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Fixing Wordpress 2.8 Auto Plugin Download And Update Bug

WordpressWordpress 2.8 got released two days ago, the fully-automated upgrade introduced in previous versions makes the upgrading task as simple as it can get, however, after upgrading to the latest version I started receiving following error when trying to update/install a plugin:

Downloading update from

Unpacking the update.

Incompatible archive PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure

Further research revealed that this is one of the bug which got slipped in the latest 2.8 release, the simple fix is to download the fixed http.php file and install it over in wp-includes directory.



this is great thanks for sharing this valuable information :)

Great Help!

this didn't work for me - but my problem is not with plugins - but when i actually try to updgrade automatically to 2.8 i get this message

I think I am having this issue. My wordpress blog said it needed to update before it would be viewable again - so trusting of Wordpress to this point I updated through Installatron. Now, I have dropped the new http.php file in and I am getting the same issue as before I over wrote the file. It sends me to the Install Page and asks for my Blog Name and Email. This is really messed up. How many Wordpress sites are crashed right now worldwide and what am I supposed to do to fix this?

i upgraded to 2.8 and my blog can't be accessed anymore. It's sth 500 internal server error msg when i tried to access it. But after i use your trick, it works perfect now. Thanks!


You saved the day!!! Thanks it worked like a charm!!!!!!

Thanks for the help!!

didn't work.


Does not work, when I try this solution it causes http 500 error.

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