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Airtel 3G

Free Internet Access To Google Service On Your Mobile Phone

Airtel free internet

There are numerous hacks, tricks and exploits to bypass various kinds of limits imposed on mobile data usage by cellphone carriers. No matter how much carriers try to block them, users always find new ways and proxies to bypass them and access mobile data on there cellphones for free.

Airtel and Google have now collaborated to offer free mobile internet access to Google service on cellphones. Suitably named, Airtel Free Zone powered by Google allows users on Airtel network to use Google+, Gmail and Google Search without incurring data charges and even without an activated data plan. Any internet enabled phone can be used to access Airtel Freezone services, only phone's default browser should be used with Opera Mini as the only third-party web-browser supported.

As for the limitations :
1). The free-ride is available upto a fair usage cap of 1 GB per month.
2). Navigation to first page of a website linked from the Freezone search result page is provided free, but further deeper navigation to website would incur data charges however before you are charged, you will see a warning page with the option to sign up for a data plan if you want.
3). Clicking on any pictures and downloading attachments will also incur data charges after warning and opt-in.

free gprs from airtel

Undersea cable cut to slow down internet for India, Pakistan, Egypt and other countries for upto 30 days

Under Sea Cable Route

Users in many countries are experiencing extremely slow internet connection since past few days, thanks to an major undersea sub-continental cable cut. The most affected countries include India, Pakistan and Egypt where internet connectivity to content hosted in Europe and US is almost unaccessible due to slow speeds.

Egyptian navy has arrested three divers sabotaging the SEA-ME-WE 4 undersea cable - one of the major data traffic route connecting Asia and Europe with 14 countries, running from France to Malaysia and linking Italy, north Africa, the middle east and the south Asia.

The damage to this major data pipe with reportedly two others have cause severe internet speed degradation for users in India, especially for customers of BSNL, MTNL, Bharti Airtel and Tata Communications and are supposed to be disrupted for the next 20-30 days.

Slow internet due to cable cut

While the extent of full damage and situation is still being assessed, Rajesh Chharia, president at Association of Internet Service Providers of India explained :

"Currently, internet and data usage are low because of the festive season. India will feel the impact from Monday when offices and businesses come back. Telcos have diverted all traffic from the Atlantic route to the Pacific, but our connectivity to the latter route is not sufficient to cater to all of India's traffic,"

Airtel Launches World's First Commercially Available 4G-LTE Network In India With Blazing Mobile Internet Speeds Upto 100 mbps

airtel 4g introduction

Indian telecom major airtel has commercially launched world's one of the first commercially deployed 4G-LTE service. According to the airtel 4G information page the new service will offers speeds up to 100mbps while downloading, and 40mbps while uploading. While India still lacks commercially available on-the-go 4G compatible mobile and tablet devices, airtel is offering 4G USB dongles and modems to users for computer access.

What is 4g ?

airtel 4G services will allow access to rich content, HD video streaming without buffering, multi-player online gaming, multiple chatting, live streaming of content, live tv etc.

Airtel 3G Services Launched - Tariff, Availability And Activation Procedure Here

Much awaited Airtel 3G services are finally launched in Karnataka and is scheduled to get rolled-out in all 13 telecom-circles it has won licenses for by March 2011. We got an exclusive peak inside Airtel 3G services and were even succeeded in accessing Airtel 3G Portal while in testing. The service is now officially launched and tariff announced, with comparison to BSNL 3G offering I am not excited with Airtel's 3G rate-card as posted ahead.

Airtel 3G

[EXCLUSIVE] - First Ever Images Of Upcoming Airtel 3G Services

The fifth largest telecom operator in the world and the largest cellular service provider in India Airtel is getting ready to launch it's 3G services in India, the official website of Airtel is updated introduction to 3G but others details are still under construction. We managed to sneak around these under-construction pages revealing details about Airtel 3G data plans and even managed to get the service activated (without an working 3G service as the service is still to be launched) allowing us to access Airtel 3G Portal Homepage which should not be available to public until launch.

Airtel 3G Pricing

You can find the first-ever EXCLUSIVE images of Airtel 3G Portal after the jump.

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