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BufferZone Pro Professional Quality Sand-boxing Utility Goes Free Forever

BufferZone Pro LogoWhile computer security software's like anti-virus and anti-malware provide an effective solution to known threats being pro-active and blocking threats in the first place is the best approach for complete security, sandboxing has been a very practical solution for pro-active security and leading anti-virus software's like Kaspersky already features such functionality.

Now users can enjoy professional grade sandbox protection for free thanks to BufferZone Pro (now freeware) from Trustware, BufferZone works by creating an isolated "sandboxed" environment called the Virtual Zone which basically "buffers" your PC from all security threats whether known or unknown keeping your private information secured in a trusted and separated environment.

BufferZone Sandboxing
BufferZone Technology allows you to surf anywhere, download anything, open e-mail attachments, share & chat with your friends and colleagues and e-bank with no fear or risk of infecting your PC with viruses, Trojan Horses, spyware, worms, keyloggers or other malicious programs.
BufferZone Pro
BufferZone Pro Free Sandboxing Software For Windows


Would've had it kept shareware with 64-bit computing support.

Any idea, when's Bufferzone being released for 64bit Win OS !!

Bufferrzone BETA for 64bit just got public, see press release below, register at :

Mar 28, 2011
Trustware's New Beta Version of BufferZone Pro Provides 64-bit Windows Vista and 7 Compatibility
Mountain View, CA- March 28. 2011 - TrustwareTM, a leader in security technologies that protects a PC by isolating threats, today announced the opening of beta registration for the BufferZone Pro beta version that includes support for 64-bit Windows installations. 64-bit compatible means that BufferZone Pro beta is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit and Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit in addition to its Microsoft Windows 32-bit compatibility. This support enables BufferZone Pro customers to migrate to newer 64-bit versions of Windows so they can take advantage of the 64-bit capable processors on newer PCs while still enjoying the free protection offered by BufferZone Pro. To register for the beta program or for more information, visit

"Our goal is to provide customers with the most current and accessible technology. The first stage was to eliminate the yearly payment for BufferZone Pro protection and open the door for BufferZone Pro's preventive security to be used freely by home users. Now, adding support for the 64-bit versions of Windows makes BufferZone Pro even more accessible" said Trustware CEO Jim Penosky.

BufferZone Pro adds an additional layer of protection to the traditional security suites. BufferZone creates a separate - or virtual - environment that isolates security threats and prevents them from ever touching the user's hard drive. Trustware's patented Threat Virtualization software allows users to securely browse the web and safely download, install and operate applications without fear of malicious or unidentified attacks by Trojan horses, worms, keyloggers, spyware, Adware, phishing attempts or other computer-clogging malware

"This beta version is the next step in our development of BufferZone Pro 4.0. As we enter the beta phase, we will be engaging with our beta testing community to ensure that version 4.0 exceeds the expectations of our customers. We look forward to hearing their responses to the new version, as well as what other capabilities we can incorporate to continue offering the most superior Threat Virtualization product on the market. We expect that the general availability version (GA) will be released in the third quarter of 2011" concluded Penosky.

BufferZone Pro Beta registration is at Trustware website. 64-bit compatible means that BufferZone Pro Beta is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit and Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit in addition to its Microsoft Windows 32-bit compatibility. To register for the beta program or for more information, visit

thank u very much for posting these sir

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