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US Automakers Want Users To Stop Repairing Cars Citing Copyright Concerns !!!

This is one aspect of technology usage in automotive industry that none should have anticipated, the application of "copyright laws" like DMCA to your vehicles because they are now computing platforms. Automakers are doing their bit to support copyright law provisions which would prohibit home mechanics and car enthusiasts from repairing and modifying vehicles, Automaker OEMs and their lobbying organizations have filed comments to the federal agency saying cars have become too complex and dangerous for consumers and third parties to handle. The automotive industry has now raised concerns that modifying these ECUs and the software coding that runs them could lead to vulnerabilities in vehicle safety and cyber security. The "copyright" angle to the dispute arises from a section of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which defines it's applicability to "rolling computing platforms". The U.S. Copyright Office is now examining whether provisions of the law that protect intellectual property should prohibit people from modifying and tuning their cars.

ECU OBD Connection Error


And they wonder why foreign car companies are eating their lunch. US automakers need to stop treating customers like an inconvenience (or criminals), mechanics like just another income stream instead of an invaluable resource, and cars like a sideline. Tesla and the out-country brands will keep gulping market until the US big three are history if they do not figure this out.

Wait .... Its My Mother Fuc....ntioning Car. I own it And "I" will do as I please with it when it come to maintaining it. If the feeble weak minded US Government....thinks it can force me to do otherwise they can pull the wrench out of my cold dead hand.

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