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Folder Locking

Sneaksy - Minimalistic Password-Protected Hidden Folder Solution

Sneaksy is a super-minimalistic, hidden folder solution which protects sensitive data from unauthorized access. The portable and open-source application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 platforms. Sneaksy is very simple to use, just download and launch to get started - there is no UI as such, on first run a small red-box will display on top-left corner of the screen where user inputs the desired password which will be visible so you can confirm what is entered. On subsequent runs you will need to use this password and it will no longer be shown, pressing enter will further shrink the password prompt in the corner unlocking the "Files" folder on desktop allowing authorized access. Click on the only visible "Red" handle in the corner to lock and hide the folder and exit the application.


Secure Folder - Free Utility To Lock, Hide And Encrypt Folders With Ease

We have reviewed two free folder hiding and locking utilities earlier named WinMend Folder Hidden and My LockBox, Secure Folder is yet another great alternative to these, allowing users not only to lock and hide folders but also providing an option for encrypting data with well-known secure AES Encryption algorithm for maximum security.

Secure Folder

Allowing protection for unlimited number of folders in seven different protection modes the free utility is compatible with Windows 7, XP, 2003, 2008 and Vista, integration with Windows Explorer is also provided for fast locking and unlocking.

WinMend Folder Hidden - Best Free Utility To Hide And Lock Folders Instantly

WinmendThere are quite a few free instant folder hiding and locking utilities for Windows, but WinMend Folder Hidden would be the most easiest and feature-rich free file and folder locking utility of them all, the software allows users to hide and protect multiple files and folders using password on local partitions and removable devices, the best part is that the data once hidden remains invisible even when accessed from another operating system on the same computer or another machine.

Winmend Hidden Folders Main Interface

The hiding/unhiding process is instant and can also be used to hide/lock files and folders on removable data storage devices like USB pendrives and memory cards.

Creating Password Protected Hidden Folder Using Free Utility "My Lockbox"

If you are looking for a free, fast and easy folder hiding and locking utility for Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista - My LockBox would be the perfect solution, the single-click folder locking and unlocking utility efficiently hides folder of your choice instantly.

Lock Folder

Once locked, the folder can only be made visible by entering correct password using the hotkey enabled control-panel.

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