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How To Fix No Network/Signal Issue On Activated Jio Sim

Reliance Jio Signal Issue

My friend was having a tough time activating his new Reliance Jio 4G sim, the activation was completed from the company's end but there was no signal/tower on my friends compatible 4G phone. Nobody had a clue what was wrong? As usual we made sure common issues like the ones listed below were taken care of but nothing helped.

Common issues for no Reliance 4G network tower/signal on your cellphone:

  1. Your phone does not support 4G, and if does make sure it supports spectrum bands compatible with Jio (800 MHz,1800 MHz and 2300 MHz).
  2. Your phone has Dual-SIM support but only one sim supports 4G, if this is the case make sure you insert the sim in correct 4G compatible slot which is usually the first slot.
  3. Ensure that the phone is set to work with LTE network mode (Settings > Mobile Networks > Preferred network type.) and data option is switched on for the 4G compatible primary slot.
  4. If above two conditions are met and you still do not get signal, make sure your sim is properly inserted and is activated from the operator's end. Try re-inserting the SIM and restart your phone.

Unfortunately, no solution from the above list worked for my friend and by fluke he toggled the "Accessibility->Switch Access" option on his Yu Yuphoria phone and the network came. While I am pretty much convinced this should not be the reason for the network to appear, but having a Reliance Jio Security setting in there as shown below makes things a bit confusing??? If you are having a similar issue, try this unconvincing solution and if this works do share your results with us in comments section below.

Jio Sim Network Issue Fix


sir, i've yu yuphoria and having same problem of not getting signal in sim. my sim is started,verified evrything is done but unable to see any signal bars in sim. kindly suggest me some tips to fix this issue. please.

Do you try cm13latest build......
Stock y5010A rom

I have. No signal in citradurga distic parashurampur solve the problem

Very shame

Same problem, I'm sholayour (post) palakkad (dist) Kerala, anaikkatty coimbatour Border please kindly help me my problem

I used this app to set network in LTE only. it works fine now

i have jio sim but not showing signal and i had checked all phone related settings all fine please check any issues,
my jio numbers 8639538970

sim proper hai but network issue my home thoda thoda aata kahi jagha phir chle jata hai kuch seeting yaa kuch ho shkta hai ki network problem khtm ho jayega plzz help me my jio nbr 9518702842

hy plz help me i hv jio sim its work good from some previous month in my samsung j7 nxt but suddenly when i change my phone to redmi note 3 i got some issues in jio sim like it has full signal but i cant call any one and i dont get a single net.... hy plz gv me some solution ...

Yes it worked. My sim was not activated. But first my phone was receving towers. I know about all the features in my phone. I rememer there was no option like" reliance security" in accessiblity in my note 4 samsung but when i opend it up i was the options was there buy be some jio security app installed those options too. For me it worked. Thanks a lot good work :)

hey...pls help me...i have the same problem as sim is not yet activated....but it was recieving full signal....but after i restarted my phone signal is gone...i turned on the switch access in accessibility but there is no jio security....what should i do?

i had same problem ..but now its fixed
you simply go to sim cards option in settings
make sure jio is in sim1
open sim1 settings
go to access points name
click the 3 dots present and reset it to default..
after that
go back in sim1 settings and select network operators and let it load
then from the list of operators click on jio(even if its selected click on it)
and then it shud start working
it worked in my case i hope it helps you too :)


Thanks, it worked.

Thanks Brother its working. Fixed the problem for me

Thanks it worked

hey thanku so much for me its working

Thank you, its working.

The above settings worked in my case too. Thanks

Thank You Boss ... yes its works Fine.. after 3 days i got my network of JIO...
Thank You

thanks it worked

Pl.install jio security app from google play store and keep it on ...we think your problem will be solved.

hi, I am using yu yureka. I tried all u mentioned, but did not solve the problem. funny thing is I am only getting network while roaming and not when in home state.

Have you tested the "Accessibility->Switch Access" solution shared above, this should fix the Jio Sim issue.

yes sir i've tested this tip.

Sir... I have new jio sim since 10 days... But in my mi4i phone not showing any network... Even i have tried your tricks.. But it doesnt work with my mi4i phone.... What should i do?

Open ur Dialer pad type- *#*#4636#*#* and then u will see some settings options scroll down Turn radio off and change it to LTE/ mode and then again Turn on Radio... and then restart ur phone and Boommm network opens and u will get Jio signal on MIUI Devices

Thanks a lot, this is the only thing which brought the network bars, thanks again!

Thanks this worked

My Jio network is not available(0 strength).
I tried this ping test and FOUND that
Ping ipaddr FAILED.

So pls suggest me wat to do next

no signals on phone with this also

*#*#4636#*#* worked for me

It works on oppo f1 tnx a lot

It worked for my red mi 4 . Thanks a lot

thanks it seems to wok

In accessibility no such option is shown in my Eureka phone. The problem i face is that no network on my eureka fone while using jio sim but when i put the sim in friends phone network was ok. I come to the conclusion that Eureka fone is totally shit as already i have face so much problems in dis fone but now its too much. plz tell if u hav some other trick to correct it otherwise no option rather than to change the fone

Firstly dial *#*#4636#*#*
And then select click on turn on the radio option and then choose LTE only mode then turn off the radio option and then restart ur phone.
then in settings ->mobile networks ->jio 46 ->Access point Names.
create a new apn with name = jio 4g and APN -> www.
Hope this would work. as i faces the same problem with my eureka.

Thq so much sir its working good comments sir... thanks a lot

I baught LYF Flame 5 with Sim No 7003376084, on dated 06.09.2016
But not activate till now.
Please co operate immediate

present contact No 9433730292

hi am using HTC One M8...not showing signal in my mobile..but message receive from jio ( your sim is ready to tele-verification) in my alternate number..but still not shows signal....

Firstly dial *#*#4636#*#*
And then select click on turn on the radio option and then choose LTE only mode then turn off the radio option and then restart ur phone if this option doesn't work try other options following the same steps. And check whether you are getting Jio 4g option when you select network manually.. good luck !!

thanks it worked for my htc desire 626g+

I tried this one but its not letting me choose LTE only. I am clicking on it but still its not selecting it.

same is happening with my HTC desire 728 dual sim, network bars are not visible i"ve taken all the possible steps to get it done,

Frnd I have also HTC one M8 I also have prblm my sim is activated but in my mobile networks are not coming

sir, i've lenovo vibe k5 and having same problem of not getting signal in sim. my sim is started,verified evrything is done but unable to see any signal bars in sim. kindly suggest me some tips to fix this issue. please.

Yeah bro, i am facing the same problem from yesterday,

Kindly change in settings-sim management-default 4g/3g subscribtion- select Jio and tower will come.

super bro it is working

My plan was activated 3 days ago. I was able to use the unlimited data services for only a day. I have activated the unlimited data also after 2GB usage. 2 days ago, the network connection went down and there is no range bars showing also. Please help me with this issue fast.

If you cant see the jio signal dont worry.

Follow the instruction :

Download jio security on google play.

It will ask you to do certain process you can do that, After that in jio security app, you can see some category like risk,medium risk,no risk...make all apps from risk and medium risk category as trusted..finally turn on your location and proceed for setup in jio security app.
1.Settings -->accessibility-->Switch access-->on
2.accessibility-->jio security --> on

not working

My jio number unfortunatly has stopped the signal why this issues are raising on jio plz reset the signal issues

I can make calls from jio sim but cannot use the internet.
there an exclamation mark on my range bar.
but wen I inserted my friends jio sim it worked fine even I was able to access 4G.
what should I do?

for me also same problem iam also not getting the data

Accessibility solution works for my YU AO5510, very much usefull thanks....

If you cant see the jio signal dont worry.

Follow the instruction :

Download jio security on google play.

It will ask you to do certain process you can do that, After that in jio security app, you can see some category like risk,medium risk,no risk...make all apps from risk and medium risk category as trusted..finally turn on your location and proceed for setup in jio security app.
1.Settings -->accessibility-->Switch access-->on
2.accessibility-->jio security --> on

Me and my friends faced the same problem and found a working solution, which is not suggested in this post.

Goto Settings -> SIM cards -> Cellular data (under Preferred SIM for) -> JIO 4G

This should activate your sim and get access to the signal..

Happie browsing...

WOW! Tats very very Wise Answer that no one knew in the universe!!!! thanks a lot ji!

Worked for me. Thanks a ton

I used the sim after activation about 6hours and then the signals gone then I restarted the phone signals came for 3 minutes and then no signals the problem is continuing please give me any suggestions

I suggest every one who commentE's here to create a new APN by the name of Jionet.
It will 100% wrok.
Those who want to use Jio on their3g handset i have a solution for them also

sir, I have sony xperia z 3g mobile. it is a sony mobile fusion 3 chipset. and i have a jio sim please guide me how to work in my mobile

I can not see network jio signal.appear no network/emergency call only on my redmi 2 prime handset. Pls help me anybody.

I dont know what it make sense . When i did switch access and getting signal now !!!.. thank you :)

Do u have any jio apps? Plz tell me every setting u did .....coz I use you yuphoria marshmallow and I don't have switch access !!!!

I have intec aqua ace mini ,I have problem of my jio sim does not shows network.what should I do.

I had get sim in 29-Aug,
but still now not showing network in my mobile, my mobile is 4G (Micromax E481)
and we have not received any message/call,
those store are now closed,
what can i do this ?

my other number - 9411872309

I bought jio mifi at 4th sep 2016 and verification done at 8th sep 2016 still no signal in my jio mifi is there any sollution regarding this issue?

i have submitet my documaent last 15/16 days ago but it can nt function .and there is an message not registered on network. give me solution plz plz...............

i am not showing the signal
nd also i am not able to make outgoing calls
can u plz gv me proper solution plz pz plz

I bought a sim last week
Yesterday i receive msg from jio team
We have received your application for new connection
But still single is not coming
What can i do further?

I have got the tele verification code but I can call 1977 to activate my sim ,when I call the call ends automatically. why I cannot do tele verification by calling 1977 plz reply

When I call 1977 for my voice call tele verification to get 4g voice service but the calls end automatically. My Data service is working.but voice call is not yet televerified.even I couldn't connect with 1977 for getting voice service.what to do?

Hi.. I have jio sim and ready for tele verification. My phone is rooted and currently using marshmallow (viperOneM8 6.0.0)in my phone .. The problem is I am unable to get any signal in my phone using jio sim. I did everything u have mentioned above but still it's not working.. Pls guide.. Thanx in advance..

It worked perfectly.thanks a lot

Sir I bought the jio sim and I dint got range for one day

I hav tried all possible ways still facing issues. No signal no network in my Moto G 3 generation

Imy sim is ready for tele verification, but no signal. Is appearing
I tried all above mentioned methods
...plzz help

activation message is already got,but network is not How can i fix that?

Not getting any singke on my mi4i phone.. Pls anyone provide the solution

Bro I have activated my Jio sim perfectly within 3 days of purchase on device samsung galaxy j2 (2016).I also got the access to Jio welcome offer which offered me 4GB net per day post speed 128 kbps,but after 10 mins my net stopped working. It is on and when I open anything it take me to Jio page saying u have exhausted your credit limit.When I recharge it says u r currently on a plan that renews itself every month.Please bro help me.
My contact no is +91 9838944491.

sir, i've yu yuphoria and having same problem of not getting signal in sim. my sim is started,verified evrything is done but unable to see any signal bars in sim. kindly suggest me some tips to fix this issue. please

My sim is ready for tele verification but I'm travelling in other state. I tried lot many time to call on 1977 but call is not going through, is it, due to roaming I cannot call to customer care?

can anyone tell me moto e 2nd gen 3g support relience jio 4g sim?

Hi, I tried your trick, but it didn't work for me.. But, then I found a solution in one video - The *#*#4636#*#* trick worked for me. I am using Yureka cm12.1 stable release.

sir, i've xiaomi redmi2 mobile and having same problem of not getting signal in sim. my sim is started,verified evrything is done but unable to see any signal bars in sim. kindly suggest me some tips to fix this issue. please

Hi, I am using YU yuphoria. My problems is network fluctuation signal of jio. It's signal moving between no singal and 4g. Everytime i have to on and off the airplane mode then singal comes and even after sometime it come again on no singal...... plz help

my jio sim was activated and for a month it worked fine. afterwards suddenly jio sim use to show no signal even though other jio sim in my frnds mobile showed signal. i formatted my yu device still issue was there so i tried trick *#*#4636#*#* clicked on turn off radio then clicked on turn on lte ramp dump them clicked on turn on radio after that i retarted device.
this is best possible solution what i got for yu devices apart from switch access. but problem still arises after few days or sometimes few hours. so repeat the same.

*#*#4636#*#* lyf water 1 not working

Please anyone help me as My Jio no. is activated, but as soon as I receive the signal in my Sim 1 (Jio), the sim 2 signal vanishes. Any solution?????

Network signals are not Coming at Office & poor Signals are coming in open area.

Gud job brother!
This trick works perfectly.. !

My jio sim is activated but signal is not coming or I can't receive any comformation massage/call from my given mobile no. my number is 9402587147 so please help me this problems.

My jio sim is activated but signal is not coming or I can't receive any comformation massage/call from my given mobile no. my number is 9402587147 so please help me this problems.

I purchase jio sin but no signal got so what can I do pls suggest me sir

Hey I am using Moto g3 internet , and messaging is working . But I am not able to make calls what should I do plz help.

Same here my moto g3 also internet but no calling from Jio ..nd only show LTE ..not show.volte option

Hey diksha, first u have to install jio 4g voice from myjio register wid my jio and u can call from jio4gvoice. Anything else call me on +91 7709959883

I am getting full network on my nexus 5x 4g phone but when i switch on cellular data it's asking me to sign in to network and recharge if its prepaid and pay bill if its postpaid and mines prepaid so when i type my number there it tells me that i am using jio welcome offer no need to recharge but my net doesn't work exept for an exclamatory mark beside LTE symbol. Kindly help me.


My jio sim is activated. But no signal is coming in iphone 6. Please help me

I trying to use Jio SIM on myn Lenovo k3 Note Phone. This is 4G LTE Supported phone as I use Airtel 4G in this phone. "Preferred Network type" menu of my phone is inactive . I restart the phone several time but the issue is same. please help me

How To Fix No Network/Signal Issue On Activated Jio Sim plz help me

I got signal befor 2 days..and git msgs many time that yiur sim is ready for tele verification.. but when i try to call on 1977 it got disconnected every time..

sir my sim was started 2 days earlier and use it for one day and now it is unable to receive network and after so many tries it will not show network as i am using xiaomi redmi 2 which is a 4g band supported with please suggest me how to resolve it
Thank you Sir

till 2gb all worked well, full data speed and all good with calls, but as soon as data usaege reached 2gb it got struck..... no internet no outgoing calls, but i hv full signal in my phone...

i have tried everything from preferred networks i started and next i tried jiosecurity switch access and i tried phone information everything i have tried but signal is nt coming to my Mi2 mobile can anyone help me plzzzzz

Guys who are all won't get signal after activation or after used just put your sim card in another 4g phone and use Internet and put it back to your phone it will work perfectly

sir i facing the same issue in my coolpad note 3 i have done as u said i have removed all other sim entered it in frst slot n service access is on jio security is on and done it to LTE switch on n off done many times selected network manually but not getting signal

Sir, my Jio worked until yesterday now its not showing the signal I using Lyf flame 7

I am using moto g3, my jiosim is activated and I used for only one after that it's showing no service and emergency call only how to resolve pls help guys

When I call 1799 got reply "your sim is tele verified you will get confirmation ms soon" I got this msg from last 2 says. But I can't get ant msg from jio. Signal shown on my mobile but call not done. When I call to any number it will aromatically connect to 1799 and again got above said msg. Plz help me

Hello team,

Can some one help me with the Jio sim. The movement I switch to Jio Sim, the signal tower comes with an exclamatory symbol and I'm not able to browse.

Please help.

Mob: 9845992992

I was using Jio sim in my HTC for 2 months , but today suddenly the signal got disconnected. i tried enabling accessibility options , tried to enter test mode and turned radio off and then on, restarted the phone many times , but the sim is not able to register manually or automatically to Jio 4G network, can some one help me.

I was using all jio services perfectly on yu yuphoria for a week and then suddenly the network gone. I tries all the above mentioned tricks ie.*#*#4346.. , changes in accessibility , download jio security app. But none of these worked for me.
What worked for me: I simply removed my other sim card, put jio in SIM 2 (only jio sim and no other sim card ) >> switch on mobile >> network type for SIM 2 LTE/4g and your phone will show network.
Now switched off phone and put jio sim back in sim 1 and change SIM 1 to 4g.

Somehow this trick worked for me. After this you can put your other sim card in sim two.

Please note that my jio sim was activated and I was using it for a week. Try this out.. May be this work out for you too.

The same trick to replace sim 1 to sim2 also worked for me. Thanks brother for sharing your valuable tip.

Im using HtC desire 820 (single sim) . Jio sim was activated 2 months ago and there was no problem till few hours ago. Im not getting any signals and i tried all the tricks mentioned here. Can anyone help me out !!!please.


Dear Sir
My Jio sim was working very well in mimax but the moment I got another jio sim on the same mobile stopped I cannot make calls even neither from jio sim or bsnl sim..pliz help me is very urgent..

Hi... I'm using infocus m810... I brought jio sim for that.. sim is activated and the tower is full ...
but while I turn on the mobile data it's getting on.. but in the tower bar there is no double side Arrows.. only showing tower... how can I fix this .. pls some say

my jio sim is not showing network

Sir my mobile is lenova k4 note I have a jio sim I use net,calls from jio sim by the date of 04-10-16 bye going to bed I put it in offline mode.From the next morning signal didn't coming help me please

My sim show the network but the data connection not started yet and I don't call 1977 for verification. I purchase jio 4 days before..

Plz help me...

My jio sim activated 2 days ago
Having signal but can't make calls and no internet
My device is let le1s
If I put the same sim in other 4g phone everything is working
Please help

I'm using Redmi Note 3, and activated Jio Sim two days ago and used Internet and called to my friends, but from today morning its not showing any signal. I tried to put it in other sim slot of my phone, as both are 4G supported. I tried calling CC, they said we'll check. Plz let me know what to do to get Network. Thanks.

My jio sim is activated n works fine on all other 4g cellphones....but my new samsung galaxy note 4 , 4g cellphone bought from dubai does not get jio network at all...tried searching n doing switch access process still can not figure out d network on dis cell...plz help asap

I took my jio sim yesterday.Today in the morning it showed network so i thought to activate my jio sim.i called on 18008899999 and 18008901977 through my current no. because when i called on 1977 from my jio sim, every time the call ended.when i called from my current no.It said that my jio no. is activated so why can't i use internet or calling services. One thing more, i didn't recieve any email or sms from the company.

Guys - I have HTC One M7 Verizon 4G LTE, i have tried installing Android, 4,5,5.1 & 6 but Jio SIM showing no Service / Emergency calls. But the same sim works fine with other mobiles.

Anyone succeeded on HTC One M7?

In HTC m7 jio is not working .

My jio sim is not getting tower after 5 days of installing jio sim please tell me whats the problem??

Jio signal in my htc 820s very poor as compared to other mobile phones at the same place.lhave applied various tricks but of no use.plz help me

sir,having some problem of not getting signal in sim. my sim is started,verified evrything is done and 10days used also but but now am not getting signals kindly suggest me some tips to fix this issue. please.

Hey.. Pls help me.. No sim card is detected by my phone of jio sim and on calling on customer care i get that my no. Is already tele verified. Please tell me what to do.

I have facing a problem that jio sim network in roaming but no network when i reached home town please help me sir

1.I jio is activated , at first I was to able to send sms but now all my send sms are failed
I'm not able to send sms .plz solve this issue.

2.Also I'm unable to call all members , if I calls to a number with jio it says line is busy

But if i call to same no , with another sim the calls goes what's the problem ?

3. some times in a same place my friend gets jio network , but my jio network signals goes away and again after few hours it comes back after doing many times switch off & on / air plane mode

Plz solve all the above 3 issues

sir, i've lenovo vibe k5 and having same problem of not getting signal in sim. my sim is started,verified everything is done but unable to see any signal bars in sim. kindly suggest me some tips to fix this issue. i have also done access on. but i am not getting

Hello sir,
I am using Samsun Galaxy Grand, I have upgrded my mobile from 3 g to 4g by downloading online app but when i am trying to call it says not registered on network also I am not able to access internet. Although i am able to view jio network. kindly help.
Thanks in advance for your help.

I've purchased a new gionee f103 and Jio sim everything is all right. Full network, I'm able to make a call, i can send messages, when I switch on my data volte is showing but net is not running

Hello sir,

Jio sim not working while using dual sim(Reliance), network is full and also working JIO sim if I use JIO sim in my phone. My phone is Lenevo ZUK Z1. Please suggest.


I brought Jio sim on sunday and i get to see Jio signal, but when trying to call or activate SIM, i am getting message that "Mobile Network is not available"
kindly some one help me in soughting this issue.

I have activate Jio Sim(kerala),now I am in punjab I do not get the range in my mobile lenova p70 what I can I do

I have Redmi 3s prime and I'm using this jio sim from last 12 days suddenly it is show no service and no signals if i connect with wifi then some signals are generate plz help me....

I bought my Jio sim day before yesterday.. Till today evening it was working properly and just after I switched on my phone the signal was lost. What should I do?

I'm using Sony c4 dual mobile, 10 days before i buy jio and it activate but my problem was i didn't get network i tried all above solution but i didn't get network plz give solution for me

Had full network w/o jio app registering me on network...add new apn and your set...go to network settings add new access point
Name : Jio Internet
APN: jionet
Leave the rest as default or untouched... Boom! You'll probably get back online..

Sir i had a conversation with reliance jio care they said that your sim activated from our side. But my phone is not receiving any signals. I have Moto G 4 plus. please help

I am using lenovo k3 note. My jio sim is activated but not working in in my phone. I tried to use the sim in another phone and the sim worked. Then why i am getting this problem? How to fix this problem?

I am using Sony Xperiya M5 dual sim phone is not problem on full network place. network one point or dropping not network place in data mode is on switch off to full power supply is closed.Then charge is connected in re power supply to switch on my phone.Other network sim is using to not problem my phone.Data mode on problem please help me sir...

Sir, i've India in UP My Mobile is Lenovo K5 Note and having same problem of not getting signal in My Jio sim. my sim is started,verified evrything is done but unable to see any signal bars in sim. kindly suggest me some tips to fix this issue. please.please Sir...

In the "choose a network operator" menu, it shows error while searching for networks.. What should I do? The sim is activate(message came yesterday)

I am trying to use Jio sim card on Moto G4 Play phone. This sim supports VOLTE for calling. I have put Jio 4G sim in slot 1. Things are working fine and I am getting LTE and VOLTE signals.But at randomly, my LTE sim signal is getting lost and sim 1 is showing as no simcard or emergency calls only. All I need to do is to go to sim settings and disable sim 1 and again enabling it will bring signals back. This is happening randomly during a day and happening every 3 hours 7- 9 times in a day. I even dont know that signal is lost unless I take my phone of pocket for some other work. I have even tried to put second Jio 4G sim to check but same is happening with second sim also. As of now have to keep refreshing the phone every few hours as it stops working. I am missing calls and getting missed call messages.

May place in not network may place is karkamb in Sholapur distSolapur and tal pandharpur

my jio tower is showing full but i cnt call or not use data in my redmi2

My sim number got activated and i used the data for 1 day. After that there is no network on my phone for jio. I'm also not able to register on my jio app and not getting the otp.

my mobile is xiomi redmi 4g but this mobiles can't be show jio sims network ? what is problem sir ? plz send me solutions

I use coolpad note 3. I bought jio sim the day before yesterday. in my phone network has shown fully but yet i cannot connect internet or call.. also I am unble to connect call with 1977 for verification registration.. now what should i do?? please revert as soon as possible..

My mobile is Lenovo p70A but this mobile can't be show Jio sim network? What is problem sir?please send me solution

i updated my galaxy s3 GT-I9300 and my phone was LTE but jio sim not working.

I have samsung galaxy s6 edge (australian). Its about 2 days but my sim is not activated. Help me guys.

I am not getting continuous signal in my Lenovo phone with jio sim pls any body can help me out? I tried all said above but in vain. It some time appears and goes off long time.

My mobile infocus m810 sir no signal so only emergency call so my mobile number 8192 81 2576 please Tell me I wait for your reply

I have Lenovo A6000, i am using Jio sim since more then a couple of weeks it was working fine but since yesterday morning Jio Signals are not coming at all, when i search for the networks Network got searched like Jio 4g 4g, but on selecting that option (which is the right option i always used this option for selecting Jio network) it says cannot register on network, try again later...
i am messed up, tried using given solution for registering my Jio sim, please help

i have purchased jio postpaid sim from jammu. It was working very nicely in jammu but now i moved to punjab and this postpaid sim stopped working. Please help if i missed some settings.

there was signal in october 31 and i have used internet and calls till 11 pm. But on the very next day no network coverage from morning till today. Currently im using Xiaomi redmi 3S. Any idea what to do?? pls pls its a request do solve mine

My jio sim no network mobile. Plz help pH 8016047373

I am using Jio sim in lenovo k3/note.
Data and outgoing call both are working but incoming call is not working. It says that this number doesn't exist.
Second issue is whenever I put my another sim in slot 2 Jio sim doesn't work.
Is there any solution for these problems

i used data and call for one day but after that i wasn't working.i tried all the tricks given in youtube.

is area me tower nahi hai

I am using Lenovo K3 Note, preffered network in sim management, showing blank. How to set preffered network to 4G LTE type. My jio sim is not working since from last 3 days, no network coverage it is showing.

Sir, Hi i am using Hotwave Cosmo V8 Lte handset. When try to insert jio sim it dont access network provider. When put on manually search it does not show 4g network. But other providers are working good. please suggest me solution for the issue.

i bought a jio sim when i was in delhi ncr.i was getting good network there.but after coming to dehradun,premnagar it is showing a cross. i tried the jio security service option as well as network operators is not showing jio sim after searching in network operators even after resetting to default in access point names option.please help me as the sim was working really good in delhi NCR.

sir, I got my Jio activated and I used it well. But now am not getting the signal. Please help me.

pls sort-out my issue. i activated jio sim 0n 5 nov., but network not shown in my redmi note prime set...
what i have to do for getting nework...????

pls solve my problem

tis strange but I really got back my Jio Network which has gone missing yesterday by following that switch access method. But it was a different for me, I turn switch access at ON, nothing happened then I turn it off again, then restart the phone, da daaa.. Network is back !!

my mobile is moto e3power. my second sim's (vodafone) incoming call is not recieved when jio sim (first slot -volte) net is activated.

I have new jio sim
I inserted it ... but no signal /network... how to solve?
I have used .. 1. Mobile data on
2. Use LTE

I have put JIO sim in slot 1 of coolpad note 3 lite the sim is activated and data service is on but no incoming and out going calls.suggest solution pl.

for htc 626 g + what u can solve fast answer if u can anything


hello sir/madam
i am residing in karnataka state, dist uttar kanada, dandeli area, pin code 581325
please check for the area network problem. there no jio network here, so we are bound to use other sims
i have and my few frends have jio sims, so should we wait or discard or prot those numbers
please inform

in my lenove k4 note phone jio net is not working properly i have to on off the flight to make the internet connection active

dear sir,
i have jio sim but i m facing network problem my home only but than i going to office there very strong network Plz sir give me some help for better solution for network problem.....

Sir I have Xiomi Note 3 but my phone is not receiving network what should I do for that.

I am using moto g4 pluse, my jiosim is activated and I used for only one day net & call after that it's next day morning showing no service (mobile network not available) please tell me how to resolve pls help guys

How To Fix No Service Issue On Activated Jio Sim
my jio no is 7976981565
other no is 9413261883

i have used jio fro nov-1st to nov 29th but from few days my jio sim is showing no sim card in same sim slot and some time no signal i have tried all methods but still having same problem pls solve this pls.........

I have water9 phone sim activated signal show but not calling & net connecting . Please any wise personalty solve my problem

I bought new phone YU4711 from when I insert active jio sim the network signal is not coming and when I insert same sim on other 4g handset it works... Can anyone solve my problem..since I adopted above all methods it doesn't work

Please give me reply , suddenly network from Jio sim is Gone Out and at the same Time my Sim also be deactivated, I call to customer care he said all networks are shown in this sim but sim is not show in my mobile means networks not found just no sim signal its look like no any 2nd sim is in my mobile So please give me reply to start that sim

Specifically for MI4I phone , may work for others .If you are still facing any issue after trying above methods (I too got frustated as jio sim was not working even after proper activation in my MI4I phone) then as a last resort you can try updating your miui software to latest version (8.0 stable) .After upgradation reinsert your jio sim in primary slot , choose preferred network to LTE only , mobile network -> choose automatically and then comes important part of changing APN , remove all other APN for jio sim and click on restore to default ....voila!!! u r done , switch on mobile data and enjoy the benefits ... :)

Sir I'm using infocus m810 and my jio sim is activated but on my mobile there is no tower plz help

Sir I'm using infocus m810 and my jio is activated but there is no network/signal plz help

I'm using HOTWAV mobile which is a brand in UAE. I bought a Jio sim last day. I place in the 1st slot of my phone which accept 4G, but i'm not getting any signals yet. Kindly replay for my problem

Actually my sim was lost before tele verification so I went to reliance digital to block the lost sim and get the duplicate sim they gave me one but they told it will be activated within 4 days then on the next day I got the call for tele verification and I verified it.Now I got a message from jio that your sim is activated but in that duplicate sim no network is coming please help...

my device is HTC desire 728 dual sim,
which is compatible for jio network, still network bars are not visible.

My jio number unfortunately has stopped the signal why this issues are raising on jio plz reset the signal issues


Read more: How To Fix No Network/Signal Issue On Activated Jio Sim | Megaleecher.Net

verification done but still showing no service

i am using lenovo p70 sim has been activated but there are no signals..sim is in sim 1 slot which support LTE.... need solutions preferable for me.... please help me

not working any of the above solution on my lenovo p70 phone.... please anyone help me

my jio sim shows no service am using samsung galaxy e7 i tried putting it in the slot 1 even though no network bars are shown plz help me can anyone solve tis issue

Sir I have Samsung Galaxy J max tab. I bought new jio sim from Delhi but I have I'd of UP. It have passed 11 day but there is no signal in my jio sim. From where I bought it he said it's activated.
Please solve my problem what I have to do.

It is continuously saying nit registered on network even after 4 days. It's mobile data worked on second day but now its not working and no calls are being activated. Though its showing signal but saying emergency calls only.
Plz help and reply soon...

sir i have a redmi 2 prime mobile i am using the process but does not working

my device was working efficiently two days back but suddenly the netwrok light got red and start blinking. I tswitched it off several times and after getting on only wifi and battery signal still but network signal blinking. please tell me how to solve this problem.

Sir I have tried all ur ticks but still signal is not cmng, I am using Mi note 4g pls help me out wid this issue.......

Thanks, it works but signal is bad here.......

sir i hav infocus m370 my jio sim is activated but not getting range ...
what i do to get range

When i am trying to call 1977 no , but no response

I have a problem is that ..I am using JIO sim from 1 months ... There is no issue with tha network but now .. ye problem started ... Networks are not available in the same place where I easily operate JIO ... JIO network is not available in my room from last 2 days ... How can I fixed it ..what's the problem

I have this SIM for around more than a month.It was working well until now but since few days I am having an issue of no network.
Pls suggest me about what should I do now

My SIM was activated and was using it since 2 Weeks, when i changed my SIM to other phone(Iphone5) it says NO Service. I tried putting it back in the older phone where it used to work properly(Iphone 6 plus); but still No Service. Kindly help me with the Issue.


I am from Hyderabad. Tried ur above mentioned tips in my handset of Moto G4.

But network of Jio sim is not dectable.

I have very strange issue.

The same sim card is working in another hand set of Moto G4.

Recently I've been to anthapuram of AP. I took my friends Jio sim there .. it was working...

But my Jio sim .. which I took in Hyderabad is not working.
I request you to give solution for this issue.

I hv redmi 2 prime mobile, I was using JIO with my mobile, but now no network is displayed after I removed sim once from SLot1.
It's working with another mobile. I tried all process like *#*#4636#*#* and also tried with another JIO sim. But not getting the network. I also restore to default.
But still not getting networks for JIO.
Please help me....

sir, i've MOTO-G 1st gen and having same problem of not getting signal in sim. my sim is started,verified evrything is done but unable to see any signal bars in sim. kindly suggest me some tips to fix this issue. please.

I tried al d tricks like *#..., jio security, slot1 etc etc.. bt stl i've signals only but call or net not possible..

Thank You. It worked for my Samsung grand prime 4G

Thanks for your post but It is continuously saying not registered on network even after 4 days. It's mobile data worked on second day but now its not working and no calls are being activated. Though its showing signal but saying emergency calls only.
Plz help...

My Jio sim working fine but from last 4-5 days my second sim(airtel) doesn't work on any slot of my phone showing emergency call..plz help me

My Jio sim working fine but from last 4-5 days my second sim(airtel) doesn't work on any slot of my phone showing emergency call..plz help me my phone is yuphoria.

sir, i've yu yuphoria and having same problem of not getting netsignal in phone my sim is started,verified evrything is done but unable to see any netsignal bars in phone. kindly suggest me some tips to fix this issue. please

I have been using Jio since 2months suddenly it's showing 'emergency calls only' . Tried all the basic settings but couldn' get it ! Anyone atleast here could please help me out!

Sir, My jio sim was working well in hyderabad abd bangalore, but when came to Patna, Bihar, no signal bar was showing. I tried many ways like APN setings, *#*#4636#*#*, replacing sim, tried with single sim. Nothing worked out. Kindly suggest solution.

thanks, this really solved my problem. Aur ab hum hindi gaane sun rahe hai

I have lg g flex 2 H-995 bt my mobile is not receiving signals pls help me

My HTC one is 4g . other 4g sims r working but Jio is not working

My Jio sim is not working for more than 4 days . Signal is not there. So I can't able to browse any think. So pls try to slove this problem as soon as possible

dear plz help me, my jio internet working without on mobile data on my phone redmi 3s prime,
my mobile setting was deleted when i restart my phone and i create new apn settings with jionet(apn name).

MyJio sim mobiledata is not update in my iPhone5 please help me what I can do

HI, i am having htc one x plus phone imported from bulgaria which supported normal networks but this jio is not working for me , can you please help ?

I too have the same problem in my redmi 3s prime. As you said , I have switched on the switch access. Now it's working

I have kerala activated jio sim.. I am in karnataka. And the sim doesnt show signal at all

jio signal not showing on my handset redmi note 3 since last 3days

There is no JIO network in chennai Siruseri IT park(CTS). Please resolve the issue as soon as possible.

sir i am using lenovo k4 note and it shows note of exclamation in the network bar.can anybody tell me how to fix it....

From today morning suddenly RJio network is not getting detected. I tried all above options.It came for a brief time and again disappeared.
Any suggestions/help to restore the R Jio network?

Today morng jio worked fine with my s7 edge , but afternoon it didn't
I am getting 4g signal
But i am not able to call or use internet
I am unable to signin in myjio app and also in jio4gvoice
I have put the phone on fli8 mode
I have reinserted the sim many times
I have tried adding a new APN
I have restarted the phone many times too..
I have no idea what to do
Someone help me out of this please..

After March 31, my Jio internet failed to connect working, I raised a service request with jio and they promptly responded. Yesterday however the signal was not there in the afternoon (May be Jio they were rebooting the number from their end based on my service request). But after 24 hours the internet is back and is working fine after I read the above and edited my dual SIM card settings.

Thank you for the clear steps.
- Gowtham

I have oppo f1 I buy a jio sum n I put it in my phone after a week. But my phone is not getting a signal of jio sim although my phone is 4g

i am not able to call when offline .. nd no netwrks found in Shakarpur delhi-110092

Thank you for the guidance. I had the same problem of 'Not registered on network' and I am able to rectify it as per your guidance. :-)

Sir telephone verification is done Jio mobile no-8384038207 but network not showing till time

Hi, i am using ASUS_Z00LD(LASER 550). past one month i am facing signal & network problem in my hand phone. Hence pls help me to short out this issue...

my Jio sim is activated but no signal is coming in gionee M5 lite please help me

my Jio sim is activated but no signal is coming in gionee M5 lite plz help

My Jio sim working in other 4g mobiles and other 4g sims working in my mobile,but JIO sim is not detecting in my mobile ,mobile says no sim detected if i insert only JIO sim.


Ya, It worked for me as well...

Hi There
I ve been using the Jio sim and its uninterrupted services since march 2017 and was quite happy with that. Last week i travelled abroad and on my return I see no volte signal and i cant make calls and open internet.
Have already tried all the solutions mentions above but nothing worked.
Can you please help.

I have blu r1 hd recently I bought in usa amazon . it is networked unlocked 4 g mobile but it is not showing jio network instead it is showing no service pls help me to show network

Jio Sim disconnected while roaming in Karnataka and refused to connect after returning to home n/w in TN.

Your solution Worked !! Thanks !

Please help me..
Use moto g3
Jio network does not show on uses my villages tower if i going to town then slow network in the phone any solutions ?

am using hotwav cosmos v8 , after insert jio sim its showing emergency call only .

pls help me

i selected LTE and inserted in sim 1 after sim activated but its not showing range showing emergency call only

I am facing problem that if my friend use to call me after 10 pm from another network they get my phone busy.but they call me from jio than connecting is OK. Why it show busy from another network??

I have coolpad note 3 lite and I get jio Sim.full.signal but network and call not connected I have checked all.settings but not connected please help

Sir Speed bahut kam aa rhi hai Jio ki, koi solution btao plz

Around 10 days back, i lost my Jio network while texting. I tried to reboot the phone amd re-inserting the sim but i didn't receive the network. It's been more than a week and i still have'nt got the network back.

I have Jio sim no. 8210592061 but signal not seen

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