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Free Beta License Key Loophole Still Exploitable In KAV 2010 And KIS 2010

Anti-virus software need constant updating to protect users against new threats and this provides anti-virus software company's an edge for fighting piracy as they can check and block blacklisted keys whenever a pirated copy of software connects to internet for updating, leading security software vendor Kaspersky also blacklists pirated keys every few days making pirates go hunting for new non-blacklisted keys now and then, however, earlier pirates found a innovative trick to get past this limitation via a beta registry hack which allowed users to get genuine activation keys right from Kaspersky servers without any limitation bypassing the blacklisting completely letting them update Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 without buying, I was pretty sure that this hacktivation trick will get blocked in upcoming versions of Kaspersky products but to my surprise it still works in Kaspersky 2010 products.

Hactivated Copy Of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

Note : Once again this is posted here for educational purpose only, the trick is same as earlier but a different registry entry - keep in mind, using this trick might be illegal, use at your own risk. Update : How to removed, Pls. read below.

The how-to was posted as a proof-of-concept and was not intended for illegal use of any software, it was expected that after going public with this trick Kaspersky will take preventive actions but that has not happened and the software is still vulnerable - we are removing the how-to after receiving complaints regarding the nature of the post.


Kaspersky is doomed.....


where is the softwarwe

thanks buddy...its amazing...and works good..:)


Please tell me i am wrong and this is not all about 1 month!!


It really works great.. I've just turned my trial version into Beta version.. Back to Beta..

"Note : Once again this is posted here for educational purpose only, the trick is same as earlier but a different registry entry - keep in mind, using this trick might be illegal, use at your own risk."

How can this help for education, kid?

well it is educational since you didn't know it before reading this. and now you got educated and know it:P

not working i cant change release to beta

tested on Kasper Antivirus 2010 beta it works , tyvm :)

Beta versions are incomplete, lot of bugs

it's full version (release) without bugs but actually you just rename it to (beta version) (all that on the registry) , so don't worry ,and keep your kasper Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (;D)={ }<

It's give me Beta version 2010 for 1 month as above instructional, thanks
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I've tried these tips and managed to use it for 30 days. But, after 30 days I could not reactivated. When I would reactivation, I just found the option: "Activate commercial license". I do not find the beta version activation options. please help to activate. Thanks

Everbody, ...just stop. The "Beta" trick is DEAD. That ship has sailed. Quit saying thank you, and how great the beta trick is. ITS DEAD. I can not believe that all the crackers of the world can crack things as difficult as Dongles associated with four and five thousand dollar programs, but nobody, to this day, can come up with a "VALID" hack for Kaspersky's Blacklisting.

i want it 1 year, how can i do it?

its not dead. you're supposed to click the red 'x' ( remove ) ur current beta license. THEN, you the beta license option will appear. i just re-licensed today.

THNX for the "X" tip! Once you uninstall the old key, the "Activate Beta version" option appears all right! I've just re-licensed my "beta" version for another month :-D LOL

Hey, i m using this trick for more than a year, and it works...

Kaspersky gives Incomplete virus definitions in Beta and Trial versions..
but this trick is 100% working...

just google for the latest keys of kaspersky and install it...

After some days, it'll blacklist, then google for this tym's latest keys and install this key after deleting previous key..

I'm using this for an year, and facing no problems...

On google, u'll everyday find updated keys.. rocks(still working)

Did anyone try this trick with KIS or KAV

yes, i m currently using the kav version(beta) n have re-licensed it once so its working fyn wid me....
just try it out on the chinese version....
kav rox

i am hamid from free iran. i need a new LICENCE KEY for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0. pless send for me.tanks

need key file

The Kaspersky trick is officially dead people. Whenever you delete your expired key and try activating new beta license (like you been doing all these months) it says the key is blocked. They've finally managed to block it.

pleeaaaaaaaaassssssseeeee i need a key file as fas as possible ,
i was using my beta trick and it not working anymore, it is blocked!!!

how to fix this prob? beta version key also been blocked.... :(

This has stopped working for me as of today!!!! I need Help!!!!!

i think were doomed. its not working need a working file for beta version


Our joint got busted

Its over we are officially on the street

Somebody has make a new post about this asap!

what are you waiting for?

looks like we have to revert into trial keys again...

Kaspersky discovered this beta hack... Now u cannot do it...I know....My Beta key blocked and i can't activate new beta.....They are blocking.....We have to find out New Idea....

ya its true....i m facing same pro. plz any one can help me

"trial version turned into Beta
version" is not work now .now kis is showing a error msg. the msg is " key file is blocked ......." plz give info about any trick to re active. I am using beta trick bt now its not working.

anyone can send license key for kaspersky

kaspersky already find a way to block the beta way. hahaha... dont mess with kaspersky :P

Can this hack use for Kaspersky PURE, the new software from Kaspersky. It is much powerful than its Anti-Virus and Internet Security version. I am very interested to use the password manager so that i don't have to remember all my email, social network passwords.

I know kaspersky blocked keys after few days but you can escape it if you update your key in some days . I do this and my kaspersky 2011 working well. I download kis keys from here --ADMIN EDIT-- don't share this site to everyone because chance of getting blacklist key will increase.

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