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Adobe Flash Player Gets Updated To v 10.1, Plugs 32 Security Holes - Direct Download Links For IE, Firefox, Chrome And Opera

Adobe Flash PlayerAdobe has made available an “critical” Flash Player update fixing 32 vulnerabilities, the latest update Adobe Flash Player patch-fixes known vulnerabilities and users are requested to update immediately for maximum security.

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Installer

Direct download links to this latest Flash Player update can be found at the end of the post, these links can be used to update Firefox flash-plugin bypassing the annoying Adobe Download Manager (Adobe DLM) completely.

Adobe DLM
Annoying Adobe DLM

Adobe Flash Player Direct Download Links :


Flash player is a good player.

Thank you

Thank you for these direct links.

Nothing sucks more than having no choice but to update Adobe Flash in order to close the huge number of gaping security holes except being forced to download a crappy bloatware download manager from Adobe in order to get the security update that they should push automatically and unobtrusively if they had any decency at all.

I wish there was a third-party flash player I could use instead like I use Foxit Reader instead of the Adobe Bloatware called Acrobat Reader.

One less thing for me to use Revo Uninstaller on, I guess.


thanks for the information. ..

I hate Adobe DLM it's an annoyance, thanks for providing direct download links.

this website rocks - subscribing now :)

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