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Try Windows 7 Beta Safely Using Virtual Install Method

Windows 7Microsoft Windows 7 is still in preview stages but has already gained quite a substantial amount of users trying its first beta, if you are willing to try the new beta without taking any risk with your existing computer configuration, installing it on a virtual machine is the best option, the whole process is very safe and takes around 40 minutes to get completed on a decently powered P4 computer.

A virtual machine installation lets you try Windows 7 inside your existing OS as a guest operating-system, Both Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and Sun VirtualBox can be used for this purpose, I will be using Sun VirtualBox for this demonstration.

  1. Download and install Sun VirtualBox if not already done.
  2. Download and obtain a license key for Microsoft Windows 7 Beta using instructions provided in the earlier post here.
  3. Now launch VirtualBox and click the New button to start setting up our Windows 7 virtual machine.
  4. VirtualBox
  5. Now enter name of your choice and select OS type as Windows Vista.
  6. Windows 7 OS
  7. Now choose the amount of RAM you want Windows 7 to use, a minimum of 1 GB is recommended.
  8. Windows 7 RAM
  9. Now you will be prompted to create a Virtual Hard-disk this will be used to install Windows 7 and appear as a hard-disk in Windows 7, set the size to be dynamic so it can expand when needed.
  10. Windows 7 HDD
    Windows 7 Virtual Disk
  11. Now define the minimum size and file-location.
  12. Virtual Disk
  13. Finish the Wizard to get back to main window, now select the newly created Virtual machine and click settings.
  14. Windows 7 Virtual Setup
  15. Go to CD/DVD-ROM option and check “Mount CD/DVD Drive” and select the ISO Image File option, Click the small folder icon to add the Windows 7 ISO file.
  16. Windows 7 CD
  17. Virtual Media Manager window will appear, Click Add button and browse for the Windows 7 ISO downloaded earlier.
  18. Configure other options like Network and USB as per your requirement.
  19. Click OK to close the dialog box.
  20. Here are my Final settings for Windows 7 VM.
  21. Windows 7 Final VM Settings
  22. Your Windows 7 Virtual machine is now ready, select it and click the Start button.
  23. Your Virtual machine should now start booting from the virtual CD/DVD ROM using the Windows 7 ISO to launch the setup process.
  24. Windows 7<br />
    Windows 7 Installation
    Windows 7 Installation
  25. Now select the Custom (advanced) installation method.
  26. Windows 7<br />
    Windows 7 Installation
    Windows 7<br />
    Windows 7 Installation
    Windows 7 Installation
  27. Setup the new user Account.
  28. Windows 7 User Account
  29. Now use the Windows 7 serial key obtained earlier to activate your copy.
  30. Windows 7 Activation Key
  31. Once activated, Windows 7 will finalize settings and present the logon window.
  32. Windows 7 Finalization
    Windows 7 Logon
  33. Your Windows 7 setup is now completed and you can now use it like a normal operating system.
  34. Windows 7 Internet Explorer 8
  35. Windows 7 will notify and ask to install an anti-virus product, read our earlier post for a list of compatible anti-virus software for Windows 7.


I am using Vista-64 bit, so I downloaded VirtualBox 2.1.2-41885-win-amd64.msi.

Will the virtual installation work with this version?

Yes, it should work fine on 64 Bit.

Thanks, I should have downloaded win 7 64 bit but the thing is 6GB!

how to uninstall

Just delete the virtual install from VirtualBox.

I've been using Windows 7 as a primary OS for a while now. Screw Virtual Machines, install it, it's more stable than Vista I say.

i am using windows 7 ultimate RC 1 32 bit OS using virtual box 2.2 in a dell vostro to get drivers for windows 7 as none of the drivers supplied works on this OS

go to site and input your model and serial and get your drivers

plz help me....give me activation key for windows 7 ultimate plzzzzz......
my email

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