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Grab A Free Licensed Copy Of TechSmith SnagIt 7.2.5

SnagItIf you missed the earlier free SnagIt promotion here is another chance to grab a fully licensed copy of popular screen capturing utility SnagIt 7.2.5 for free, add to that if you upgrade to the latest version SnagIt 9.1 you get a 50% super-discount.

SnagIt Promotion
  1. Visit promo-page here.
  2. Fill-up details as requested.
  3. Your genuine registration key will arrive shortly on registered email.
  4. SnagIt Registration Key
  5. Download SnagIt 7.25 and use registration key for full-version.


Hey, I'm following you on Twitter. But when i clicked the URL listed in your Twitter, the ZoneAlarm Firewall lists the link as a spyware. Can you please check the link. But when i clicked the promotion page directly from here, I dont get any warning. Anyhow thanks for the offer, and I really like your offers. For software news, please check my blog

Also if you want a simple ONLY screenshot and editing software, you can try the free Greenshot software from

Press Print Screen, open Paint, then select Paste. Save as a .PNG image. Perfect quality, and it was free, if you don't consider the cost of Windows...

To use this revolutionary feature, you will need a few things, as followed:
1. A Computer
2. A Keyboard
3. An IQ Higher than 1

If you follow the directions correctly, you will be on your way to taking screenshots!

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