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Sony CMOS Sensor Found in the iPhone 4S

Since the iPhone 4S was officially launched, many were astounded by its mind-boggling features – particularly Siri, the revered “humble assistant” that can listen, understand, and execute tasks including sending text messages, setting up your schedule via the Calendar and Reminders app, checking the weather and even the stock market. But while others are still waiting in line to get the awesome device, the folks over at Chipworks, a technology company that specializes in reverse engineering and patent infringement analysis, were already studying the genius behind the iPhone 4S. Chipworks did a teardown on the iPhone 4S and took its 8 Megapixel camera under an infrared microscope. And guess what they found out – SONY.

Yes, you got that right. Judging from the photo above, you can vaguely see that indeed SONY is responsible for manufacturing the camera of the iPhone 4S. Last April, Sony CEO Howard Stringer bluffed that his company is going to provide cameras for Apple, citing OmniVision’s production delay as a major cause of the Cupertino giant’s decision to go eastbound. While this is surely interesting and flattering for Sony, Apple is also reputed for its dual-sourcing tactics on its components. According to Chipworks, the DDR2 found in the iPhone 4S also has the marks of Samsung and Elpida on it. So this could mean that Sony isn’t the only supplier of cameras for Apple. But for average users, it wouldn’t really matter as long as the camera is good. The iPhone 4S as we know has already exceeded that expectation.

Via: Chipworks



Nice article about apple and sony these two companies have best mobile phone cameras in the world.........

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