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How To Get ‘No to All’ Functionality While Copying Files in Windows XP

Windows provides an very handy "Yes To All" option to overwrite all files without prompting for each while copying a bunch of files from one location to another, but there exist no "No To All" option allowing copying of only the files that don’t already exist there, you will have to manually press “No” for every file to skip overwriting, However if you Hold SHIFT and click the No button it will act as "No To All" functionality and windows will not overwrite any file and won't bother you asking for each file.

Windows XP File Copy



dats really a wonderful and very much useful tip for windows

u can't imagine how useful that was =) thanks


What a tip... thats completely Awesome... I have been XP user since years and have always been curious to know how to deal with such issue...
Thanks a trilliion

this simple tool is a game changer for those of us who work with large folders on multiple drives. thank you!

it wont work while copying files inside folders inside folders. if you select overwriting folder, it will not ask for files. if you select no or SHIFT+NO for folder copy, it will not copy at all. you have to keep pressing yes / no all the time. MICROSOFT IS SHIT

awesome...super thanks

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