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Fully assembled Apple iPhone 5 shot on video...

As days are getting closer for the much anticipated launch of Apple iPhone 5 more and more rumors and leaks are appearing on internet. This time a very convincing and realistic video shows the final form factor of Apple iPhone 5, case manufacturers are usually handed over finalized prototype models of phones to start their case production process much earlier then final public revelation.

This time one of the case manufacturer leaked an video showing the iPhone 5 in it's full glory which shows the new longer, thinner, dual-tone design with a bigger 4-inch widescreen (16:9) display, a centered front camera, the new smaller dock connector, and a bottom headphone jack. Watch the video below.

Apple iPhone 5

Steve Wozniak - Apple's co-founder prints and spends his own $2 bills...

Steve Wozniak the Apple's co-founder, has some interesting fun-filled tricks under his sleeves. Here is one he shared during an interview to engadget where he shows his $2 bill printing exploits. In this extremely entertaining video Woz mentions how he hired a local printer to make $2 bill pads for him, Woz got the paper from a high-quality print shop which meets the specs of the federal government and by law are valid, legal tenders. The pad contains a bunch of sheets with each page having four $2 bills, which can be torn off using the perforations between each bill.

wiz Bill printer at home

Impressive Windows 8 laptop/tablet form factors by various manufacturers...

Announcement of Microsoft Surface gave us an hint of whats coming. If that was interesting to you, these new Windows 8 laptop/tablet form-actors by other manufacturers will definitely appeal to you.
Windows 8

The Game Changer !

Thanks to Karn Jani for this insightful guest post on current Apple vs Samsung patent battle where Samsung is fined $1 billion for what they say “monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners.” and a “win for Apple, but a loss for the American consumer.” which will result in “fewer choices, less innovation and potentially higher prices.” (quotes taken from Samsung's official response to the verdict).

“Yato Dharma, Tato Jaya” – the Holy Bhagwat Gita, (If we are righteous, then victory will be ours)

Apple and Samsung

Founders Steve Jobs and Steve Woznaik, also known as “the two Steves”, introduced their first computer, Apple I, in 1976. Since then Apple has grown to become a trendsetter in technology and computer software industry. From the beginning, Apple has followed a policy of keeping its innovations and products away from any interference from ‘outsiders’. Jobs believed in closely guarded technological ideas for the benefit of the company. But when it introduced the ‘game changer’ iPhone there was a constant demand for allowing accessibility and adaptability in it. So finally Apple introduced the App Store wherein third party applications were allowed to be accessed and downloaded on the phone or computers. Steve Jobs had made his intentions very clear with regard to Apple’s patented technology when he asserted a “thermonuclear war” on his competitors, specifically Samsung, in his biography “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson.

Samsung’s story is a fairytale mixed with hard work and a great vision of its founder Mr.Lee Byung Chull. From noodles and woolen mills to LCD televisions and memory chips, Samsung has been there and done it all. And after the telecom industry showed promise it jumped in it too. Rest all is history. Today it is South Korea’s largest company and one of Asia’s biggest consumer electronics company. After it tied up with Google’s Android platform, Samsung never looked back. It became the biggest seller of mobile phones in 2012 and widened its lead over Apple to become the biggest producer of smartphones. But then, what made Samsung copy Apple’s patents? Or did they?

Apple versus Samsung

In another case, Judge Browning tried to maintain a neutral stand when he opined that “the guiding consideration in drawing the line is the preservation of the balance between competition and protection reflected in the patent and copyright laws.” (Herbert Rosenthal Jewelry Corp. v. Kalpakian, 446 F.2d 738 (9th Cir. 1971)) Competition is the driving force behind investing more in innovation. And the need-based traditional approach seems to lack the punch against the aggressive end-user targeted futuristic approach applied by MNCs now.
Lately, we have read a lot about Apple and Samsung in media. But not for their market value or innovations or product launches. Instead both these giants have come face to face in courtrooms and commissions across the globe. Be it in American courts or European or Australian and also the International Trade Commission (ITC). And it can be said that Apple got the first big victory last week when a California Court ruled in its favor a few of its ‘curved corners’ and ‘pinch-to-zoom’ designs and patents.

Apple won a jury verdict but the judgment is yet to come this Friday. However, the amount of damages awarded by the jury was also eye-popping. A whole $1.05 billion was an enormous amount for designs which keeps changing with the trend. Had it been only the patents infringed upon then it would have been a balanced amount as patents leads to long term profits to a company and needs to be safeguarded at any cost. On Friday if Judge Lucy Koh decides to award Apple treble damages (three times increase) for willful infringement by Samsung then don’t be surprised to see this amount go skywards. But what it now means, as rightly put by Bridget Carey, CNET correspondent, a billion dollars less spent of innovation by Samsung.

What next?

AR-15 - A free, semiautomatic rifle that anyone can 3D print at home

3D printers are the next big evolution in printing technology, with now readily available open-source, DIY and consumer 3D printers users can simply print objects like any other document.

Using this new, now readily available technology a team of friends who like to call themselves "Defense Distributed", has now launched the project "Wiki Weapon Project" with aim to design the world’s first 3D printable gun. To get a gun all a user need to do is to download the free sketch file from Internet and 3D print it.

With the current progress a user can get the government regulated and serialized parts 3D printed at home and get other from market to make an firearm. A video introduction to the 3D printable gun is posted below.

Current Caller ID - Free app provides details about social updates, weather and other handy data related to caller

There are many caller id applications available but with free mobile app "Current Caller ID" things get smarter, the intelligent caller-id application displays extended information of not only your known contacts but also unknown callers & texters, fully enhanced with their latest social updates including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

As soon as the phone rings the utility fetches and displays recent tweets, status updates, weather conditions and location data of the caller on your screen. This is not all, the application also does some good number crunching displaying useful data visually related to your calls and text messages based on your usage history.

caller id

Clean and recover space from iPhone, iPad & iTouch using free PhoneClean utility

With usage and time, Apple iOS devices iPhone, iPad and iPod touch accumulate long-term caches, temp and off-line junk files generated by Apps or due to failed iTunes syncs. Apart from taking up space on your device, they may devour memory resource and slow down the iPhone when launching Apps.

PhoneClean provides users with an fast, simple and free iOS device cleanup solution. The utility will clean App caches, cookies and off-line files; sweep off media temp files and reclaim other storage space on all your iOS devices.

To confirm wasted disk space on your device, Open iPhone (or iPad) Settings > General > Usage > And you’ll see as below:

Phone Clean

Another way to check this wasted space is by using iTunes, open iTunes and connect your device via USB cable you will see the exact amount of wasted resources under "Other" heading.

Phone Clean 2

Really cool invention from Blackberry..

With all the Apple's and androids out there Blackberry is having a tough time going ahead, however there is always hope and here is something really cool which was demonstrated by BlackBerry as an feature for there upcoming BlackBerry OS 10 platform. Innovations like these and BlackBeery OS could be the top mobile-OS of future, Watch the video after the jump.

blackberry 10

Getting rid of Apple OS X update annoyance which blocks shutdown and restart of computer

Upgrading to Apple OS X Mountain Lion does introduces it's own set of annoyances, and one of them is auto system updates which does not allow system to power down until finished. With a slow internet speed and GB's of update to download this can be a real annoyance, as shown in the screenshot below the update would take more then a day to finish.

MAC Appstore updates

Luckily, there is a way out as demonstrated below.

Must watch amazing concept video, Sight - the future of Project Glass

Futuristic technology Google Project Glass is just the starting, here is an amazing "MUST SEE" video showing how things can unfold in future.

Google Glass


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