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Is Google Keeping Your Gmail Mailbox Private?

Google is undoubtedly the most trusted, visited and celebrated site in the internet. We know that you love how Google searches everything we want in a matter of seconds while providing great services including Gmail, Google Docs and YouTube. But have you ever wondered if it’s really safe? For those of you who are surprised by my question, let me assert you that it’s a well-established fact that Google collects and maintains a database of everything you do on the Internet, be it a simple search, mail or burp. Okay, not burp.

Searches are alright. It won’t be at much of a loss practically. But what if someone tracks your mails? No, we are not being hypothetical here. According to Cristopher Nguyen, an ex-Google employee and part of Google apps operations, this is partly true. He said that some Gmail engineers have access to main servers and as a part of their job have access to go through mail-accounts of millions of users. However, he justified the fact that if any other employee wants to access an account, he has to justify the reason and do some paperwork first before actually getting through to the content in the account.

Another significant issue raised by Microsoft is Google Ads, which are strategically displayed across your Gmail Inbox and are analytically displayed according to the content of your emails. Though this is done by a computerized programme which checks for patterns, there is a remote possibility that someone is reading all those confidential and private data in your Inbox. Google defended this claim, however, by declaring that they take such follow-up measures to deal with spam. Furthermore, Google claims that bots or a set of computer programs are the ones doing the job of scanning your email messages for relevant keywords, not humans or their employees.

Microsoft, in its video titled Gmail Man, has explained how Gmail can be a threat to your privacy online. As they have posted this on YouTube, most people have disagreed with the claims. That is apparently because, YouTube users have to be Gmail users as well and they seek no credibility in the Microsoft’s argument whatsoever. So simply put, your Gmail is completely safe and Google is doing its job of upholding your privacy and protection online.

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