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3 Premium ThemeFuse Wordpress Themes to Be Given Away!

Want to get a hold of one of the 3 licenses of premium WordPress themes from ThemeFuse? Read ahead!

We’re giving away 3 WordPress themes from ThemeFuse, a top designer. If you want to participate, it’s not at all hard to do. ThemeFuse is a professional design firm and their products reflect that. These aren’t substandard themes we’re giving away, but full-blown professional WP themes.

All of the code used in ThemeFuse themes is validated, so you never have to worry about non-compliance issues. In fact, these themes are designed to be solid and reliable in every regard. There’s an onsite FAQ you can use to get more information on the theme or you can contact support. These themes are great values and, when you win one, the value is, of course, even greater!

Fixing Wordpress 2.8 Auto Plugin Download And Update Bug

WordpressWordpress 2.8 got released two days ago, the fully-automated upgrade introduced in previous versions makes the upgrading task as simple as it can get, however, after upgrading to the latest version I started receiving following error when trying to update/install a plugin:

Downloading update from

Unpacking the update.

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