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Empty Printer Queue

Solution For Stuck Jobs In Queue After Successful Print

We have already shown how to get rid of those annoying stuck print jobs from print spooler queues, if you are facing the problem where print jobs are not being deleted from the queue box even after getting printed here is the cause and solution to fix it.

Stuck Print Job Queue

Fixing Failing Print Jobs With "Local Downlevel Document" Message In Print Queue

While computer status messages are meant to help users figure out any issues, things get very confusing many times and this is what happened when my local print jobs started failing. Surprisingly, print jobs were getting added to the "Printer Spooler" queued as "Local Downlevel Document" but were not getting printed, luckily I had made a single change to my existing printer properties before this started and reverting back to the earlier settings fixed the issue. The solution is posted after the jump.

Local Downlevel Document Error Message

Stalled Printer Repair - Portable Application To Detect And Repair Stuck Print Jobs

Printer JamIf you own a printer I am pretty much confident that you must have encountered the dreaded issue of a stuck printer job, getting rid of a stuck print job is not as straight forward as it sounds and the worst part is that subsequent print or fax jobs sent to the queue will not print until the first job (which is unfortunately stuck) is cleared from the spooler queue this is also known as printer spooler restoration.

Stalled Printer Repair Taking Care Of Stuck Print Job Queue

There could be various reasons for a print request to get stuck in the printer spooler queue which cannot be deleted, most of the time this is caused by a corrupt or incomplete print job sent by applications or any other reason which interrupts the print job in middle of the printing. I have been using a hand-coded dos-batch script to tackle this issue which simply stops the spooler service, deletes the queue content and re-starts the spooler service, now I have found a better alternative as free portable utility for Windows - Stalled Printer Repair.

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