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Crysis Cracked & Available For Download Before Store Date !

Crysis Full Version We have written about Crytek Crysis demo here - Crysis offers players a highly immersive FPS experience in which they will have to adapt their tactics, weaponry, armor and gameplay style to survive and defeat the alien invasion.

Now to our amazement the fully cracked version of the game is available for download on warez websites and torrent networks three days before the scheduled store release date!, released by the scene group named Razor1911 the game is fully cracked and bypasses the piracy protection scheme imposed by SecuRom.

Release name: Crysis-Razor1911
Size: 1 DVD, 6.04 GB, 65×100 MB



how do idownload this?

I like this website its pretty tight

hi.. i'm fernando, i like crysis graphics, i need this game, please, can you do send message for me?

how to download this game?

ka nyce jud ani nga games super as in

i need to download the game

i need this game plz

How can I download this??

And Can someone email me the Sound effects??? =]

Dont keep the email address its only here so I can recieve my Crysis and all other sounds if possible.

Can you tell me how to download this?

Email me at

Definitely my new favorite website.

How could I download it and from where???

pls email me the link to download it

how can I download this game?

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