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Ratio Faker - Free Utility To Cheat Torrent Ratio

Not ethical but cheating torrent ratio can become inevitable under many circumstances as discussed earlier, We had shared utilities like Ratio Master, Tracker-Pro and GreedyTorrent to get the torrent ratio cheating done with ease, Torrent Faker is yet another constantly updated handy utility to get the bittorrent ratio spoofing done without hassle, unlike other torrent ratio faking utilities Ratio Faker generates a random value in every announce making it harder to detect behaving more like a real bittorrent client.

Ratio Faker

To get Ratio Faker working all you need to do is to setup your existing torrent client to use Ratio Faker as a proxy.

Here is an example setting in Azureus bittorrent client:

Torrent Fake Ratio

Download RatioFaker >>


SB-I Mod for Vuze is the best one.. Checkout that..

hey admin...

Can you share your experience about this program?

I had not tested it much, but it worked well on a private torrent tracker faking around 1.7 GB upload without raising any flags while testing.

Is it working for utorrent?

You will need to change uTorrent proxy settings and it will work fine.

My KIS reported as it contained virus, be careful while downloading this.

as we all know PROXY+encription is the ONLY way to go now, now what im missing here is how am I to set my proxy setting for actual proxy? =) better yet, is it posible at all?

I heard jews made this, stay away!

stop being racist



the download link is down

please upload

You're actually advocating cheating on your ratio?

Why in the hell don't you just seed back?

P2P doesn't work if people don't seed back.

What a bunch of creeps!!!!

Why be such a selfish A hole??????

haha what a funny guy, using torrent is kind of cheating.
We are just cheating the cheat

if you want to download more than you upload, like on a private tracker, it may be handy to "balance" things...

A holes
Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 09/12/2009 - 04:21.

You're actually advocating cheating on your ratio?

Why in the hell don't you just seed back?

P2P doesn't work if people don't seed back.

What a bunch of creeps!!!!

Why be such a selfish A hole??????

HEY dickhead, your a freakn criminal by downloading anyway, stop being such a princess..

Yes, Aholes who don't want to share back and seed suck. However, ratio numbers can be knocked off by circumstances and you may have indeed shared your files but the torrent info is not telling the truth. (Ex: whenever I tag and move my mp3's; I haven't figured out how to keep the torrent data connected to these files and still organize my collection. I seed for a while before doing this though.)

I personally don't need these tools because I haven't had any problems being blocked by others.

So I assume you are all honorable and want file sharing to stay alive. Therefore you'll share back regardless of your ratio reported, right?

Thank you for a great community.

on some sites. It is the ratio that grants users download rights. For example, I need a ratio of 2 to access certain files. Currently I am seeding over 20 torrents, but if no one is uploading from me, my ratio never changes. I can't force anyone to upload, so what am to do?

You find a few files that have a shitload of leechers and VERY FEW seeds and seed that... or partial seed.. which is just seeding the completed rars of an un-finished file, and raise your ratio up. Once that's done, you have a ratio that will allow you the other files.

That's a kind cheating too.
And you are wasting time and bandwith.

Stop Cheating your ratio

What the f**k is that. Is this software is not in english. I just clicked on Download RatioFaker. & this site "Fibertel" i can't read what is written. Let it be. I have "Greddy Torrent". Ok buys. TA TA

for linux????

So.. hope this works. I share my downloads all the time and cant get a decent ratio. No body is downloading from me! Is it my fault?!

Never ceases to amaze me.... No, it's not your fault that there is no-one downloading from you.... but... That is why YOU DON"T download those files that don't have the right amount of leechers to seed back to till your ratio is built up. So if you DO go ahead and download a file with hardly any leechers on it, you already KNOW you can't seed it back.... so yes... in the end it would be your fault you can't seed it and raise the ratio and also no right to complain about it when you KNEW it wouldn't seed what your ratio needed before you downloaded it. Be smart people... you choose files on a new account or one with a bad ratio different than one which has a built up ratio already..... You choose files with LOTS of leechers and VERY FEW seeds and QUIT downloading anything more till your ratio will allow it. You can't just download files because you WANT them... and keep a good standing account. It's that simple.

just get a good ratio , not need for cheating .

This program will be useless after it kills the thing it was made to cheat.

The best way I have found to cheat your ratio is the one offered by this website:

It converts a torrent to freeleech so that your ratio doesn't change on your tracker.

torrents = common scene, just download an episode of something "new" and seed that when your "not" downloading anything else (like when you go to bed, hit something new and leave it running

also note to that guy moving & tagging mp3's
you can move a folder and point a torrent to it
but you cant tag your mp3's as it'll change the file size which wont match the MD5 hash in the *.torrent file

wtf are u talking about for 2 years ?

i will cheat all your private trackers all the way bitches

RatioFaker is getting a bit outdated and doesn't have the best features.

I've been using RatioGhost for a while now. It's working great!

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