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Find Your Computer IP Address and What It Is Leaking About You..

When you surf the internet you leave traces of your Internet activity which reveals a lot about your real-life identity. Any resource you access over internet can gather and record usage information about you such as your IP address, browser type, browser language, operating system etc. the most interesting of these is your IP it reveals your location with your ISP name which can be used to track down you.
Here is your IP information, this might be inaccurate as we are using a free system to track your IP location, there exist many professional versions of this service which can pinpoint your exact location.
Your IP Address : "; print_r($co->ip); echo "
Your Country : "; print_r($co->country_name); echo "
Country Flag : "; print_r(theme("ip2cc_ip_flag", $addr)); echo "
Your Internet Service Provider : "; print_r($co->net_name); echo "
"; ?>

There exist many options to Hide your IP address, the most easy is to use a online proxy service or using software which hide your IP address and make your surfing more safe and private.

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