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Explorer Shell Extension

QTTabBar 2.0 - Now Supports Tabbed Explorer On Windows 7

qttabbarA tabbed file-browser interface is very productive to use and free add-in "QtTabbar" for Windows explorer allows you to do just that, "QtTabbar" also provides tons of customizations, plugins and skins to making it an absolutely must have tool and a delight to use. The latest update to this popular explorer add-in now fully supports Windows 7 with all bells and whistles.

QtTabbar On Windows 7

SmartXplore - Plugin Based Windows Explorer Extender Tool

Usage of extensions is the best option to add further functionality to Windows Explorer, we have shared many such useful extensions like Advanced Context Menu, File Extension Renamer, Open Target Folder and Direct Folders. SmartXplore is yet another utility in this niche with the added advantage of extendable and user-configurable plugin architecture. The free Explorer Extension for Windows 7, XP and Vista supports various handy utilities like grouping files by type, quick browse, command-prompt, clipboard and FTP functions to name a few - the best part is users can create/download autohotkey scripting language compatible plugins further extending the software's capability as per there requirement.

SmartXplore Windows Explorer Extender

Easily Rename File-Extension From Shell Menu

Although not often but at times we need to change a file-extension and going the usual way of selecting the last three letters and renaming it is not one of the most efficient way to do so, new Windows explorer shell-extension "Change File Extension Shell Menu" takes the pain out of the process by providing a much simpler file extension renaming functionality right from right-click context menu.

Changing File Extension

Direct Folders - Quick, Direct Access To Favorite Folders And Applications

Direct Folders is yet another excellent free software from CodeSector, developers of fast file-copier TeraCopy, The small utility makes use of unused "double-click on empty space" action to pop-up an extensive, useful menu for quick and direct access to your favorite folders and applications directly from Desktop, Explorer or File Open/Save dialog box.

Direct Folders In Action

Direct Folders also allows you to automatically resize every standard file open/save dialog, letting you find what you looking for without much scrolling, another such useful feature is its ability to automatically switch the folder views of open dialogs to thumbnails, list or details depending on the application you are working with for example the application can be configured to automatically switch to Thumbnail view if you are working in Photoshop and to details view if working in Notepad, You can even select the preference of file sort order to be the default as well.

Add Open Target Folder Option To Windows Explorer Context Menu

At times we need to open the target folder location of a shortcut, in Windows Vista you just need to right-click and choose "Open file location", but in-case of windows XP you need to - right-click the shortcut -> select Properties and then click "Find Target", However, to achieve the Vista type context menu option in Windows XP, simple install this handy OpenTarget shell extension (52.4 KB).

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