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Simple Guide To Jailbreak Apple iPod Touch 1G Using QuickPWN

Jail-breaking your Apple iPod Touch allows you to enjoy hundreds of themes, games, applications and hacks which are not supported by Apple, although jailbreaking can be done pretty easily using free wizard styled application QuickPwn if not done properly it can render your device inoperable requiring a restore via iTunes.

iPod Touch Jailbreak

Jailbreaking your device requires basic computer knowledge and should take roughly 15-25 minutes to complete on a decently powered PC/Mac computer.

Steps to Jailbreak your Apple iPod Touch First Genration:

  1. Upgrade your iPod touch to the latest firmware version via iTunes, if you are using a first generation device with 1.x.x firmware use this - iPod Touch 1G upgrade guide.
  2. Download QuickPWN 2.2.5 for Windows or MAC.
  3. Download and save iPod Touch OS 2.2.1 .IPSW file:
  4. Connect iPod Touch to your computer and close iTunes if running, now launch QuickPWN and follow the simple onscreen instructions.
  5. QuickPWn To Jailbreak iPod Touch
  6. Browse and select the .IPSW restore file downloaded earlier.
  7. Browser IPSW
  8. A green checkmark will be shown to confirm the correct file selection.
  9. iPod Touch Hacking
  10. Now follow the onscreen instructions and complete the jailbreaking process, don't forget to check the Cydia and Installer check-boxes.
  11. QuickPWN Process
    QuickPWN Process
    QuickPWN Process
    QuickPWN Process
  12. Once completed your iPod Touch will reboot into its newly modified state jailbroken with Cydia and Installer.

Once jailbroken your can launch the Cydia application from iPod Touch and start downloading application, games, themes and hacks for your device.

Cydia On iPod Touch

UPDATE # 1 : Fully illustrated instructions to jailbreak iPod Touch 2G.


Thanks it worked perfectly.


do i have to restore with itunes first? or can i just start the jailbreaking? what happens if i do the jailbreaking before i start the itunes?

my ipod is amazing now thnx

it worked better than perfectly thanks alot

what if i already have 2.2.1 installed on my ipod touch?

i cant find the IPSW file i mean is it like the version of ipod that you have, if so how do i find it, if not is it something i download because when i click on the link to download it, it comes up with an error.. i need help please

mine comes up with an error too. all of the ipsw files i find do that.

Go to Google and search 2.2.1 firmware, click on the first link and download the one corresponding to your device.

it works but when it starts rebooting it just stays at that screen

I have the same error

turn your iPod completely off. then do the following
1.Make sure iPod is completely powered off.
2.Hold the home button while its off.
3.While holding the Home button, connect the cable. The iPod should power on.
4.Keep holding the Home button.
5.The Connect to iTunes image should come up.
6. Congrats, you in recovery mode.
Then Restore your iPod and BAM we're fixed

this works for restoring your ipod. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

i jailbreaked my ipod the way you were supposed to do it and it stayed on a pinnaepke screen. i was so worried it was the end of my ipod. Thankyou so much! You are a life saver!!!!!!!!!!!

how did you turn off your ipod at the pineapple screen?

please help its not going of uploading exploit bootlander!!!

when im at the pineapple seen how do i turn off mij Ipod Touch?

guyz can som 1 help cuz i restored it twice but its still the same version 1.1.5 help.....!!!!!!!!!

I did all of this, and I've done it many times. It says,
"iPod cannot be restored. An unknown error occurred. (20)"
What do I do..?

I have got an ipod 1g. Truly speaking I do not know anything about ipod. Can I contact you in the future If i see any problem with my ipod?
I will be waiting for your kind reply.

Thank you
Bhupinder Singh

thanks alot for this.
it took ages to find a good site and when i found this i could understand it easly and everything easy to do.


The whole thing runs smoothly until the reboot, I tried it twice and all i see is the apple logo for hours, can anyone help me? I run a vista 32 bit and an ipod touch 1G 16 gig.

this happened to me have u resolved your isuue yet\> if so please tell me

may i ask have u fixed the issue and also if u have,. can you please please please pleaseeee please tell me because i dont have enough money to buy another... please can you help me

i was just thinking about doing this process with my Vista 32, and ipod 1G.... what happened to yall's ipods???
did the problem get solved?

is it fixed? i have the same machines...should i do it...

The same thing happend to me. If your stuck at the apple screen rebooting, hold down the home and power button until the iTunes logo comes up. Then go to itunes and click restore. Then install it again and it should work. It's weird that it only installs it for me with a restored ipod. Hope i helped.

it worked perfect, (L))(L)(L)(L) :D:D:D:D

Need help im at the browse for firmware step but it wont work it keeps saying "Firmware Error String"

i have the exact same problem it really does suck can someone please help me out?

rebhbot is not working its staying at the appple screen for a long time
it is not working.... makes randmon sounds

need help

the same thing happened to me. I think we should have restored our ipods before we jailbroke them.

It gets to the reboot stage but then the apple sign comes up and just stays there

If it stays there then u need to restore ur iPod before jailbreaking

Ive had my ipod touch for about a year and i have a TON of apps already if i jail break my ipod touch will they still work? And if i jail break my ipod what are the pro's and con's of it?

The jailbreak worked great...until the reboot. My iPod is now rebotting for 15 hours and it isn't done yet?! iTunes says there's an unknown error. Can anyone help me?

u need to restore your ipod, the endless ipod reboot is caused by not restoring your ipod to the right firmware to begin with, to do this whe u restore your ipod hold shift and click restore in your itunes menu, a window will open and u need to select the firmware u are using(weather it be 2.2 or 2.2.1 or whatever, it will then put that firmware on your ipod and then u can use quickpwn or whatever to jailbreak your ipod and it will work fine. i hope this helped if not email me at ill get back to u and try to help

I've tried 4 times to jailbreak my ipod 1g 2.2.1 and every time it froze at the apple logo. Well, actually it didn't freeze; once every 20 minutes or so it restarted. Then I checked to replace boot logos and it worked. Hope your does too!

this is the only website that actually jailbroke my ipod.. in all ive been trying to jailbreak my ipod for 10 hours. i love u

how do you get different backgrounds to your main page, as in the first photo on this page? please help. thank you...

Download winterboard via cydia and download a theme. Then run winterboard and choose the theme.

The page you gave for the IPSW file says '(HTTP 403 Forbidden)'

I have a iPod touch 1G 16GB with 2.2.1 software on it running XP. Just curious if it will work!

Please Answer

The ISPW file I downloaded on top doesn't work! When I upload it to QuickPwn, it says that the file "is either corrupted or the firmware version is unsupported!" HELP ME PLEASSE!!!

i downloaded the ISPW restore file but on the second page it says that the IPSW is either corrupted or the firmware is upsupported
please help me

I already have the 2.2.1 software on my iPod touch 1st generation (8gb) from the apple store with my credit card. Do I have to downgrade (restore) then do the upgrade part? I run vista aswell so if anyone can help me that'd be great. if you wish to contact me there.

It wont detect my Ipod

That's not this sites prob. Your iTunes isn't receiving a signal. If u have a lockcode on it take the code of during sync

i downloaded the quickpwn then tried to open it and an error showed up it says the operation failed to initialize properly if theres something im doing rong or theres some other way to hack my ipod then tell me

when I try to download summerboard from installer its not there... WHAT'S WRONG

Instead of trying to download Summerboard from installer try Cydia, thats where it should be. hope i helped :D

Jailbreakin my ipod is better than eatin Curry

my ipod took 3 hours to restart haha thanks mate
but it worked dw haha

The program says its waiting for my ipod to connect to recovery mode, anf on the bottom there is 3 small bars not green. its been that way for about 40 min. and the program is NOT unresponsive. Help??

ok mine did the same thing (got stuck at putting your ipod in recovery mode) i did it manually, when that screen comes up and says putting ipod in recovery mode.....step 1= turn off ipod while its still plugged in. step 2=unplug ipod but keep quickpwn open. step 3= hold home button in (circular button with white square in it)for 4 seconds and then connect your usb cord while quickpwn is still open and then continue to hold in the home button after connection, then it will come to a screenon your ipod that will have a usb cord and it pointing toward an itunes logo, then bingo thats recovery mode and it should work fine from there. good luck hope i helped

This worked!!! Thank you so much!

i tried to jailbreak my ipod and at the end it came up with the black screen with the apple logo. i tried resetting it but it doesnt work and it wont connect to itunes.

ive been told that using quickpwn can force ur ipod touch out of recovery mode without having to restore with itunes and delete everything...hope it works







My iPod sits there while quickpwn is "preparing my device"

how long does it usually take? ive been here about 15 minutes

Ok everythings good so far
however, how long is it supposed to wait for my ipod to get in recovery mode?
cause ive been waiting bout 20 mins...

when i tried to jailbreak my ipod it stayed on the grey pineapple!!!
but when im in recovery mode its a cartoon of steve jobs and itunes says an error occured when i try to restore it!


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is not working eh! ps im canadien
help its not detecting my super special awsome chocolaty fuged coated ipod of dome and a half


when i download quickpwn and run it, it saids that it failed to work properly and it has to terminate

It started to reboot but it got stuck on the pineapple, when it was turning on

if the ipod already was jailbroken and then you upgraded it can you rejail break it

You just need to make sure you get the new jailbreak software for it

can i also put applications that are downloaded from itunes?? how will i put these applications?? using itunes also?? ^_^





3. IS IT ILLEGAL????????




It worked PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happens if I don't restore my ipod 1g before jail breaking it?

fool proof. thanks so much.

It took me 6 hours to get this on but it has finally worked!!!! This has made my day!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

if I jailbreak my iPod touch 1g, will it keep all it's songs and content????

That's what I was wondering as well, but I'm probably just going to backup my Ipod and do it anyway.

I stayed at the pinapple screen what do i do?

It seemed to work like a charm thanks alot!!!!

make sure .net framework, telnet, messenger, terminal services are all enabled in microsoft windows services manager (right click my computer > manage > services)

this worked first time without any trouble for me, thank you

i got to the black screen after the cartoon i really need to know what happens now

1.restore your ipod on itunes
2.connect ipod to computer quick pwn
4.go through all the steps on quick pwn
5.ipod should reboot with your ipod jailbroken
**if your ipod isnt booting up and its frozen, heres what to do**
1.turn off ipod by holding the power and home button down once ipod is turned off, immediately let go of buttons only hold down home button
4.while holding home button down plug usb cable into your ipod and back into the computer...make sure you keep on holding the home button down you will see an itunes plug in sign or a man on the screen of your ipod, once you get there you can let go of the home screen button
6.then click restore on itunes and voila! ur back in business
*******the reason your ipod wasnt starting at first is because you need to restore it first thing********

Oh my god thank you dude, is that what your supposed to do for first generation

k the thing dont work i have 2.2.1 already and i am prety sure you need the restore thing i wanna make sure i have everything before i do this i would hate to screw up so if you can please help with the one part i would be quite thankfull.

great job i love this thing =D

Woot, thanks, worked perfectly :)

Mine is jailbroken but i can not get any open source software on linux to connect to the ipod touch 1g so i can replace itunes. any ideas?

it didnt reboot what do i do

The thing just pauses. The program just keeps on saying " Preparing your device-plz follow the instructions above" nothing ever happens after that. It just keeps on loading and loading for hours. can someone plz help?


I'm having some problems with the steps where you have to hold the home button for 5 seconds, etc.....nothing ever happens! Can someone help me please!!?

lmao thank you sooo much!! worked perfectly

i can`t dowwnload OS 2.2.1
when i klick this it come An error occurred while processing your request.
Reference #50.c55d31c3.1254159929.7057658

Can you help me


hw long exactly am i supposed to wait for my itouch to connect in recovery mode? coz i'v been waitin for 2hrs! wts wrong? plz save me!

link wontwork and i cant find any other site that explains it help me plz

dosnot detect my ipod.......:(

Help Plz Plz Plz......
thanks in advance

quickpwn won't recoganize that the ipod is plugged in and the ipod shows up in my itunes but not on the desktop

this software works great! the first time i tried it though my iPod got stuck on the black screen with apple logo but when i restored it using itunes manually and then did it again it worked great!


(p.s having people answering other peoples problems, which i had, helped me a lot1)

hmm ive got past the hole browsing for the IPSW but now im at the part where it goes into recovery ive been tryin to do this hole thing for a long time now. my problem now is that ive een sittin here for 30 minutes now waiting fo it to enter recovery so i can do the hole hold down home etc etc but its jus not going into recovery anything i can do?

dude what should i do it says would u like to send error when it is revovering and i clicked don't send error and quick pwn just turned off

my hold button does not work so i can not do it!

when i clicked the quickpwn apps, its says 'Quickpwn has stopped working' neeed help here.. Im using windows vista.

It seems to have worked just fine with my ipod, but when i attempt to use installer it wont work.... am I doing something wrong??

get the iPod Touch OS 2.2.1 from megaupload but it has to be THE EXCACT ONE!!! (i had to learn the hard way)

Worked perfectly

mine is stck on the wait for recovery mode. help pease

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 05/23/2009 - 02:44.
turn your iPod completely off. then do the following
1.Make sure iPod is completely powered off.
2.Hold the home button while its off.
3.While holding the Home button, connect the cable. The iPod should power on.
4.Keep holding the Home button.
5.The Connect to iTunes image should come up.
6. Congrats, you in recovery mode.
Then Restore your iPod and BAM we're fixed

i used these instructions above, THANKYOU. i tried to jailbreak my ipod touch yesterday & it stayed stuck on the apple screen. :(
thanks to you my ipod is now working (without jailbreak, but oh well)
thankyou x

So i have the iTouch 1st generation, and it's been upgraded to 3.1.2. Will jailbreak still work for me? And if so, how would i go about doing that? I can't seem to find a way, hopefully someone with more knowledge on the subject does.

I managed to un-jailbreak my I-touch, it's an age thing, and this page was really helpfull, and I now have newer better and without you I'de be still crying. I'de have drunk more beer mind, but I'de still be crying.

Ok, I did everything I was supposed to do. My only simple problem is that

I get to the last screen on the pinapple program, My ipod touch is on the menu screen, and it gets dim....

then it stays on the screen that says that its trying to put it on restore mode.

It never gos down to the "HOLD THE HOME BUTTON FOR 5 SECONDS" step...

What do I do?

Did I do something wrong?

anyone can tell me what to do?

you just have to move usb ports or keep unplugging the ipod till it goes

Can you update it so it works with 3.1.2 or whatever the latest software is?

there are other programs to jailbreak it like redsn0w or Quickfreedom or Purplera1n and many more! :D

if u cant jailbreak it with your firmware, downgrade or upgrade it, search it in youtube, helps ALOT :D
Quickfreedom lets you MAKE ur firmware, plz note that this is NOT illegal

Just do not wait for it to go down to say hold the home button for 5 sec,just turn your i pod off and then hold the home button for 5 sec and process should be starting.

Each time I start up QuickPwn , it can find my Ipod Touch. But then it says to go find the Firmware Bundle. I find the folder, but there isn't anything inside of it, therefore it wouldn't open. What should I do .. ?

My home button is spoilt, hence i am not able to complete the instructions given by QuickPwn. What do you suggest?

Hi, I followed all the steps correctly but now I'm stuck. I've been stuck at the part where it is "waiting for your ipod to connect in recovery mode..."

If you can help, that would be great

I'm stuck at "waiting for you ipod to connect in recovery mode"

please help

i cant download the ipod recovery 2.2.1 for ipod 1g it says 403 forbidden, please help!!!!

If I have an itouch 1g and 3.1.3 software how do i go about jailbreaking my ipod?

Please Help!!!

iPod Touch 1G (First Generation) - iPod1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw

this link doesnt work...someone plz let know how to get tat...Thanks Alot!!!

search iPod1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw on google and click the megaupload link.

I have an 1st gen Ipod and I need to know if this procedure is safe. Is there a possibility I can lose my ipod. I really can't afford another one. PLease PLease Help.

I have the original itouch 1g with 3.1.3 OS. I have tried using blackra1n, redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, and attempted quickpwn. None of thee have worked for me, mostly because whenever a white screen is supposed to come up, it never does. I really would like some sort of way to jailbreak it. Please help. ):

im kind of curious how you got 3.1 software on your 1g touch? i believed apple when it said 1g cant have OS 3.0...

Step 3 says:
3. Download and save iPod Touch OS 2.2.1 .IPSW file:

* iPod Touch 1G (First Generation) - iPod1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw

This file link leads to a dead site, anyone know a substitute?

just find it...

i tried to open quickpwn and it just told me there was an error trying to open the file ive tryed downloading it from other sites but it just doesnt work what am i doing wrong?..

I have downloaded qiuckpwn but it just does not load up and Microsoft does the whole error report thing, does anyone know why it will not load up properly??? :/

Does this delete my scores in apps??

When I try to download something or install something off Cydia, it keeps crashing and returning to the home screen. What is it and how can I make it stop?

whats the problem with the installer.. it dont run in 7?!

that .ISPW link doesnt work for me, it just says theres an error occured while porcessing my request. Can i jailbreak without this?

Hi.I have got an i touch 1st generation(8gb).Suddenly wi fi stopped working in it.Can you please suggest me how to jailbfreak it without the use of wifi?Without jailbreak its worthless.Please help me!!! thanks!

I have my itouch plugged in and I've opened up QuickPwn but it won't find my device at all?... iTunes is closed as well...


i have windows 7 and when i try to open quickpwn it says that there is a error and it is not opening dued i need help please help me i really want to play games thank

i tried to open quickpwn and it just told me there was an error trying to open the file ive tryed downloading it from other sites but it just doesnt work what am i doing wrong?..

If you have an iPod Touch 2G you can try this :

How do I fully restore / reset my ipod touch 1g that has been jailbroken?

I Downloaded Quickpwn from some website, But when I open it, It comes up saying it cannot be opened!
Please can someone help me on where I can get a Ledgit version of Quickpwn.

If i download this can i put a background on the homescreen?

where can i download this software (quick pawn)?

It doesnt seem to work ....

trying to jailbreak an ipod touch 1st gen 2.2.1 firmware..quickpwn hates life and crashes when i try to run it, tried compatibility modes nothings working. on windows 7 64bit.
any help would be much appreciated!

this is the log:

/home/planetbeing/xpwn-back/pwnmetheus/windows.c:SetDeviceDLLPath:96: failed to find driver path
/home/planetbeing/xpwn-back/pwnmetheus/windows.c:GetDeviceDLL:164: looking for driver at C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin
/home/planetbeing/xpwn-back/pwnmetheus/windows.c:LoadWindowsDLL:174: failed to load Windows MobileDevice DLL
/home/planetbeing/xpwn-back/pwnmetheus/windows.c:AMRestoreEnableFileLogging:347: calling Windows AMRestoreEnableFileLogging


Download and save iPod Touch OS 2.2.1 .IPSW file:

Read more:

link not working for me.

you can also try going to on your ipod touch or iphone go to then follow directions from their....hope this helps some people

Hell ya this works!!! Very simple.

Its making me take a ipod survey!

Has any of you attempted to run quickpwn in compatibility mode since windows 7 offers that. it will allow you to run an application as if windows 7 was actually an older OS. usually works for me


10 men asked about this...I'm next...

QuickPWN can't open...What I have to do to open it? I have all .NET FrameWorks installed.
It's error with "Send error report" and "Don't send".
Why I can't open it?

Come on, help us...we need jailbreak too...

anybody with this quickpwn issue just needs to find the right version of itunes for the version of quickpwn you're using, google search for that stuff... quickpwn 2.2.5 needs itunes 8.0.2

will i lose all my apps if i jailbreak my ipod touch 1G version 3.1.3 ?

it wont detect my ipod what do i do?

The 2nd file has an error when clicked on.

When i launch Quickpwn there's a messaging saying that Quickpwn has stopped responding. Can someone help me?

what if i don'
t have any of these things

see i did not jailbreak my ipod i restored it with a file to 3.1.2 and i was wondering if there is a way after jailbreaking to upgrade it again

I can't get it to work. After I put in the Firmware, I choose what I want or whatever,I turned off iTunes, Etc. And clicked Go, And this CMD thing pops up and FREEZES!It said "we're looking for a solution" Or something. I don't know why! I have iPod touch 8g Version is 4.3.5, Etc. I need helllpp!?

i am about to jailbreak my ipod but i want to know if its worth it so....does anybody kno what some of the cool things it can do after u jailbreak it?

i am about to jailbreak my ipod touch 1st gen but i want to kno if it worth it so can u tell me the cool things it can do can i acctully get wifi on it?

iPod touch 1g 2.2.1
Quickpwn 2.2.5

steps i've taken:

close iTunes > connect device > open Quickpwn > Copywright warning message > ok > "PLEASE CONNECT YOUR DEVICE, WE'LL AUTOMATICALLY TEST IT AND THEN WE'LL MOVE ONTO THE NEXT STEP"

iTunes picks up the ipod fine and it is definitely detected by my macbook (10.6.8) so I don't quite understand the problem... I have jailbroken my iPhone and can't see anything going wrong.

any comment on this jailbreak? i tried so many jailbreak with my ipod 1g but none of them seems to work, maybe it was created way back 2008-2009 and most of the original sites are gone.

Hi guys if u need to upgrade your ipod touch and iphone 1G, 2G, 3g to 5.1 firmware which has cloud computing i can do that and give kindly contact me on this
i do jailbrek of ipod touch and iphone of all generation

email id :
contact: 9738887907

It wont open what do i do??????????????????????????????????

I have read all of the first 300 comments and
I have processed each and every one of your comments.
Follow these easy steps before and after that you have started
Your jailbreaking, for those who are after, and didn't work, please listen
Step 1- Save a backup of your device through iTunes by selecting the folder you wish,
Then saving a backup.( For potential use later ).
Step 2- Restore your device using iTunes.
Step 3- Download required folders for jailbreak.
Step 4- Follow the steps above very carefully.
Step 5- Email me at:
Step 6- Anyone with a load screen problem, just restart your device,
Then follow the steps above.
Hope You Enjoy Your Newly Jailbroken Device!

When i launch Quickpwn there's a messaging saying that Quickpwn has stopped responding. Can someone help me?

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