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Simple Trick To Recover Deleted SMS From Your Nokia Device

mobile PhoneThere exist quite a few software's to recover deleted SMS messages from SIM cards and phone memory, but all of them require you to purchase the software, However, if you own a Nokia phone you might be in luck, as there are very good chances of message recovery from your cellphone without need of any specialized data recovery software for free, simply follow the step-by-step procedure below for important data recovery:

  1. Download and install this free mobile File Manager - FExplorer.
  2. Launch FExplorer and navigate to C: if you use Phone Memory to store your messages (default) and D: if you use Storage Card as your SMS storage location.
  3. Now navigate to and open “system” folder.
  4. Now open the “mail” folder.
  5. This folder should contain many folders named similar to 0010001_s etc. with files named similar to 00100000 etc., These files are the actual deleted messages, Simply, use the FExplorer inbuild text viewer to view these files, You will need to browse through every folder and open all files inside them until you get the required SMS.
  6. Do Note that this trick does not work on Symbian 3rd Edition cellphones.


I downloaded and installed FExplorer on my phone.
After connecting the phone on my computer through PCSuite, I don't see the "system" folder, and then neither the "mail" folder.
Did I missed a step?
Is there something else I should do?
My phone has S60 2nd Edition and my windows explorer configuration is already settled to show the hidden and system files.
Thx to reply quickly, I deleted important work related SMS by mistake...

dod this software not spot my mobile phone my mobile phone is e63 whet can i do?

could u get a solution..i face the same issue..

yes, you can use data recovery software to scan the nokia phone and then recover data off the phone.

How i want to recovery the data..?
im not understand sorry

Hi does anyone know how to recover deleted sms messages that disappeared all together on my Nokia E66? I selected SMS Message box on screen then selected other settings Option Memory in Use was selected as phone memory then changed to memory card then changed back and all of the messages in inbox and also sent all disappeared. How do I get them back? When in memory card (note there is no memory card installed on phone) it says Number of saved msgs 200 but can't find them anywhere. Read this blog for hours however are can't find the folder mentioned system folder for FExplorer. Any help would be greatly appreciated or a referral to a data phone nokia specialist or software program designed for Nokia mobile phones. The phone has not been used since the change happened sim card removed and put in other phone.

Probably need a driver for phone. Google for your phone.


I am unable to instal Fexplorer because of .SIS files not supported.Nokia phone browser does not show system file. Pls help.


did he mention using pc suite??? use fexplorer to browse files

i also face the same problem
i installed the software proper
else everything is working properly but not this
pl. help

my phone is nokia 5200. how could I recover all my deleted sms from that nokia?
Thanks for help.

dude use that software in ur phone.. not in ur PC. open Fexplorer in ur phone n try to find respective folder,... tryout...

hi ..

i'm running this app , follow all instructions but when i get to "system" folder .. i can't find my "mail" folder .

note : i'm running this from my phone . ( nokia 5800 )

please help ..

need to recover my msgs ! URGENT ! :(

man how did u run the explorer as it is in .SIS.format......../please help me

i am also using 5800

I have the same problem, I got system
Folder but can't find mail folder. Please help!

That software is not supported by nokia 3110c
kindly tell me is there any way to restore the msgs from n3110c....................

I tried to install the s/w in my phone but every time i did a message was generated showing that the s/w is not supported..
can you help me out.

same happend me, i really need some of the messages that were on my phone,did u get it sorted?

i did recover my deleted sms.
tanx for the info.

can you help me recover my messages too????

i also found my data but i dont know how to save again in folder after opening my messages

hi i installed this application but in system folder i cant seee the mail folder can anyone help mei ???

hi..could u pls help me on how u manage to install the FExplorer in ur phone? i've tried mine but it is not supported in my phone. i've tried so many ways to open it but yet failed. could u pls help me? thanx in advance.. (^_^)

please, can you tell m how to open this fexplorer on my phone or in my computer, it won't b read with the .sis format.. my phone is nokia c3..


Kindly advise the steps used to recover the deleted SMS as i was not able to recover the same

please tell me the nokia model u are using

can u let me know how to instal it on the mobile & retrieve messages

I've found the folder "mail" and the sms's but how i restore them to the inbox,outbox from fexplorer??

Hi! Can you pls let me know how you found the folder and sms. It is very urgent and will be
grateful if you assist me

Can you pls let me know how you found the folder and sms? if you can help, i'll appreciate that.

i've my nokia n70. and i've found the mail folder using FExplorer.but how can i get them back in my inbox,outbox ???? pls pls help me

how do you connect your nokia phone to the computer?


I canseem to install software onto my nokia from my pc , how do i do this, any help


I canseem to install software onto my nokia from my pc , how do i do this, any help

i m using nokia 5233 today when i restart all my aplication from the card and sms are lost all language changes i want to recover it back how

how?? i need to recover my msgs. its really imp.. plz help me... msgs are really really important...plz plz..

how did you recover? i cant seem to find the mail folder?

i have nokia c201 can i recover deleted text messages if so then how

can i use this software on samsung mobile phones

does anyone know if this will work on the nokia 6019i? I am in desperate need to recover old sms from my son, who recently died. I'd be grateful for any help or guidance... thanks-

I tried installing it to my phone..but i get an error that says ....not supported n stuff..can you please let me know what can be done...Is there any other way so that i can retreive all my sms's back.. Please help...!

Hi there, I'm also an E71 user and trying all means to retrieve some sms deleted accidentally. I saw your posting and would like to ask whether you eventually managed to retrieve your sms ? If you did, can u pls share the trick with me please ? Thanks a million !

hi there,,i m also having same situation if u got any solution for this plssssssssss let me know

My phone nokia 3600 does not support .sis file. is there any other way.

really you people are rocking, great stuff at no cost

kindly suggest the step for recovery deleted sms.

I have a nokia n95.
Will restore sms work on this?

You can try Noki at if you'd backuped the phone memory as a backup.arc file on SD card.

There's a complete guide on backup file recovery at:

i try it and reach to this
files but i cant open it

ya i just found the files but its not supporting the file explorer to view the sms..
Help Me Out

can i do this for nokia 6500?

i lost valuable sms in that simcard plse send hw can i recover it?

i lost valuable sms in nokia 1100 mobile phone memari plse send hw can i recover it

how to recover deleted sms on my nokia 311o

If someone knows a program that would do the same job with my Sony? Pleeese.

hi I have LGKC will it work on my phone ?

When I try to load the FE Explorer, I get the message that my phone doesnot support SIS.
Can any one help.

i downloaded and installed Fexplorer for Nokia 5800, but after installation, when trying to open the application, it just blinks. unable to open the application. pls help. thnks in advance

i have the same problems !!!!!!!!!! plz help me :(

plz help me,, the fexplorer is not support sis !!! why ?? please help me :( my hpone is nokia 5800 express music

what could be done in E90......3rd edition

Please Help me How to Recover Smses in my Nokia e71.
I have selected all my sms to move them from inbox to another folder but accidentally clicked on delete button.There are alot of my important smses.
Please anybody help me how to recover them.
I will be very thankful to him.
Is there is any way to recover???
Tell me my id is

can the tricks mentioned above worked on a nokia n95 phone by following the same procedure?

I have a nokia N85 and most of my messages are in phone memeory, and it has been delete by mistake ... i didnt find any sw that reads may phone memory to recover the messages from my nokia s60 3rd edition phone.

can i recover d inbox messages in nokia 3110

Hi There, could you please tell me how to force my phone "6300" to read .SIS files?
Thank you in advance!

I deleted a video on my Nokia E71 and want to recover it, is there any chance?

Will it work with nokia 8800?

Please Help me How to Recover Sms in my Nokia 7510
i need help please if any one can helpe me to recover sms
many thanks

I was able to recover deleted msges from N95. Too many of them, is there a way to copy them with "date created" preserved to desktop?

if u could somehow rename or copy with the dates preserved it would make things much easier..?

HI There,can u plsss tell me how u made it in ur phone bcose i desperately need to know ,,,,,,plssss,,

Please tell meow you recovered your SMS. I have nokia n96, tried installing fexplorer but states not supported. How do Ivey pass that?

hi..can you please tell me where you found the "system" and the "mail" folders..can't seem to find in my 5800. thank u in advance

is this software work with N80 or not?
and if not can u provide me with the required one

dud can u tel me that my nokia 3110 is suporitng dis software or not as soon as possible


I have a nokia 1110 and I need to retrieve important deleted sms.
Will this software work?
Very important please help.

Hi I also need to know about nokia 3110 - please advise asap Thanks

I have a nokia E63, and I need to recover my deleted sms. I installed the Fexplorer, but I can't acces the 'private' folder. I tried to use the Noki program, but it is the same, I didn't find my deleted sms. I don't know if my phone is S60 3rd edition, where can I see this?
Please, help me recover my sms, I really need them!

i want to recover deleted msgs on nokia 1100. anyone kind enough to explain the procedure?

my mobile is Nokia 1110.
can I retieve deleted sms from it.

hi, someone know how recover deleted sms from NOKIA 5200?

my phone is E71 model. How can I retrieve my files from phone memory!!help pls


hey i have lost a great number of messages.. close to 14000... n they were saved in my phone memory... but they seem to get deleted coz i inserted my friends memory card on my phone NOKIA 7210 SUPERNOVA....please help!!! have been trying various ways but cant get any way thrugh.... hav lost all the data on my phone ecept contcts!!!

i accidentally deleted pictures in my phone, a NOKIA 6650.
Is there any chance to recover them?

If the default storage is memory card there are many ways to recover the pics.

the one best software is card recovery i use many times to recover accidentally deleted files.

my very important text messages have been deleted ...more than 300 of them ....which i had saved on the memory card ...need them back desperately phone is sony ericsson k660i

please help

Hello everybody
I had install the fxexplorer on my nokia 7310 supernova but it did not show any system folder ,please help me out it's urgent becasue i need to recover my very important sms that been deleted

I want some software for recover deleted sms from nokia all 4ns.. plzzzzzz

pls help me to recover it

hi i'm using 5800 express music
had my important messages saved in a folder in my folder....

whn i were deleting sent items my phn hangged...i switch off phn n on again tha phn i found tha folder are gone..

tried pulling out memory card out n putting in bck still failed...

u may drop me mail to

kindly assist me

.sis format is not supported on my mobile any other alternative, plz tell


I would try my luck. I have nokia 6100 celfon and I accidentally deleted important sms message in it, I need to retieved/recover the said messages desperately. Is there any way to recover them? BTW, the messages are on the fone itself and not on the sim card. I know that because I change my sim card and the messages are still there, unfortunately I accidentally deleted them...

you happen to know how to retrieve them kindly email me at

Please advice what needs to be done...

Your respond will be very much appreciated.

Thanks and kind regards,

hey plz help me recover my sms from phone memory...
i created a backup of my phone memory..
nd when i tried to restore backup of my phone i lost all my data..
plz help me recover my sms :(....plz me..

is dere any java combatible fexplorer, the .sis version doesnt work in my nokia 6300. its is urgent!!!!!!!!
i need my deleted sms asap, plsssssssss

Can you found suitable software for recover SMS from Nokia 6300?
Please help me
my emaile adress is

I have Fexplorer installed, but I can´t find my mail folder. It is definetely not under System, that I can assure you... Does someone know where is it in the C/: Drive? Thankzzz

pls i need help i have nokia 6110 i need all sms is i deleted and pls

Please can any one help me to recover deleted SMS ( incoming and outgoing ) from my Mobile 7390 .
Please kindly send your reply to my e-mail

i need to recover deleted sms from a nokia 6233
it wont run sis files
can somebody help ?


please can sir help me to recover deleted sms(incoming and outgoing) from my N73. can sir tell me how to download the FExplover for N73...please... all dat message very important to me.
Your respond will be very much appreciated.

Thanks and kind regards,

please send to my E-mail address


I need to recover some deleted sms....can someone please help

how to recover unintentionally lost messages from my nokia 2730 cellphone

Does anyone knows how to recover inbox and draft msgs from phone memory after a hard reset?im using n70..i need a reply badly!thnks


I saw your post on, and i have the exact
same problem on my 5800. i deleted a very important draft msg ,any way
we can help each other out?

How to retrieve draft msgs after a hard reset?i need a reply badly..

This file format is not supported on Nokia E71. Please help

I need to recover delete sms from my 6100 Nokia
My Nokia 6100 does not support sis.file.
Can you help ??
Thanks a lot

2 days ago, i formatted my memory card and noticed that my messages in the phone memory have been deleted :( can i get them back ?
i need you help :(
i had around 1000 msgs. no backup :(

HEY i have nokia 6120c wil this work on it?and where do i nevigate this d:AND C;

I have updated the frame work on my mobile nokia E6500 after update all my phone data has been deleted, Is it possible could I retrive or recover that data.

I am waiting for somebody help me.


my phone got washed up. i havent used it after that? i know my contacts arent deleted but my phone displays CONTACTS NOT READY...... what to do ...... HELP REQUIRED URGENTLY!!! TONS OF THANX

Hi tata, me using 2730 classic mobile nokia. mee too facing the same problem Contacts not ready error. Did u got any solution for it. If so pls update me to recover my contacts. My mail id is thank u in advance. reghards, a.thamizh mugilan.

I downloaded and installed FExplorer on my phone.
After connecting the phone on my computer

through PCSuite, I don't see the "system" folder, and then neither the "mail" folder.
Did I missed a step?
Is there something else I should do?
My phone has S60 2nd Edition and my windows explorer configuration is already settled to show the hidden and system files.
Thx to reply quickly, I deleted important work related SMS by mistake...

Nokia 6300 does not support file with extension .sis. Any body have the same (Fexplorer_English_117.sis can run on Nokia 6300? My mail address is Thks

please help me by mistakly i lost my important messages so kindly inform me how to i get themessages.

my sms was deleted automatically from my memory card and it created a file as storemail deleted, I am using E71. Can some1 help me to recover my SMS,

I have downloaded FExplorer. but the message comes that does not support .sis files.
Now what to do then. How can i recover my deleted messages then??

plz tell me how 2 recover deleted messages from a nokia 2700 phone.plzzzzzzzz

I am exhausted to the point of agony, can't think, can't work, can't train, can't? read, cant watch , can't speak. What can i do when i can't understand these liars?

i can,t download fexplorer.
can you send me this software
my id is:

Can i restore deleted files from my nokia 6300? How can i get a mobile softwear for it?

some of my important sms been deleted from my mobile a week ago. it was on phone memory. my model is nokia 5130. can u help me out with the steps to retrieve the messages. i need it very urgently. please help me out

Dear i use Nokia E63 and accidentlly deleted the sms. can you please guide me to retrive the deleted messages. i tried to download fexplorer but it says not supported.

Do any know how for nokia 5800
recover deleted SMS

Recovered the SMS but cannot read it. It is in a different format.

Please help


I downloaded fe explorer to my phone and can see c drive, but cant find system folder, and therefore can't find mail folder. Can anybody help?!

same thing happened to me, FEexplorer is working but i cant find the system folder. tssss

Kindly guide to recover SMS Sent & Received which got accidentally deleted from Nokia 2760.

Did you manage to retrieve the messages form your Nokia 2760, if so please let me know. Need urgent assistance.

Need to recover deleted text messages. The phone(nokia 7705 twist) does not have a Sim card. Did the deleted messages get stored on the phone? I will pay someone for assistance.

email me:

i had been using the Nokia 6300 for the past 2years and had encounter no problem at all. But do not know why, suddenly 4-5 days ago, in my mobile sume hanging problem.
then i update my softwar through the net but suddenly my dada deleted(sms and contact no) it is very very importent for me.
so pls help me how can i recover my smses for my mobile pls provied me any smses recover software....

Thank you.

is that possible ? i can access the phone by pc suite but i cant see the screen because its damaged ... now how can i recover the data ?

has anyone had any luck with this on the nokia e71? or got any other suggestions?

i formatted my phone memory and noticed that my messages in the phone memory have been deleted :( can i get them back ?
i need your help :(
i had around 1000 msgs. no backup :(
i hav some important contact details & other informations

I tried installing this on my Nokia 6500 slide. But it says application not supported. I am desperately in need to recover some sms and pics i deleted. Can you plz reply to

Hi my friend…
Sorry to disturb you….
I own a nokia 6230i and I ‘m trying to recover some sms.
I follow your directives and I had install the FExplorer and I ‘m trying to launch it
But I receive the following massage “The drive/file folder is not accessible. Close file Manager, check access permissions in the suite settings of your mobile device and then try again. In the suite settings for the File Manager application, allow the user to read and edit user data. Consult your device manual for further information.”
I don’t know what to do…
Can you help me please?

I have successfully installed the program but when I open it, the C drive is 'greyed out'. I click the options button and select 'open' but I get an error message that first says 'application set to not allowed' then it changes to 'the drive/file/folder is not available." I closed out of the app and tried to change the suite settings using the option button but all options to allow were greyed out except for 'not allowed'.

Is this a setting that the phone company put on the phone when they configured it? Is there a way to change it?


Hi, did u recover ur msgs then? please help how u installed the software. i hav nokia 2700 classic. PLEASE i need urgent help :'(

I have Nokia 3600 slide mobile phone.It was stolen away by someone.He had thrown away
its SIM CARD and deleted all data from this phone.After great persuation,i succeeded in
getting this mobile back but without its SIM CARD & ALSO MEMORY CARD. There were some
important messages which i wish i could recover.I tried my level best to follow above
mentioned proceedure but failed because PC fails to launch and open FExplorer required
in the process as above. KINDLY HELP ME OUT !

hi all,
i tried with many shops to recover the deleted messages and they that's not possible.
will this method give success to NOKIA 6085

use active file for sms backup and restore i have 5800 and it works great.


Kindly advise the steps used to recover the deleted SMS as i am using nokia 1200

Deepak Sati

i can find the data but is unknown file format,so i cant read the sms,pls tell me how to do thanks.My one is 7610

i have nokia n95, how to recover deleted images or mms , please help me

Hello! I'm using 5800 with Symbian S60 5th Edition. Couldn't install thei FExplorer to the phone as it says it is not supported. Is there any new version of the same trciky aopplication which works with S60 5th Edition?? Thank you!

i did recover my important deleted sms,thanks for the info,thanks a lots.But my one is stored in E drive,then i find "system", find "mail" just can get these deleted sms.Most of them is unknown file format,but lucky the most important one sms still is complete to read

Hi. Good day! Please help me. I have a Nokia X3 cellphone, and i have more than 8000 SMS. last friday my phone freeze and when i open it, all of my sms are gone. I tried the FExplorer its working but there is only one folder in C:/ and its the predefgallery/. I cant find the system folder where the deleted SMS are located. Please help me. THANK YOU THANK YOU.

my sms have erased from my cell phone.....
i want to recover them from my nokia 5800

i download it bt it says'not supported""it is for 2nd edition....

i got my whole history on it....
please help me with this.....

I have nokia 5800 XM
I tuk a backup and formatted and memory card as it was giving me some problems
When I restored the backup
I cant see any SMS :(
I can see the SMS in the phone memory under wscache
I saw ur post adn downloaded the Fexplorer
I cant access the private folder as it says "Cant do that for security reasons"

How do I get the messages back???

Pls pls pls pls pls help

My Device is NOkia N-73 and due to I need to have a full version I buy the FExplorer PRO but I can not find the folder MAIL in SYSTEM.

Can you tell me how I can recover my deleted message in my phone.

Thank you


I have a Nokia 6085 and want to recover text messages deleted by accident.Can anybody tell me what type of lead I need to connect the phone to my PC and where I can get one from.

can I use it on nokia 6610 ?

Hi, is it possible to recover sms from N72 using this procedure? Please let me know the way to recover the sms from n72.

Can i recover deleted messages from my phone. not supporting .sis files

Nokia e66 does not support file with extension .sis. Any body have the same (Fexplorer_English_117.sis can run on Nokia e66. My mail address is Thks

HI guys.

As im reading i can see this software not working for all nokia models.
Can u plz tell me if works for Nokia Navigator 6110 ?

hey guys

iam using nokia 5300 slide model i actually did a old backup in my pc and without knowing i clicked backup file it installed all old messages in that backup. new messages not found in that can u pls help me to recover the old messages

i had business info in that messages please help me to recover plssssssss

thank u

please help me in getting my deleted messages from my inbox, Nokia Model: 2630
i have downloaded the FExplorer to my laptop.
Really appreciate your early reply

My phone went in hung state and upon reboot the sms application was simply reset, i.e., no messages, no drafts, no sent messages, however the phone log reflects the messages being sent and received !!

Everything else in intact but not the messages.

I need your help to recover the messages from my phone. Not able to view anything under system folder.

Appreciate your help / views to recover this... Thanks !!


my cell phone is nt supporting .sis file ????
What to do now ??

please email the link on how to retrieve deleted sms.

i was accidently deleted all my inbox messages from my nokia 3220 few days's very important to me!urgent!
i'm not sure whether the messages in my sim memory or phone memory before this thing happen...
anyone can help me recover pls???
can someone help out with the steps to recover the messages??thx alot!!!

I have recovered my deleted messages , but not all, because the limit of memory is 800 sms, unfortunately i could not recover the major one, the biggest one which was 'sitting' in "Draft" folder

Sim Card Data Recovery Software recovers retrieve and restore undelete accidentally deleted text SMS messages from Mobile phone sim card memory. Sim card data retrieval utility is easily run on all windows OS such as windows 98, Win 2000, Window 2003, Win XP, Win ME, Windows NT and VISTA operating system. USB sim card reader software easily provide details sim card like service provider name and card identification number printed on the sim card.

how i install call recording software in nokia 7230..
I tried lot but whenever i install soe msg come out about .sis file

so plz reply asap

Hi I was wondering if FExplorer can be installed into Nokia 6700 slide?

Cant get it to work on my Nokia 7230

i have a 2630 nokia device. i would like to know if i can retrieve in an easy way incoming and outcoming calls as well as messages, which have been deleted and cannot be found in the calls history list or in the messafes folder.

it is very important and urgent

thank you

hii i would like to know if there's any chance to retrieve my text messages which disappeared mysteriously after it auto-restarted?

Under the backup files it is stated that there are no contents available.



i have nokia 6233 mobile,accidently today i have deleted the inbox messages. please can any one help me how to recover the messages.

guide me with the steps which i have to do.

Thank You.

Please if anyone has managed to recover deleted sms from NOKIA 7210 phone memory help me out how to do so.


Hi !

I having a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music that hanged for a few months ago, no particular reason why... the phone was in stby and when I picked it up it was dead.

When I turned the power on the phone took about 5 minutes to start and then all content on the memorycard was gone such as SMS, music, playlists, pictures, program's and other things. :(

I turned the phone off and on a couple of times and after 5-8 restarts the music came back (visible) and playlists, even the pictures and videos showed up after a while (not in the same time). BUT the most important thing's missing... all my 12.000 sms in Inbox, Sent, Draws and my own created folders.

Is there any way to recover this sms (and folders) on my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music (memorycard) ? I had a very important story of my life on the phone and I want it back if it's possible ? Please help me, someone ? :)

Send me an PM on Facebook (Patrik PH Larsson). URGENT !!

// Best Regards from Patrik, Sweden.

How about recover deleted sms in phone memory Sony Ericsson K630i? Please someone help me, thx..


guyz/galz.. plzzzzzzzzzzz help me.. some of my txt msgs 4m Nokia 2600 fon got deleted.. plz plz plz help me out.. I badly need dem bak.. I downloaded d said software bt it didn't get installed. neither in my pc nor in my fon.. 1 more thing,how 2 install d sasid sftwar in my Nokia 2600 fon?
plz plz plz help me.. may God bless you..

Ive got a court case pending and need to recover texts message which I deleted 2 months ago. Please someone help!

if any one can,den plz 4 God's sake tell me if possible den how to recover d deleted msgs 4m Nokia 2600 fon. I dwnloded d sftwar bt dat didn work.. plz help me,4 God's sake.. may God bless you


I've lost all my msgs on my N95 and they are very important to me. Could any one let me know how to recover it? I've tried to download the FE explorer by it says that the phone does not support it. Please guied me. Please it is very urgent.

Is there a way to retrieve messages lost from the memory of my N95?? Please help.

I've install FExplorer for java in my SE K630i but i still can't find folder system/mail. Pls help me..

Well my messages of inbox has deleted automatically ..
any in messages i have my important data..
can i restore it ..? ? and how /?
do reply..
waiting for ur kind response...

Is there any way to retrieve old sms text messages off my evo android 2.1? thanks in advance

heyy Ok I got to stage 1. I downloaded the SIS file now what?
it wont open on any software apart from UnMakeSIS so i opened it with that and now what?
How do I launch it if it is a SIS file? PLEASE HELP.. also I have a nokia97, if this is a waste of time because of my phone please tell me now :)

Hi I have Nokia 5800. I already installed Fexplorer pro, but all the files in the mail folder said not supported when i open it. What should I do to read the messages? Thank you.

Hi - I connected my cell phone to my laptop to download the videos and pics. After removing the usb from the comp, I am not able to see any of my inbox messages. Is there any way to get them back? Please help! There are few impt messages from my inbox which I am not able to view!

goto the following menu

application settings
set memory in use as e:\memory card

is this working on e66? please help, I really need it. Tanks.

is this working on e66? please help, I really need it. Tanks.

hello friends

I m able to download the FExplorer to my system and transfer it to my mobile
but in my mobile it says not supported
My mobile is samsung GT B3410
Please help me frnds I have lost my msgs ....

Trying to recover deleted text messages. downloaded fexplorer but saying installation not supported. Please help

already download fexplorer to my phone nokia 6230 but file not supported.what shall i do? did i miss something?pls it compatible to nokia 6230?thanks

I installed the fexplorer but i just find the messages that are already on the mobile i can't ind the deleted one where can i find it or do i have to do any operation to found it or recover it ;(((((((((((((


I have downloaded FExplorer but is not supported by Nokia 3110 classic model due to .SIS formate.

What should I do?

Kindly reply fast

Is there any way to retrieve deleted sms from my old sony ericsson k630i?
Thanks in advance x)

I am currently in desperate need of retrieving sms on my Nokia 1110i and my sim card. I believe that most of the messages that I need to retrieve is on simcard.How do I retrieve sms from my Nokia 1110i?

So far I understood that one needs to run the software on the phone but how do one get the software into the telephone. Do one need a cable since the model doesn´t seem to support bluetooth.

In desperate need of answers and a thorough step by step how-to guide.



I have this software on my pc,, I have a cable but how do i install it on my mobile phone,, any help,, needed asap my email is

how to copy messages(more than 2000 msgs) from nokia 2600 classic to other mobile

Hi I accidentally deleted 3 sms's and want to recover them as early as possible. however i downloaded Fexplorer.sis for my nokia 5130c-2 but getting file type not supported for this phone message so please help to resolve this issue.. i tried installing sis to jar converter but couldd not install as it was compressed file and was asking for password. so please please help me finding out the solution

thank you

Deepak Chaudhari

hi there..
i am unable to find the mail folder in the system folder ..trying to access "Private" .."not allowed for security reasons" please help. I had the story of my life stored in my folder whch got all lost..i need it bck!

Did you find out how to bypass that security block? If so, please share how to do it? I am stuck in the same spot.

hi every body
please how can i get back my contacts numbers after i format and reset and restor and flash my nokia express music, please its sooooooo important
thx to every one

i have tried hard but could not find the "SYSTEM" folder in my cell phone. i've already installed the file explorer application and launched it. but couldn't find the system folder their. please help me friend. that sms is very very important for me. my life will become worst if i lost these sms.. so please help me please. please.

will this software will work on nokia 7210 supernova???
i need your help please....tnx...

my nokia 6500 1 sms for me delete. pleas saftoare

I am Richa.I got a miss call yesterday & did n't save the miss call no. and swithced off the mobile(nokia 2700).The all numbers deleted automatically.And mthe "log" is not showing the all numbers.It was the most important number for me.How can I get the number? Please Help me.

hi.. i am using Noida 6208 and wanna get my deleted messages from inbox and sent items... any means i can get it.. i am desparate for same. anyone please help
.sis files are not supported on same

hi i deleted all my sms on my e71 phone. i bought, downloaded & installed the fexplorer, but could not see the mail folder in the system folder. can any one help?

i do this fexlorer in system only?
by using the mobile only i can get back the deleted sms?

u can also use "lonely cats application" i.e xplore.sis
or ii suggest best explorer is "NetQin mobile guard"
you can download it from following link..its free..

i am using Nokia x3-00 but i couldn't see the best fileExplora, even if i letter see were can i install it on my phone or computer which one one is the best

Hi dear friend, can you please do me a favour. I need a backup file of nokia x3-00. Can you please send backup file "Backup000.NBF" to my mail princesalemkhosla at gmail dot com. Thank you very very much for your help.

Lost all sms from folders Inbox and Drafts. The nokia mobile specification which i have is nokia 2330c-2.
Can anybody help me resolve the problem and get the data for Inbox and drafts back.
Thanks in advance.

Hello All
Can anyone help me get data from Inbox and drafts folder back. I am using nokia 2330c-2. All of a sudden inbox and drafts folders show me 0 messages. I would like to recover the data. Kindly suggest.

Thanks in advance...Mehjabin

Hello All
Can anyone help me get data from Inbox and drafts folder back. I am using nokia 2330c-2. All of a sudden inbox and drafts folders show me 0 messages. I would like to recover the data. Kindly suggest.

Thanks in advance...Mehjabin

I did a *#7370# reset without backup. My most important NOTES were lost in the process. Is there anyway I can recover the NOTES using FExplorer?
Appreciate your help.

I downloaded the FE explorer but it did not work on my mobile i.e. Nokia 7210 Supernova. kindly help me and tell me about the other alternate.......... please its urgent......

guys u can get fexplorer in jar format also.(most of u got sis file for jar mobilso it wont work with u)...i think it is still there in or i dnt remember from where i got it but works with all darn mobile...

I downloaded the FE explorer but it did not work on my mobile i.e. Nokia 6300 . kindly help me and tell me about the other alternate.......... please its urgent

i am unable to instal Fexplorer because of .SIS files not supported.Nokia phone browser does not show system file. Pls help

i am lost trying to get bk sms from 11months ago!
am told this is easy to achieve BUT!!
a woman backed into my car & accepted liability in text.
6 months later she is blaming me & making with a counter claim.
Help me get the lousy bitch u lot!?
if i can get my old recieved smses back the TRUTH will prevail


I installed FExplorer many times i can operate that through my mobile though i am unable to operated it through pc i've pc suite and all.
Nokia 7610 Classic
Want to break my SD's password and recover some important messages plzzz help me..

is there any trick for deleted sms in Symbian 3rd Edition cellphones. could you please help me to retrive deleted sms ?

i have a simple set nokia 5030 what to do i lost my whole inbox+ draft box wih more then 200 memorial messages.. i am so confused what to do ... plzz help me help me ..........

This jst as fake as other fake softwares on the internet..
So frnds stop wasting your time here nd better try any other site

whow can find my cantact after delet from Nokia c7?

dear all \

can i recover sms from nokia x2-01 mobile . fexplorer supported nokia x2-01 . if supported pls tell me how to recover

HI..did you get your messages back? Plz reply I'm facing same proble.....

Hi Guyz,

Is there anyone outthere , who has successfully recovered the Deleted SMS from Nokia N79.

If yes , I desperately need your Help.

Few months ago, I had deleted some very important SMS and now I need them .

You can reach me

Thank you very much.


hey is it possible in nokia e5 .. can i get back my deleted msgs .. ??
plz help me .. itz very urgent yaar .. help karo mujhe ..

Boa noite

Não estou a conseguir instalar o FEplorer em Português e precisava de recuperar uma mensagem num Nokia. Como faço?

i download & installed the fexplorer in nokia c203. But I couldn't find system folder & mail folder. pls help me its very urgent to recover my sms.
pls pls pls pls me

it urgent


As suggested I have installed the File Explorer (Royal File Explorer) for my nokia 6303i classic mobile from Internet. I assume that all the messages are stored in my mobile. So I browsed to C: drive, but I cannot see any folder with the name "system or mail". Instead it shows folders with name "predefgraphics, predefthemes, predeftones etc".

I tried in the E: drive also but could not find the respective folders. It only shows all the folders which are currently on memory card.

Please suggest me how I can recover my deleted SMS, as it is very important for me.

If there is any other File Explorer which can be of help, please email me the link to download it on my email id or

Please suggest a solution for it. Thanks in advance for the help.


Does this work on nokia X2-01....???????
Plz help........

hai... i had backup all my messages to my sd card and formated my phone memory.after then instead of restoring the back up I accidently clicked on CREATE BACK UP... and lost my existing backup... pls suggest any method to get my back up or recover those lost will b a great help pleessse

what is the procedure to get back deleted sms from my handset??NOKIA C1..
the sms was deleted unfortunately and i really need that sms. what should i do?..pls help..i dnt knw hw download n installed tis thing

what is the procedure to get back deleted sms from my handset??NOKIA
the sms was deleted unfortunately and i really need that sms. what should i do?..pls help..i dnt knw hw download n installed tis thing


I have the same problem. I want to retrieve messages that got deleted by mistake but Fexplorer isn't working on my Nokia phone. Is there any other alternative? Were you able to successfully retrieve your messages? help please.

i opened system folder but didn't see mail..........plz help me

i have installed fexplorer and installed on nokia c5-03 .when i trying to access mail folder under system folder , it does not have any mail folder inside please help me get my last deleted sms


please help me i want to recover deleted sms from nokia c7

hey is it possible in nokia e5 .. can i get back my deleted msgs .. ??

plsss hlp me out...


I am unable to instal Fexplorer because of .SIS files not supported.Nokia phone browser does not show system file. Pls help.



I am using Nokia 6600i over the years (with different sim cards). I now wish to retrieve all old sms' (over 1000)Is there any way I can retrieve the sms' without having to use the old sim cards?

Request you to reply at the earliest at my email id.



I am using Nokia C5. I installed FExplorer. but I cant find mail folder in C and E drive. I also use recuva apps in Windows 7 to retrieve msg from sd card but not succeed. Where I can find the deleted messages? Plz help me.


After connecting to pc it shows .sis format aren't apply to connected phone.I'm using X2-01.what to do?

hi i followed the steps for the Fexplorer but there
is no mail folder anywhere i have checked.. i really need to
retrieve my deleted sms. i deleted an impotant number please help

the same thing happened to me? did you already get yours?

Hi, I am using Nokia Asha 200, I have accidently deleted the messages in it. I tried the feexplorer, but it is not supporting sis files. Can anyone help me?

Nokia C2-00 does not support .SIS file system. Thus I can not use Fexplorer to fix my problem. Thus, what do you suggest?

i have c5-03 and i installed fexplorer and i cant find mail folder in any of drive how can i recover my sms plzzzzzz some one help

i have c5-03 and finally i found mail folder but i just find my available sms on my sd card there is not my deleted sms there were around 2000 sms.what should i do now ?do the sms'es are deleted forever or not still there is a way plzzzz help meeeeee ??????????any bodyyyyyyyy????

i have tried many ways like f-explorer,nokia pc suit,nbu explorer

i will be thankfull

Can anyone pls help me. I had stored some very messages in my drafts of E71 Nokia phone. I left it at a friends place. Next day all my drafts disappeared , either it was a memory corrupt as it fell behind the bed. I stored it in memory card. I will b thankful
ALL my life if anyone can help. I feel so lost:(

I need help pls. I'll be thankful for whole life..I had stored important things in drafts in memory card of E71. I suddenly lost it, it disappeared , pls help me:-(

if your messages is stored in your memory card rather than storing it from your memory there is still a chance that you can retrieve it using data recovery.....

i am using Nokia 6120c.. i need to recover my deleted sms from patricular no only.. please help to recover..and give exact solution ..

Actually i installed fexplorer and open the system folder, After that i can't see any mail folder in my nokia 6120c.. can anyone help me for further action..
sms storage is phone memory only...

hi i installed this application but in system folder i cant seee the mail folder can anyone help me ???

Yes..~me can't found the system..~
so what i nid do..?

Hey..I downloaded and installed FExplorer on my phone
But i don't see the "system" folder, and then neither the "mail" folder.

I have 2 nokia phones:
An Asha300 and a 7230.
Is there an equivalent program (to Fexplorer) that can be installed on either of my phones?

For example my Asha300 can't install as it is incompatible with SIS files

hi im asking about deleting messgaes from a phone would be probably retrieving this kind of problem? how please take assistant with me is very important. sad to say there's no sim card and memory all are gone....

marey pass nokia5600 ha is me all msg delete ho gy han plz help me

I want to retrieve deleted text messages on Nokia C2-01. I have downloaded FExplorer onto my mobile, but when I click on the C: drive I cant find the systems folder... I am unable to click on anything that comes up anyway. Any help would be appreciated.

my phone is nokia 308 ,how to restore message ...,,,my imp msg are deleted frome my indox....

Thanks for your advice.
I installed the FExplorer on my NOKIA N72 and found the mail folder and messages but the problem is the editors or the hexadecimal viewer doesn't show the text correctly, It shows some numbers and some special characters. What can I do?

I saved contacts n messages and upgraded Nokia e71 but couldn't save drafts I had kept imp msgs is there any possibilities to retrieve the data

I own a Nokia 2700 classic phone. MY phone switched off and then my inbox msgs got deleted howver the other folders are there as it is. i reestarted my phone also to check if it was some error. took the batt out and placed again but still of no use. I really want all my msgs back. Anyone who can help me step by step?? My nokia phone browser does not work, however i can t/f files via USB. If u will help me, i will even reward u. Please reply soon

plz help me

Recovering a file from deleted or damaged card may be annoying when you can not find your necessary file after tying many data recovery software specially card recovery software.

a am downloaded the software but unable to install it. kindly help.


I have above model phone. I purchase a new LUMIA 520 and transferred the photographs to it. All the photographs were transferred to this phone. But, two of my photographs, after first viewing and transfer to new phone, turned black. I had received these photos on my NOKIA EXPRESSMUSIC 5130 EXPRESSMUSIC through data transfer/SMS through NOKIA LUMIA 1020. After successful viewing on LUMIA, I have deleted the SMS from NOKIA EXPRESSMUSIC 5130. Please help. These two are rare photographs. I shall remain obliged for this.

i dont know where were my msgs in phone or memory card ... its range was about 3000 to 4000 msgs ... i recovered data from a local software it recovered my all files like videos images, ms word or ms excel and html files, then gave me data of my msgs in form of text files but when i opened these files its language was change and unable to understand. Please tell me what should i do now!!! i m very worried what should i do ...... how can i change language of these files so it would be read able so i will save these all files in my gmail or other mail id..

Hi Team Nokia ,
Please help to recover deleted SMS in Nokia Model -110 & TYPE : RM-827

I am waiting for your kind revert & your revert is very important for me & my Family .

Pls do mail me on my personal mail ID :

Vinod Saini

how many messages can be recovered?

if we delete some messages daily ,for example 2 messages every day,and we continue this task for 6 months,then can we recover all messages from first deleting till now ?

Please help to recover deleted messages in nokia 1200

how we get recover from hannging when i switch on the phone after 5 sec the phone can switched off automatically....and no key r working plzzz telll me abt it

Please help to recover deleted messages in nokia 301 dual sim

Please help to recover deleted messages in nokia 301 dual sim

Hi, I am using Nokia Asha 308, I have accidently deleted the messages in it. Can anyone help me?

Please, help my to find recover for Nokia 206.
Thanks a lot...

Im currently using a Nokia Ash 300. I need at least some of my messages recovered as my nephew somehow deleted most of them. could you guide me step by step please? much appreciated!

I am using Nokia 225 not able to connect to computer

Recovery of all deleted file from mobile phone memory of nokia 2690

A few days back i had repaired my mobile Nokia 7210 SUPERNOVA as i was unable to charge.But the technician from whom i repaired deleted my software due to which i lost all my contact details and important messages saved in drafts and messages i received in my inbox.Now,my mobile is completely empty.

Kindly help me how to recover the lost contact details & messgaes.

We have all done delete text message from phone by mistake. The general speaking is that once deleted messages from your phone it is gone forever, but retrieving deleted text messages is something that it is possible.As long as deleted messages did not be covered.

my phone is nokia asha 309.
Will restore sms work on this?

unfortunately i was deleted an important message in my NOKIA ASHA 501 how can i recover the message please help me

unfortunately i was deleted an important message from my mobile phone ASHA 501. how can i recover the message please say about that

Thanks for helping me for this free solution for my device...

"SMS/MMS are not synced with an application on your computer or included with the iTunes sync process in any way except for being included with your iPhone's backup which is updated by iTunes as the first step during the iTunes sync process. The data included with the iPhone's backup is not stored in your iTunes library. This link provides the data on your iPhone that is included with your iPhone's backup.

There are a number of 3rd party utilities that provide for extracting select data from your iPhone's backup on your computer for access to the data on your computer.

i have Nokia 6500c but i cant recovery deleted sms with this Feexolorer i need urgentlly do this job please help me

Please can you hlep me? My grandad is very elderly and I accidently deleted all the messages on his nokia c2 01!! hes is incredily upset as there are messages from war buddies for which he does not have contact numbers for and pictures which he will never be able to re get. please help me...

thank you...


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