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XBOX 360 To Support Parental Control With Time-Limits

Microsoft will soon be releasing a new parental tool for for Xbox 360 console which allows concerned parents to set time limits for use of XBOX 360, the tool named Xbox 360 Family Timer is scheduled to be released next month just before the major holiday season, the company is trying to use this unique feature to boost their sales in the upcoming holiday season.

The tool will allow parents concerned about their children's console usage to set daily/weekly time-limits, When the players approach the specified limit, they receive a warning and when the limit is reached, the console shuts down.


My son doesn't use Xbox, but he is absolutely addicted to video games. Some time ago my son played video games a lot and I felt that I had to do something. Under my friend's recommendation I tried parental control software Ez Internet Timer. It works perfectly and helps me limit the amount of time my kids spend on the Internet.
Some parents resort to filtering programs. But it is also important to have a healthy relationship with your child, spend time with them while they’re online, educate them about Internet safety, and other parent-child involvement.

Almost, but no cigar!

The idea of time limits are fine, but it would have made better sense to put limits on the account level. But that would have meant that you had to actually log into an account before you could play.

That would have made more sense on a multiple boy, one xbox, household.

Start it up, you log in, you have 30 minutes of play time. No arguments of how long you've actually been playing, the system tracks it!

30 minutes (or whatever) is up, your off, period. Yes, it should auto-save the game.

Then he next boy can have his turn. Same goes for multi player, each player has to log in, timer stars when games stars.

But these things are made for single users, not families with a few kids. After all, MS would love if you bought an XBOX for each kid, then this is not an issue!

I'm writing this because i just had an argument with my 17 year old and how long he's been playing. His mother says 1.5 hours, his younger brother says "more than 2" and his twin say just over an hour. He says 30 minutes. You can't win in this type of thing. You need an impartial observer, the unit itself.

Would love to see BIOS upgrade to handle this better.

someone please tell me whats going off its like get up xbox no wash no breakfast just monged out on xbox,everyday on the school hols his just sat there in his dirty pissy pant white face black eye he must stay on it talkin and playin cod till 4 am in the morning its get out of control.does anyone else have this problem???

look on the internet there a hack for it..lota good that did, both boys worked around the system

I have to say the only problem i have with the timer is that in order for it to rest, you HAVE to be online, or (for me) it'll change the date and time! Mine reset to 1/1/06 and said it was 12:14 a.m but it's really 6/27/13 and 10:55 a.m (Eastern Time) !

Only problem I have is that you need to be connected to the internet for the timer to reset! My xbox is in my room on the upper floor and my router is on the bottom floor, so it tends to disconnect and lag a lot!! I can't have my xbox on the bottom floor because my mom won't allow it (yes this is coming from the very person the timer was set on) because the picture burns into our plasma (not good for consoles, i'd recommend LCD tv's because they use Liquid Crystal Display, instead of the gases that plasmas use) and because ot takes up other peoples time for tv (mother, father, uncle, sisters) . Therefore, I have to keep it in my room so I don't disrupt others "TV time". I also live around a forested area, which tends to cause interference with our wi-fi. Just my thoughts (well more complaints) of why you have to be on Wi-fi for your famy timer.

I'm seriously starting to regret my Xbox purchase. I went with the XBone over PS4 because all my friends were Xbox people, and I wish I hadn't. It's pretty obvious at this point that PS4 is the better machine. Less downtime, better resolutions, better framerates. I really can't think of anything that Xbox is doing better.

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