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Piixl Jetpack - SteamOS Gaming PC That Hides Behind Your TV

PiixlWhy waste space for desktop computer and pay additional cost for a computer-screen when your existing LED TV can do this for you. Piixl Jetpack is an upcoming compact computer which allows you to do exactly that. Aimed to be an gaming PC powered by upcoming SteamOS, the PC will also be able to run your favorite flavor of Windows or Linux operating-system. Featuring an expandable chassis supporting "Open PC Architecture" (allowing a wide variety of hardware customization) the ultra-thin and quiet Jetpack will be mountable directly to the back of a television screen or under a table via standard VESA mount specifications. No price information is yet announced but since Piixl Jetpack is not the only one joining the revolutionary "Computer behind TV" concept powered by SteamOS, consumers will surely get a worthy deal in near future.

Piixl Jetpack
Piixl Jetpack
Piixl Jetpack
Piixl Jetpack
Piixl Website:


The article says SteamOS and the first image is of a giant Windows desktop? Seriously?

The PC is being marketed and targeted mainly as SteamOS gaming PC but can be customized to multi-boot any OS. Maybe they need to add more images showing other OS options.

The PC will also be able to run your favorite flavor of Windows or Linux operating-system
(Read Description)on top

think its a wonderful idea. but would like to build my own.

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