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Free iOnRoad Augmented Driving Application For Android Promises A Third-Eye On The Road

Augmented Reality is no longer a science fiction or lab-technology, thanks to augmented reality applications like Atol les opticiens, Kinect Magic Mirror or AR Business Cards the technology is increasingly making it's way to the mainstream usage into our daily lives.

To get the ball rolling forward, an uber-cool augmented reality application for Google Android is now available for free to users (free during limited period beta) - named "iOnRoad Augmented Driving". The winner of 2011 Mobile Summit App contest allows users to make use of their device camera, processing the captured data via an real-time image recognition algorithms to auto recognizes the vehicle in front, measuring the time-gap and warn the user in-case a danger is detected. The dynamic augmented reality driving and real-time collision detection application delivers a visual radar by combining realtime day/night machine vision with sensor fusion to provide better road-safety.

Augmented Reality Driving On Android

Developers description of features :

Just click your smartphone in the car mount holder and iOnRoad will use the camera, GPS and other smartphone sensors in combination with its advanced RoadAware™ algorithm to recognize traffic ahead and warn you of potential accidents. When a dangerous situation is detected, iOnRoad warns you with both audio and visual alerts, even when running in the background!

iOnRoad uses your camera to monitor your headway distance and gives you constant feedback in a smart augmented-reality HUD-like display. When iOnRoad recognizes insufficient headway distance, it issues a subtle notification sound to encourage drivers to self-correct risky and inefficient driving maneuvers.

Share your car driving achievements with friends and even challenge other drivers via Facebook and Twitter. See who is the best driver...

iOnRoad provides a personal dashboard that displays all of your snapshots, alerts, and other driving data. Rack up safety points by maintaining sufficient headway distance during your trips and compete with other drivers. Simply log in to your dashboard using your google account to access all your information or to share your snapshots, driving maps and status!

Ever wanted to report something you’ve seen on the road? A hazard? A wreckless driver? Now, with the iOnRoad snapshot assistant, you can! Just tap the “snapshot” icon on iOnRoad’s main display and a snapshot is immediately saved to your phone’s gallery. Want to share your snapshots? No problem. iOnRoad can upload your snapshots automatically right to your wall on Facebook!

iOnRoad runs in the background while you make calls, run Trapster, CarHome or other apps. iOnRoad is 100% compatible with other cool community navigation apps like Google maps, Waze, Sygic, navigon, iGo, magellan, Trapster, and Garmin nuvi. iOnRoad senses the motion of your car, not where the car is parked, unlike cool car parking apps such as MyCar Locator, Viper SmartStart, Find My Car, and Parkdroid.

Have you become an iOnRoad addict? If you have, this new feature will blow you away. Just enable automatic driving detection and iOnRoad will detect when you’re actually driving to start protecting you automatically and effortlessly! Just confirm the iOnRoad icon displayed in your notification area. It will indicate whether iOnRoad is running!

Throughout the app development process, the iOnRoad team has tried hundreds of car mount holders, car chargers and other car accessories. We’ve chosen the best accessories and put them all in one accessory portal so you can select trusted accessories easily!

iOnRoad In Action

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