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Grand Theft Auto IV For XBOX 360 Leaked On File-Sharing Networks Seven Days Before Release Date

Grand Theft Auto IV Year's most awaited game GTA IV is scheduled to officially get released on 29 April this year, however pirate group iCON somehow managed to get hands on the XBOX 360 version of the game and leaked it on file-sharing websites and torrent portals seven days advance of the official release date, this 6.36 GB XBOX360 download is said not to be region free meaning only people in Asia, Japan, Australia and some European countries can play it.

GTA 4 For XBOX 360

With all the anticipation about the game and impressive ratings and reviews from popular gaming guru's the game is expected to get fully cracked and made available for free downloader's sooner then any other title.




ok nice but where are the links for that. have u got links to download...


goood thanks

nice but where are the links for that.

There exist several warez sites where you can download GTA 4 Full version on all major hosting platform like rapidshare, megaupload and torrent networks.

PLZ download GTA4

GTA 4 is nice

PLZ link

Good... where are the links ?


Am?n ç?kard??? pis sübyanlar aq link nerde oyun nerde bizi ayktam? sikionuz onun bunun evlatlar? sikti?imin ecnebileri sizi

Hi I would like to recommend you very useful rapidshare file search -
You can find a lot of new movies, games and music there. Enjoy it!!




i used to download games...until one if the biggest suppliers and most of his small time chains got arrested....forgot his name.. so i backed off and ghosted my ip and restored my whole pc...its not worth serving time just for video games...i learned my lesson.

Hiiiiiii thanks but can u plz tell me that where is the Link to download it.

Where can download GTA IV ????????

fuck off its all fake...

best game of year

gta e bäst (L)(L)(LL)(L)(L)(LL)

kindly tell me if its possible to order games then domnload them easily

Cool Game thanks.

great games really>
i like that kind of games

u guys approve this eh? no wonder everthing is positive. You retype what everyone says just to make it look like u guy r good. Shame on u and all u "this is free, all we need is ur credit card #" people.


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