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SSL Trick Allows Spoofing Domain Certificates

SSL HackingThis years BlackHat security conference revealed some serious security loophole in way SSL certificates can be made to spoof domain identity, the trick allows phishers to spoof and display certificate of their choice on user browsers, this means that the attacker could make you land onto a phishing domain (say and your browser will validate the SSL certificate for genuine domain (say, the spoof works like this - the attacker applies for a SSL certificate with a null-character in the sub-domain for example :[null character here], the certificate authority ignores the sub-domain and contacts the domain owner to verify its legitimacy and issue the certificate, the problem arrives when clients like Firefox stop at the null character and wrongly displays the certificate valid for on the phishing domain in this case.

3D Web Browsing is here...

SpaceTime the 3D web browser let's you surf the internet in 3D environment.

3D browsing

Search ebay auctions in 3D

ebay search in 3d
Image search in 3D

3D Image Search

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