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5 Essential Tools for Accessing the Dark Web

Most people browse the Internet on a mobile device or a computer that features a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. The IP address of a device allows networks to send the required information to the correct place. Additionally, your IP address can be used for tracking all your activities on the Internet. You can remain anonymous and prevent others from tracking your online activities by using the ‘Dark Web’.

The Dark Web will anonymize your actual IP address and make it almost impossible for anyone to find out which websites you have been visiting via your device. However, even when using Dark Web, you’ll be exposed to the same kind of risks that you encounter when using the more conventional Open Web. 
Dark Web is specifically known for being the breeding ground for sex offenders, who use the platform for discussing their ill tactics openly. What’s worse is that it’s extremely difficult for the police to gather proof of online abuse and other similar offenses taking place on the Dark Web. 

The section below talks about five tools that will allow you to access the Dark Web with minimum risk. 

Tool #1: Tor Browser 

You must always use a compatible browser when accessing the Dark Web or websites boasting .onion addresses. The browser that enjoys maximum popularity among Dark Web users is Tor. The working procedure of the Tor browser is similar to that of Firefox or Chrome. The only difference is that Tor indexes sites available on the Dark Web, something which Firefox and Chrome don’t do. 

To use Tor, you will have to download the anonymizing software from The software can be downloaded for free. All messages sent using Tor get wrapped in multiple layers of encryption. These messages don’t reach the recipient directly. Instead, they travel through a chain of nodes. 

Each node is aware of the identity of its preceding and subsequent nodes but doesn’t have any knowledge about the other nodes forming the chain. This makes it difficult for anyone to track the entire journey of a message and identify its actual sender. 

Tool #2: VPN

While indeed you’ll remain significantly more anonymous when using Tor than you remain when using the Open Web, you must remember that the browser doesn’t come with any privacy guarantee. There are several tricks that experts can use to identify you and monitor your actions on Tor.

According to a report published a few years back, the Dark Web is not entirely inaccessible for law enforcement. This also means that even threat actors can gain access to the Dark Web with the right kind of resources. So, to boost your data safety and anonymity, you should use a VPN service. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will encrypt your data and shield your actual IP address. As a result, you will be enjoying enhanced online privacy. 

Tool #3: Tails

The Amnesic Incognito Live System or Tails is a live operating system developed to provide users with the opportunity of browsing the web anonymously and without making their private data public. The ideal definition of Tails would be, a Debian-based, security-focused, Linux distribution. 

Like the Tor operating system, Tails is also a part of the Tor Project. All the outgoing and incoming connections of Tails are compelled to pass through Tor. Additionally, everything that’s non-anonymous gets blocked. 

Tool #4: Cryptocurrency 

Dark Web users are almost always interested in maintaining anonymity. So, it’s quite obvious that they would also want to keep their online financial transactions anonymous. The only way you can keep your financial transactions on the Dark Web anonymous is by using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.  

Bitcoin has become the number one choice for Dark Web users primarily due to its flexibility. It allows people to hide both their identity and intentions. One of the most common approaches adopted by these people is converting Bitcoin into online game currencies on a cryptocurrency exchange. The game currency is eventually converted into real money.

Bitcoin services like Grams enable darknet market integration, while those like tumblers are typically accessible on Tor.

Tool #5: Antivirus Software 

You must have antivirus software installed on your device irrespective of the fact whether you are accessing the Open Web or Dark Web. 

Like other segments of the online world, the Dark Web also remains riddled with viruses, malware, and other harmful software. The chances of falling prey to malicious software remain even more on the Dark Web as it is frequently used by threat actors developing these programs as an exchange and trading platform. 

Before you dive into the Dark Web, never forget to check that your antimalware and antivirus programs are active. If it’s not, renew it before you enter the world of .onion websites. Also, never click on any suspicious links you come across on forums and other similar platforms.

Final Words 

If you have the above tools installed on your device, accessing the Dark Web will become an absolute cakewalk for you. You will enjoy complete anonymity and successfully prevent others from tracking your online activities. 

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