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SysRestore - Exclusive Free Pro License Keys For A Limited Period

SysRestore is a freeware which allows users to backup and restore entire system hard disk or partition to prevent it from any unwanted changes. With this software, you can restore the disk or partition with its data back even if your computer is attacked by virus and crash undoing unwanted changes on system and disk. Unlike the windows built-in system restore, SysRestore is based on sector by sector copy which is able to backup any partition including boot, restore files, restore system after crash, restore different snapshot, boot system from backup. While windows built-in system restore is based on file copy which can only backup files on system partition.

The good news is SysRestore Pro is being given away to 1000 users for free until July 31, 2013. Just download and use the registration serial number provided below.

SysRestore Pro

Advantages of SysRestore Pro :

* Restore windows operating system when your computer has blue screen, boot error, system crashed, etc.
* Restore deleted files when computer is infected with virus.
* Protect PC from unwanted virus, spyware, etc since it can restore your system.
* Create 1000 snapshots. The snapshots are created as hidden files stored on hard disk drive.

SysRestore Pro
SysRestore Pro

SysRestore Pro which usually costs $29.95 is now totally free (for first 1000 users), until July 31, 2013. Just download the utility from and use License Key : XIA6WIZ8E8RK2TUT to register and upgrade for free. UPDATE : This utility is causing user system to get corrupted as commented here, here and here. This confirms that this utility is not compatible with all system configuration and can result in system corruption - better to avoid this one.


so its free for 1 month of use?

So it is free for 1 month of use? Then you must buy?

Thanks this will be very usefull.

nobody gives nothing free, this is a hook to buy the paid appl. the only free is the limited one which the license key does not do any good

i downloaded this soft .during installation my win7 got corrupted and i installed new window f$$k this company.

So.. it's like a backup/restore type of software?
Better just buy Acronis, pay once, use forever and does pretty much the same as what is mentioned here..


The code is valid more than a month, which means you won't be able to use this code in August.

For users who have successfully registered the program, you will enjoy a lifetime free use. Just need to pay if you want to upgrade.

I was not able to start my system after installing and had to put a new install on a fresh hdd. Took me all day to work through all the possibilities.

I download this software and now my machine will not boot, stays in a loop and now my machine is useless, I can't enter safe mode because it reboots
I hope you help me to solve my problem..

Have you got your computer fixed?
if not try this if you have win 7:

It's a virus... It destroys Boot Loader on install & on uninstall, which is a mess to restore.
This may be accidental do to the nature of the software... but there is no excuse.

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