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Trick To Activate WhatsApp Voice Call Feature Before Everybody Else

Just days after WhatsApp introduced the much needed Desktop/Web access for the world's leading instant messenger service, we now have WhatsApp Call feature making it's appearance on some selective installations. It seems the WhatsApp Voice Call feature will be invite only for now where a user who already has the feature can initiate a call to a new user activating it on the other users installation. A semi-functional trick to activate the WhatsApp Call feature before everybody else is shared below.

WhatsApp Call Feature

You will need a rooted phone with Terminal Emulator and latest 2.11.508 version of the WhatsApp App to get the "non-functional" feature temporarily activated as shown below:

  1. Download latest WhatsApp version 2.11.508 with voice-calling feature from the official website and install it -
  2. WhatsApp Call Feature Trick
  3. Now open the "Android Terminal" app (available in Google Play store for free), and type in su command followed by am start -n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.HomeActivity.
  4. WhatsApp Call Feature Command Line Activation
  5. WhatsApp will launch with the new user-interface having the call functionality as shown below, however this will not enable the call functionality yet. Further hacks/tricks to activate the same will be shared as soon as discovered.
  6. WhatsApp Call User Interface


It Works :)

It will work! But you won't be able to call. Just the UI would change. So, its better to get to normal UI. When invited, the community would assume that the person has already got it activated. So mind well! No messing up with root files and even terminal. Both ways are useless... secondly, Whatsapp Plus and Reborn will also just give the UI no calling. So don't get carried away by their screenshots. Third party apps are still unsuccessful in activating feature even after invitations. Rather, your invitation gets wasted, thereby, leaving your calling feature unactivated. Hope you understand me. You can read my lower and latest comments below to check out current ways to unlock calling such that it works and also the current invitation status. ^_^
Thank You,
Rushi Vyas.

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Works only with 2.11.508 version


Works exactly as stated. Now need people to call :(

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when i type su it says " /system/bin/sh: su: not found " pls help me

you need to root your phone first make sure you have done that! "su" here refers to superuser and if you haven't rooted your phone you wont find the directory.

May I know is it working on whatsapp+?

yes! This worked. Needs a
*whatsapp v. 2.11.508*
*terminal emulator app*
>open terminal emulator app(free on play store)
> type : su
>you see a '#'
> type: am start -n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.HomeActivity
but this is temporary. once you remove app from background too, you gotta redo the terminal command. or you gotta say someone with activated feature to call you. the activation takes time so be patient. i got it! my number is +919724011224
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Once activated such to remove it??

If activated from terminal, ending background app removes it quickly. If problem persists, uninstalling the app and reinstalling latest version from would be belpful.
Thank you!
Rushi Vyas ^_^

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Works, I can make free awntull calls here.

Get latest version and then call me. Not necessary for v2.11.508 now!
I'm back Rushi Vyas ^_^

Hey Rushi Vyas!
True to your word! Thanks for making the efforts with enabling my call feature!
Truly thankful....
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Secondly, use original Whatsapp only! No users of Whatsapp plus or reborn will be entertained. Thank you.

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I downloaded whatsapp from the above provided link and write the same commands as given stil. Whatsapp satrts with same same U.I and no whats app call feature

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The invitations have been closed by the community. Call receiving is activated on all phones now (obviously with updated Whatsapp) but redialling or placing calls is only for invited people.
CONGRATULATIONS to those who got invited by me successfully! All others, ASA the invitations open, you all will be in the calling crowd too. Till then at least you can receive calls! So don't worry.
Best wishes,
Rushi Vyas

P.S. when you call or text me on Whatsapp, please mind the time zone!!!!!GMT +530!!!!! I've been disturbed many times till now. So please be alert. You're here to seek help and not make the helper himself disappointed. ^_^ thank you.

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