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SOPA is coming harder as CISPA, allows companies access to your private data under government protection !!

Thanks to the unprecedented support by tech-giants like Google, Wikipedia etc. and online protests by almost ever major website the United States SOPA Act did not got passed, but things will soon get horrible as a tougher CISPA variant of SOPA is expected to be made a US law - as unlike previously major internet players like Microsoft and Facebook are supporting it.

CISPA - the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act would put an end to a users right to online privacy and give companies the power to collect private-information on their users and share it, the bill under it's overly broad, vague definition, of a “Cyber threat” will put whistle-blowers, websites like Wikileaks, media sites carrying private investigations/sting operations in public interest, blogs carrying rumors and gossips, copyright violating websites like torrent portals and file-sharing sites etc. an easy target for government agencies.

CISPA Teaser

The GoDaddy Anti-SOPA PR Nightmare Continues, Protestors Looking To Target More Supporting Companies

While GoDaddy has officially taken a u-turn on SOPA, the PR-nightmare continues as individuals are coming with guns blazing on the company creating website like Bye Daddy and Chrome Extensions like GoDaddy Detector making efforts to crowd-source the anti-SOPA sentiment against the company urging GoDaddy users to get away from them. The protesters are also voicing their opinions on social websites like reddit, CBS You Suck and One Candle In The Dark (don't forget to watch their video "The Companies Pushing SOPA Are The Same People Who Distributed The Piracy Software" after the jump) and asking users to VETO the bill by signing the petition quoting president Obama : "the more freely information flows; the stronger that society becomes".

Watch the video "The Companies Pushing SOPA Are The Same People Who Distributed The Piracy Software" after the jump.

Go Daddy Loses 37,000+ domains In Two Days Thanks To Their Support For New American Censorship Bill SOPA

GoDaddy CryingSupporting the anti-public "PROTECT IP Act" or "Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)" had some serious negative effect for the company as the PR nightmare evoked mass-transfers of domain-names from the company to other registrars, the anti-SOPA sentiments on the web made godaddy users transfers-out 37,000+ domains in just two days to other registrars - taking swift action under "damage-control" Godaddy has now officially revoked their support to the SOPA bill and is requesting users to stay with them.

Anti-SOPA supporters are doing everything in their capacity to oppose the bill and further make the internet community stance clear on the issue by voicing their opinions like, reddit post, and a crowd-sourced list of SOPA supporting companies which one should boycott. We also oppose #SOPA and would strongly urge users to oppose the same - to understand the negative effects of this bill an infographic and video is posted after the jump (must see for every computer user).
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