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Simple Trick To Search Files On MediaFire.Com

MediaFire LogoMediaFire free file hosting has emerged as one of the most preferred alternative to Rapidshare hosting, specially amongst the downloaders without an Rapidshare Premium account. MediaFire has received excellent reviews and won several top-website of 2008 awards from reputed critics, the one-click file hoster allows free users to upload and share files upto 100MB in size letting users download files without enforcing wait-times and CAPTCHAs.

MediaFire File Hosting

Similar to Rapidshare, Megaupload and other similar file-hosters MediaFire also does not offer any means to search files on their servers, While un-official search engines and file-indexes for Rapidshare and Megaupload do exist no such service is available for MediaFire, But our good old site search commands can be used to search for software, videos, music and other files stored on MediaFire via your favorite search engine.

For Example, to search all music files hosted on MediaFire type this in Google: mp3|wma|ogg

Or for a specific artist, album or song include the artist, album or song name: mp3|wma|ogg "type your artist, album or song name here"

For video files, use this: asf|rm|avi|mp4|wmv|flv "type your artist, album or video name here"

For Comics, use this: cbr|cbz "Comic name here"

For compressed file-archives and software: rar|zip|exe "Search Query Here"

The search result should look like this:

MediaFire Search Result


Works gr8, now I am able to search mediafire for mp3 and music videos with ease, Mediafire kicks rapidshare ass hardtime, Thanks..

Thanks it works great

awesome work man you are too smart in this field :)

it's Gives Only Content.. Not Any File... Lot of File Here.. But Not A Actual File.. Waste of Time..
Nothing More


Hello dear this solution is xlent.
thanks alot.
and if u dont know how to download u just ask do say wast of time
to get something we should do something ok
plese look that once and u will come to know.
since how long ur using internet

Hey it is really working well. Great idea
Keep it on

Waste of time?

try to remove "

its really work

This Actually Works! =D And For Silly People Ya Actually Have To CLICK ON THEM!! To Download Them =)

This Actually Works! =D And For Silly People Ya Actually Have To CLICK ON THEM!! To Download Them =)

It works, thanks!

i liked it very much
its really great , many tks

that's cool
thanks for this

Thank you for the information........


It is being really working. You are absolutely fantastic

great! many thanks!

Works like a charm!!!!

Works fine for me,. Thanks...


It works, thanks!

thanks for submitting the better tricks...thank you so much Megaleecher Team..........

Just what I needed.
Thank you. works great! :]

awsome dude thanks

It works. Molto Bene! Grazie!

i cant figure out how to get just a file like a book

Ive been looking for this for a long time thnx a lot :D

U guyz are the best. if i were a chic i would kiss u. Aregato, thank u, merci. muchacho love. keep up the gud work

it really works... tnx a lot for this... YOU ROCK!!!!salamat, thank you........

Does google crawls & index each & every file hosted on mediafire?
Google Bot needs atleast one link to file web page in order to cache that page.
Then only we can see those file's web page using site: command.
I think mediafire might be having lot more files hosted than no. of files we see in the Google.

thanks duet

I've been wasting hours searching for free, fast, and full software/apps downloads....when i could've easily done that... T^T

Anyways, thanx a lot for sharing the search tips...ya'll don't know just how HAPPY i am right now....

thank u so much !!

thank, this help me a lot.

Wow ... that's great ... thanks alot guy !!

hey, that's great!
it's work, man... thanks =)

great help

its cool ,,thanks mate.

thank you very much
no need to search links anymore

work for me, thanks megalecheer,
now i can get a file with simple searching on mediafire...
Kick ass rapidshare,,,,,

Google can find almost all links on mediafire

unless files are named as the content u searched........

noone is going to name a new movie Xmen wolverine.part1.rar

though some do...........

It is so simple its great!!!

You're a Life and Time saver!!

your the man

heyy there nice post!it works fine!
but normally any uploder doesn't upload with the full name! i mean you can't find it with full names! any other ways to get the mediafire files!

exmple: i am trying to find Pac-Man: Adventures in Time game!

and when i search with... rar|zip|exe Pac-Man: Adventures in Time game

nothing comes out, which is obvious!

sometimes, the files that have you search is not exist or available at
sao, you need to change the to other site such as,,,,,, and more.
thats all can i comment here,

I love it , and all admin

i do my search another i need not it

Tell me the Another way...

this is a really great tip here.
thanks a million!!!!

is there any easier way & more power full to search ? if any upload it please

well this really works all right but do you know that it works with other sites like depositfiles,bigandfree, rapidshare, megaupload, hotfiles and the sort. well i also agree with one of the commentator who said that google doesn't have access to all the files on these sites. don't blame google, they are doing their best. if you really want them to do very good, it means they will have to even post your personal life info online which you may probably not like

yes ...done ;)

It works!! Thanks

its working yaaaaaaaaahooooooooooooooooooooo

Elakiri....gud work dude.....keep it up....

Awsum work dude...
U r a rockstar...!!

this trick is really cool...
when i searched for a movie it gives all links but misses one of the links...
any idea...

This works perfectly very good! A+

Dude Thank you so much you have no idea how much youve helped the lives of the average man who can't afford wasting time.

Thanks for this sweet lil tip. Works wonders.

thanks alot it actually work

It`s simply super !
I never thought there would be such a easy way to search Mediafire !
Thanks Megaleecher !

i'm using this site to search mediafire files. its really cool!!


okk i have a very simple question!

i can't find | (: just pasted it from here :) symbol in my keyboard... how do u use it?

This is the backslash(\) key in shift(press shift and backslash simultaneously), it should be just above enter(in most of the keyboards)

good yaar


Cool Man...You are My Heroo/...!!!!!!!!

Gr8 advise . . .thanks . . .

omg, works great. Thanks.

hahah very nice! :D

You made one more happy person *thumbs up*

Many, many thanks, i needed this :-)

Hi folks,
this is sooo great. But there might be more choice in Rapidshare and Megaupload. I tried it with those sites, but it seemed that it only works with mediafire. Is there another seachcode for the other sites. Would like to search them the same way.
Thanks alot

To search Megaupload try: SUBJECT ""
Just replace SUBJECT with the name of the artist/band, movie, program, or other filename that you are looking for. Example: Michael Jackson "" OR Photoshop CS4 ""

Dude...u r so cooooool.
u saved like millions of seconds.
thank u so much..****

Thanks for sharing friend ...its really helpful

It's so Freakin' work..

thanks alot man......

keep war...!!!

Very Nice.

man, this worked perfectly, Thanks!


maraming salamat really helps..

Detects files yes, BUT, IS OF NO VALUE IF you don't know the password to unlock & you do not know the homepage of the link contributor, to find out the pass.

Given that most d.l links have a password requirement, to join the files or access the links, the actual mediafire links are OF NO VALUE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE PASSWORD TO UNLOCK THEM.

maybe you can try to copy url you want to download in google, if you luck it will show the uploder homepage

or you can try ShareDir !

Man i gotta say the above tips are blady AWESOME i have never seen and read anything like this before this tips are very nice Thanks a lot

I am amazed to find that a site like mediafire exists, Comparing with other sites (like rapidshare, which really sucks). Even using a free account feels like a premium one and uploads & downloads are so cool! It supports download resuming within 24h. Most importantly, it works great even with slower net connections where in many other sites bigger downloads get broken.

Thanks for great tips on searching ! help me easier to find a file and software...good job men

thanks gr888888888888888888 trick

What is the link for ebooks?

gr8... i love this trick..
it's working...
thnx..give me something more,,, :)

good, but sometime, the file have password especially rar file, how can i overcome this? how can i get that password, help me!!!!

Simply google search the full mediafire link and you will find blogs/forums posts where that link was shared accompanied with the password :)

itz great but what about the password protected files?

I've just found out that we can use this same technique with any download site.

For example, instead of typing ' mp3|wma|ogg' you can type ' mp3|wma|ogg'.

For those that aren't familiar with Filestube, this site tracks download links from pretty much all the popular download sites, such as mediafire.

thanks dude. i found it at last. many thanks

great information. thanks.
you can try

A great thanks to and all . Thank ya all ! :)

If you want to search for the links that are posted all over the web, the use tag "intext:"

Example: If i want to search for Linkin Park I type:

Linkin Park

In general, Syntax:

Hope this helps too. :)

nice entry , merci pour le partage

completely accepted your words.I enjoy the amount of detail that has gone into this page.

i just tried it and it was great.i knew there must be a way to find files but could not get it until i found this site and i am glad

Thanks For This.

Looks great but unable to find the required stuff. I am badly in need of CARA Pro 1.1.4 Homeopathy Soft ware but unable to get on Mediafire. If I get, it will be great. Best wishes for great TRICKS.


It doesn't seem to work in helping me get the Gordon Bizar business buying system.

How could I get it please?


Thanks to the new laws here in the U.S., majority of the results are removed from google, is there any other way?

could you please write a link to search pdf books on mediafire ???
thank you

not work at now.why? befor was perfect.

I tried it, typed it in to the url search bar as above, but all I got was an "Error 404...This page cannot be found" notice. I've tried evry permutation of it that I can think of, but all to no avail. I can't think where I'm going wrong.

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