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Fixing Flash Video Not Playing Properly or Freezing After Few Seconds In Various Web-browsers

Today something weired happened and flash video streaming websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Yahoo Videos, Vimeo etc. stopped working on my computer, I tried Firefox, Opera and Google Chorme but none worked freezing the video playback after 2 or 3 seconds, surprisingly Internet Explorer worked fine.

Flash Video Playback Freezing

I tried upgrading Flash player to the latest version but the problem persisted, I managed to fix the problem using the method described as follows:

Fixing the Video And Sound Playback Issue With Flash

  • Download Adobe Flash Player 10 Beta.
  • Close all browser's.
  • Launch Flash 10 installer and complete the installation.
  • Re-start browser.

This should fix the Flash video and sound streaming problems.


i thought i was the only one. lol

Works a treat now thanks

So basically you're saying that updating to the latest version didn't work but following that method that got you upgrading to the latest version did work.
WOW! Simply amazing!

:P person above me - you are an idiot
upgrading to the latest stable version did not work

however upgrading to the latest BETA did work.

The video freezing problem is quite common and it seems to be some bug in Flash Player latest version itself, Upgrading to Flash Player 10 Beta not only worked for me but for above commentators also.

I have Flash Player 10 (doesnt say Beta) and I am having terrible problems watching videos on Anyone else having this problem. It keeps stopping and starting and video out of synch with sound. Most annoying as there are great Adobe tutorials on this site but I just cannot watch them without having to abandon them after only a few mins. I have 2 PCs in my house, on one it actually crashes my router. How weird.

but the link here directs to the pre release (beta) version for linux wud that also work with xp ? and also i agree with the british dude the canadian above him is relly stupid

This trick worked :)

Link leads to Flash player 11.6 not 10 beta.. :/

This post was made 5 years ago in 2008, the current version with numerous other bug-fixes is 11.6 so the page gets you there.

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