “still unknown” model. It reads 1430 mAh or 4.2v – slightly bigger in terms of capacity than the iPhone 4’s 3.7v or 1420 mAh. We also observed that the LCD backpanel in the pictures is almost visible from side to side, thus all the more supporting the idea that the iPhone 5 could indeed sport a larger display. But considering that the leaked images is only the stripped hardware without an actual casing to hold it all in place or even an antenna, it is pretty hard to conclude that it is indeed the iPhone 5. If not, could it belong to the rumored iPhone 4S? Tell us what you think.

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