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How To Spoof BitTorrent Upload And Cheat Your Share Ratio

All private torrent trackers require account registration which mostly needs an hard-to-get invitation to join the system, even if you are lucky enough to get an membership you are required to maintain a minimum upload-to-download ratio also known as share ratio which is usually 1:1 meaning that if you download a 100 MB file from the tracker you must upload 100 MB to maintain the ratio, this give and take restriction let all users enjoy better availability and speed for their downloads preventing users from leeching, if you are unable to meet the minimum share ratio you risk loosing your account, there could be many reasons for having a bad ratio unintentionally like bad upload speed support by ISP or block by security software/ISP, if you are stuck in such a situation today I am sharing simple to use fully automatic utilities to spoof your upload/download rates and manipulate the torrent share ratio.

Bad Sharing Ratio Reported By Tracker Before Spoof

Low Torrent Share Ration Before Spoof

Healthy Share Ratio Reported By Tracker After Spoof

Prefect Torrent Share Ration After Spoof

There exist quite a few utilities to spoof your torrent ratio but I will be sharing the best two, all the torrent ratio-spoof applications or hacks works on similar pattern, these applications connect to the tracker behaving like a normal BitTorrent client but instead of actually downloading or uploading any data it fakes the reporting protocol updating tracker with fake data to artificially increase user's overall ratio.

RatioMaster would be the most advanced and widely used free ratio cheater out there, the utility is pretty simple to use and gets the job done easily, RatioMaster can emulate all bitorrent clients and can be fine-tuned to make it pretty hard to get detected by anti-cheat scripts implemented by the tracker.


Using RatioMaster is pretty simple, just follow the steps below:

1. Get a .torrent file associated with the tracker you want to spoof.
2. Load or Drag/Drop that file into RatioMaster.
3. Change the settings in the Options group to your liking: upload speed, download speed (set to 0 to spoof upload only), finished (how much of the file do you want to appear that you have - set to 100% if you want to appear as a seeder)
4. Choose 'Client Simulation' in Advanced Tab to be the same type as your regular torrent client.
5. Optionally, look through the Advanced and Network tabs and see if you need anything changed there, like using a specific port or announcing through a proxy server. Most users won't need to change anything here.
6. Press the Start button and watch the bytes start rolling.
7. After a while, when you decide you've spoofed enough, press the Stop button to announce to the tracker that you're ending your session.

Another, free utility Tracker-Pro is not as feature rich as RatioMaster but has the added ability to manipulate multiple uploads at the same time.

Tracker Pro

UPDATE : GreedyTorrent is yet another utility to make the hack work, GreedyTorrent acts like a proxy between your BitTorrent client and tracker, modifying the reported upload ratio according to your preferences.

Do note that many private trackers implement anti-cheat measures and using these spoofs can get you banned, moderate use of these utilities can get the job done without trouble, don't use high-values to boost your ratio instantly.

Download Torrent Ratio Cheaters :


Hey.. Waffles.FM has a script to detect it.. Be careful..!! Don't lose your higher level tracker account..

I have accounts on almost all major private trackers and RatioMaster works fine if you useit like a regular torrent client with moderated limits, I dont know about Tracker-Pro but RatioMaster works like charm.

Yeah.. I've also tested in TL, RevTT, BitMeTV etc., They're working fine.. But I lost and account in 'Waffles' 5-6 weeks ago, as they've a script to detect that.. I'd used very normal speed..

If you have TL or RevTT Invites plz pass it to
I have IPT and BWT Invites :)

That's very Nice. It works till today

Hard to choose which one is good to use but i think tracker pro is good to try despite admin recomended RatioMaster

Why just not to use Torrent Ratio Keeper? It realy works.

It is a 20 day trial why use it when you can get the same thing done for free.

Hey admin you are great man. & thanks for this.

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

I tried it and it's super! Just great software. Thanks a lot buddy.

i am getting " Invalid torrent file format" when adding a torrent to TrackerPro. I am using Xp Pro

using RatioMaster how can I spoof seeders and leechers

so what can u use to cheat on Waffles and NOT be detected?!?

Ratiomaster works fine on waffless, if you use it carefully and using memory reader feature.
Imo out of those 3 - RatioMaster is the best.

Thanks for the comment, but can you advise me a up/down limit for Radiomaster

how about you do it the safe way and not cheat at all?

If trackers required less strict ratios we wouldn't have to do this.

On many trackers you end up on torrents that have something like 500+ seeds and only 1 or 2 leechers. Even if you're plugged directly into a backbone router, you won't be able to seed anough to get to a 1.0 ratio on these torrents.

Either stop having heavily seeded torrents count against ratio, or make the ratios more generous. 5:1 seems a lot more fair on heavily seeded torrents.

I understand the need to enforce some fairness but a lot of tracker admins out there don't seem to have a clue about how incredibly hard it is to get to 1:1 on a popular torrent.

Hey wat dese ratio master actually do???
I have to increase the download speed to wat i need or should i increase thew upload speed???

These cheats are destroying torrenting. Torrenting was nice....a free file and you guys borked it. Where ya gonna get your shit now?

You will get caught very easy if you use ratio master if you don't know how to use it! Best way to use it is to find a torrent with like 2000-and up seeders and 300-and up seeders! There is no way any body will look at that! And you will get caught if you put like 10mb/s up load! Do realistic like 300-500 kb/s will be the best!

is there anythnig a mac user can do?!?

Get a PC.


What should I do with invalid torrent file format? I use user guide and I can't start to upload. Please help me. I use TrackerPro

Ratiomaster is the best all all..tried all of them...

ip torrent can detect Ratiomaster
my 2 account is disabled

how do u use ratio master with xp

pussy lets seed dont use f-c-k-i-n-g ratio masters cunt

Got me banned from demonoid and passthepopcorn :(
I only had my upload at 250 and I set the download to 50 just to make it seem believable.

I bump to this nice site accidentally.

before I even come here I thought this site is full of those things you know what they are ..

Thank you
there is a lot of treasure on this site...Sweet!

Don't cheat. Have a nice day.

i got band for hd-space using it..i think i should lower down my upload speeds

All good private trackers can detect any spoof client. Knowledgeable staff is the key. Best site to spoof is MT-Fun, as most staff is new there.

You don’t need any programs. You need another computer or VMWare and run another utorrent there with peer connection only. As soon as you download a piece of file you will upload to to your internal client. You can have whatever ratio you want without possibility of being caught

how do you get this peer connection e.g. with Vuze?

I was caught... DON'T TRY IT.

I don't mind cheating your ratio.Some people's upload speed is slow due to their ISP.As long as you don't hit and run or deliberately set your upload speed low then it becomes a problem.

tnx :D:D:D:D

I will try GreedyTorrent but notice that it's EASY for a tracker to detect this type of fraud because all clients update the tracker about how much they updoad, how much they download, to who etc. also if a several clients says they downloaded only some kB and you say you uploaded some MB it will be a proof that you CHEAT !

I never was blocked on torrent sites :) I'm using this program to increase my ratio

Haha. I love reading accounts of people getting booted off of trackers for cheating. People like those are the reasons the latest version of uTorrent (or what have you) are not allowed, so I'm required to use an earlier version (typically with more bugs) just to participate.

I don't get the purpose of cheating, and the reasons provided in this post don't seem to justify the need. Regardless of which tracker I'm using, I've taken advantage of freeleech torrents and have had my ratio rather excellent within a week or two, even on the trackers with users numbering only in the hundreds rather than thousands.

The reasoning behind P2P was for sharing files and seeding them so other users could download them faster. What you cheats are doing as well are killing the spirit behind P2P. I have no sympathy for those who are banned for cheating.

If your ISP is throttling your bandwidth, by the way, instead of taking the easy way out and risking bans, check out the search results on the following page:

Or type [torrent isp bandwidth low] without the brackets in your favourite search engine for tricks on bypassing this restriction.

(By the way, site moderators: anchor links trigger the spam filter here. Please remove the reference from the "Allowed HTML tags" line. Thanks.)

A big flaw in the entire upload-to-download ratio rationale is that if a DLer is interested in torrents that aren't at all popular on a particular site, then there's no way under the sun they can ever manage to UL as much as they DL. I was banned from a private site where my interest was in certain lossless music files, but where the vast majority of members were focussed on TV shows. I kept every single torrent I DLed constantly running, but since there were very few takers, my seed-to-leech ratio continued to drop until it reached the point of no return. Since the site is geared toward material of a particular (foreign to me) national origin, I couldn't UL enough new torrents to make up the difference -- I could only seed, for the most part.

Even in the case of other sites that are more broad-based in the material they allow, there are folks that UL badly-produced torrents just to improve their ratios. Do we want junk like that cluttering up the p2p world? I want to DL only the best quality music torrents -- ones properly done in FLAC with EAC and including correctly-written CUE files, as well. Only some people have the expertise necessary to produce such torrents, and I think that is another justification for ratio cheating: to keep the level of contaminating "filler" down, stuff that's just plain crap! (Over the past few years, the number of FLACs available has increased markedly, and I want to see that trend continue -- even to accelerate.)

So, regardless of file format, be it lossless or lossy, or of content in general, sites should put the emphasis on the overall quality of the ULs, not on individual DLers ratios. But until they do, sometimes there's simply no viable alternative to cheating, if someone wants to continue to participate in p2p activity on a site. Seed as much as you can, but make sure you keep your membership, too.

That still seems kind of iffy to me. I'm on some private trackers with REAL specific focuses - specific enough that the userbase is absolutely tiny compared to sites like Demonoid. Those sites have Freeleech torrents, though, so I take advantage of them to get my ratio up. Sometimes they're few and far between, but I've never been a member of a tracker I haven't been able to get and keep my ratio above the 1.05 mark (often a requisite for remaining a member, you'll likely agree).

In addition, if you find a torrent with horrible quality, there exists elsewhere a torrent with excellent quality. So download the good one, upload it to the original tracker, and be a hero. No, we don't want low-quality junk cluttering up the P2P realm, so we have to act to fix it.

Two years on torrent trackers and I haven't found any need to cheat. None whatsoever. You must be looking for some really specific content, and I mean more specific than tribal mythology studies and Sanskrit reference manuals. ;>

will it work on SCC
i m scared to use on Private Trackers like SCC

Does this still work?

on, (huge french tracker), i cant raise my ratio at all, every f*ck**g torrent i want has no or few leechers... or they dont connect to me cause my connection might not be as fast as the rest. They offer media that none other sites or streams have. i dont see something else to do than try this cheat... :( no ?

Even in the case of other sites that are more broad-based in the material they allow, there are folks that UL badly-produced torrents just to improve their ratios. Do we want junk like that cluttering up the p2p world? I want to DL only the best quality music torrents

What’s up every one, here every person is sharing such know-how,
thus it’s good to read this blog, and I used to visit this web site every day.

There is nothing wrong with grey behaviour in a grey world.

Very nice post. great job

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