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KM-Software DirectX 10 For Windows XP With DirectX Changer Utility

We have written about unofficial Alky's DirectX 10 For XP, with no further development Alky's project is almost dead, but a new project for porting DirectX 10 on Windows XP seems to be getting momentum with frequent updates and good user-base support, developed by Russian software developer KM-Software the group is providing constant updates to the DirectX port for Windows XP ironing out bugs and glitches with every release, the port lets users play DirectX 10 only games and take advantage of latest improvements in DirectX 10 increasing the speed and quality of games and graphic applications on their Windows XP computer.

DirectX 10

The developer also provides another handy utility named "KM-Software DirectX Changer" allowing users to switch between DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 without restarting the computer, the option to change DirectX version makes it possible to use DirectX 9 with older games and DirectX10 for newer games on Windows XP providing greater compatibility as required, the utility can also be used on Windows Vista and Windows 7 to switch off DirectX 10 and use older games on these new operating systems.

DirectX 10 Changer Utility

You can read more about the project and download the latest port from the official website here, alternatively there is yet another DirectX-10 port for Windows XP floating around internet named "Directx 10 NCT" having quite good feedback.

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial hack of DirectX 10 and might be illegal and harmful to use, this is posted here for educational purpose only - Use at your own risk.


Please i need this software

yes i need

that is one spesific% important software, please realease soon


It works fine.

Thanks, you are awesome.

how to download...


Better check-it using Multi-engine anti-virus scanner.

Thanks and great Work

It Contains a VIRUS, AVG detected it

From Russia with Love xD

Microsoft has marked this for virus status because its considered a hack-tool. i know these guys, and they would stab forks in there eyes before they would release anything malicious, lol. It might be a good thing its marked as a virus, to keep all the...less informed users...away until its a little more done and useful :)

Oh yeah, all we have to do is give microsoft another $200 and they let us use new technology. Yep. The People's Microsoft, they really are only looking out for our best interest, i mean think about it. I love going to Mcdonald's, asking for a hamburger, and they leave the ketchup off. What would make me like it even better is if they tell me ketchup is only allowed on cheeseburgers, and ill have to buy another if i want it. shaV'ista, your my cheeseburger :D

P.S. Only my jewish brothers(yes you too Bill) will get the Shav'ista part...
P.S.S. If you still dont get it, XPiel is my hamburger
P.S.S.S (Microsoft sucks)

its not working i get an russisch error can u help me? where to extract that files?

virus 100% nod32,AVG,Avast....detects it

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