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RadarSync 2008 - Free Windows Driver And Application Updater

RadarSyncKeeping your computer driver's and applications updated is always recommended to maintain system stability and security, Automated software solutions exist for scanning system drivers and performing these update tasks, However, majority of these solutions like Driver Detective, DriverAgent, and DriverMagic are not free, but RadarSync 2008 Free Edition wont cost you a penny and is far better then many of these paid driver update scanning softwares.

RadarSync 2008 Free

RadarSync 2008 scans your computer for out-dated device drivers and applications providing detailed information and version details.

Driver Update Scanner
Driver version

Scanning is fast and does not takes much time, RadarSync also allows you to view driver/application version history with option to download a specific version of the driver or application, this can come handy when a specific version of drivers is required by your hardware combination to work smoothly.

Driver Version History

The free version of the software contains optional advertisement components which can be unchecked safely during install. The Pro paid version offers auto-scan reminders and customer support.

Download RadarSync 2008 Free Edition >>

As pointed out in comments, if you are not satisfied with RadarSync, I have found another great free Windows Driver updater for you, see full post here.


Damn I installed it and let it scan my pc.... there were 15 drivers/programs that had updates, i let them download and installed the first one that was complete. it was my wlan driver, and after installing the update it fuckin' just stopped working. after rebooting i found out that this fucking program downloaded the wrong drivers. thnx but no thnx! fuck this program!

This programm loads wrong drivers, don't intall it. My Atheros Wi-Fi driver don't work after "updating". And also the Realtek HDA driver download is infinite!!! :-O F*CK THIS PROGRAM!

I tested it and it worked well, maybe you need to report the bug to software vendor, it will help make the only free driver updater better and more compatible with different hardware's out there.

Missing four drivers on my pc, and apparently radarsync says my computer is in good shape, AVOID

fuck this program! HaCKer <(0o)>

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I've tried a few driver update apps, and all of them fucked up something!! This one is no worse than any other, and at least they don't try to charge you for fucking up your PC!!! Ive now figured out that when it comes to drivers - just search for the specific ones you know you need, and if your current ones are out of date but work - keep em

hi for all


check out the new version - radarsync 2009.
what i like about this vendor is that their product keeps getting better and adding features.

please send me a serial/crack/keygen or registration key to


please send me a serial/crack/keygen or registration key to need help

It scanned my pc and reported the wrong updation i was already havin the latest verion of firefox an it was sayin tht i was havin the older version so i dont think that it is right to install an trust this software

Good stuff to share.

RadarSync PC Updater enables you to find driver and software updates for your system. It scans your computer and based on a online database of over 80,000 files, it aggregates a list of available updates for software and drivers on your PC. The resulting report includes details for all available updates, as well as convenient links to the file downloads. RadarSync can automatically creates a Windows restore point, allowing you to roll-back any changes you make as result of the selected updates.

I want to download the drivers for my Windows 7 32 bit because the 32-bit drivers are not available. I want a package of the driver that is compatible with my Windows 7.

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