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How To Activate IDEA GPRS On Apple iPhone 4/3G/3GS

In India Apple iPhone is neither a common-device nor is it officially available for any other service provider than Airtel and Vodafone, and hence customer-care representatives of non-iPhone carriers fail to provide a working GPRS settings for these devices. The same problem was faced by me while configuring IDEA GPRS on my friends Apple iPhone 4, luckily configuration was as simple as entering IDEA specific "APN" value just like we did in BSNL GPRS Configuration earlier.

To configure IDEA GPRS on your mobile device input internet as APN value and you are all set to go, this can be achieved by navigating to Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network -> APN on your iPhone 4/3GS/3G as shown below.


Thanks a lot man.....simple and it WORKS!!!!!!

Thanks a lot. It really works. It's easy and simple

cooool bro!!!!

thanks boss it really worked and for the first time ever in my life i am thanking somone senseriously.

hey i did as mentioned here but its not working,,do i need to change any other settings besides this?

the thing is i dont have the cellular data -ON option on the list i only have cellular data network

Here is how you get Cellular Data Network Option enabled on your iphone.. i did it on my iphone 4, dont know whether it works on 3G or 3GS... but it should work on any iOS4...

1. Open cydia and install winterboard
2. add source:

3. Search Supreme Preferences 3.0 and install
4. Open winterboard
5. check it off the supreme preference tab and respring
6. Then go to settings
7. click supreme preferences tab and go to applications, than go to phone.
8. Cellular data tab: On
9. Click home, than settings
10. General, network, and it should be there...

got this from

worked pretty well for me :) IDEA GPRS working on Iphone 4.. :)

can bbm be used on i phone 3g? or is there any app for iphone that can be used like bbm??

Great. The procedure works for aircel too. Type "aircelgprs" in APN. user name and password not required. It is working for me IPHONE 3G

Hi i need a help from you guys i have a iphone4 china make and i need settings for internet for it please can u help me

hey i did as mentioned here but its not working,,do i need to change any other settings besides this? i have iphone 3gs 4.0.2 .

thnxx dude u r GOD!! it worked

It worked! Thank you for the valuable info!

Hi everyone

I need yours help i have i phone 4 iOs 4.0.2 actully there is no option Apn in genral settings kindly help me out.


Sir, You buy this phone from Different city???????

Man !! you rock its working. People in the IDEA franchise also dont know this...

hell i want use idea gprs from iPhone to pc, I successfully add apn as internet in internet tethering option and connect via usb, it successfully connected but internet in not working

idea cellular executives are mad they just give dates that they will call back but never do so
thanx a lot for the info
it really really works......

how about for china i phone 4g? how can i activate the gprs? :(

I`m using iphone 3gs (3.1.2) and using idea network but cellular data network option is not there will u help me


I tried as mentioned above for my iPhone4, it is a LOCKED phone(4.3.1), i am using it in hyderabad using Gevey sim on idea network. After providing APN details, when I open safari, I get this error -
Could not activate cellular data network
Any help please ? Am I missing some thing ? Thanks in advance.

I did the same thing you mentioned above. But its not working. I have jailbroken iphone 3gs (UK) on iOS 4.0 . Any others setting needs to do???
Please help me out.

Thanks a lot, it worked on my iPhone 4. It was a simple setting and so many other sites gave the wrong info. The screen-shots given by you confirmed that every other field needs to be left blank. Thanks, once again. worked...gr8888!!!!

thanks a lot.. it really works..

hey i am not getting the setting from the customer care for iphone 4 what shall i do

Tried the above, its not working. I have an iphone 3GS bought from Apple store, India.
Please help.

Hi simply Thanks You are great. It works like Awesome to me thanks

hi its simple and working fine(after switching off and starting the iphone)...
Thanx a lot dude... :)

Very simple solution, thanks a lot.

its working ... i really surprising ,,, i tried couple of ways before this... thanks dude ....

Really thanx buddy really awesome

Very simple solution, thanks.

brilliant dude.. ive been calling idea customer care for a week now to no avail... thanks...

thanks a lott it worked

yeah i am zahir abbas from mumbai thanks brother its work excellent u save my lots of time take care god bless u bye

thanks it work

All my settings r same it even workes but since a dew dayz ma net aahas stopped workin i tried all settings i get dat E ka sign but still my safari doesnt respond i use an iphone apple 4 plz if sme1 can help me plz

what a trick that is

i cut my normal idea sim by myself into microsim and followed the above steps to use internet normally , thak a lot ...........

i cut my normal idea sim by myself into microsim and followed the above steps to use internet normally , thak a lot ...........

thanks man it works !!!really thank u !!!!

i have an unlocked iphone4(jailbroken)with idea connection , on " cellular data network " i have only " cellular data" and "MMS" options avail...and no " theathering is that?

thanksi acept ur i phone data setting

Please tell me how to activate MMS setting for idea on iphone 4,,,,,,plssssssssssssss gice me screenshots if possible,,,,,,,,,,

give me mms settings for idea for iphone 4

Its really helpfull. Thanks man for the effort.

thankzzzz dude,, u make us all happy day.....

thank you very muchhhh !!!!!


It worked for me dude..........thanx a LOT.......
Is it working for 3G network????

it is really simple i am able to access internet on my iPhone now and it seem all fine for now hope it stays ..thanks a lot

GPRS iPhone

cooooooool dude, it works for me.........

Thanks...... It worked...
Idea customer care is just rubbish don't even know what's iPhone ???

Thankq sooooo much.....

Thanx it is working the on iphone 3gs

hey man thnk you very much man......take care buddy GOD BLESS YU

thanks Man , it works............

plz help

thanks bro.. it worked for me aswell

Iphone 5 with iOS 6.0.1

GPRS failure(Ericsson CGSN R4). The EDGE symbol E stays "ON" but browsing still fail.

Ps need of help on this case.

Thanks bro....

After wasting so much time , restart, sim changes , operator change and what not ... But nothing worked ..

Just typed INTERNET .... And now it works .....

WOW ... Thanks ...........

I recently upgraded my iphonr4S software through a WiFi network. my 3G doesn't work any more. there is no APN option as was there previously and I'm not able to activate internet. please help.

I downloaded the latest OS for my iPhone 4S and now internet doesn't work infact even the APN option has disappeared. what do I do ?

hi u rock men called idea customer care like 6 times for internet activation and they told me send a message saying act 3g but it did not work at all now it works amazing well thank you very much :)

Thanks, a lot it worked so well and simple
Otherwise it took over 20 minutes on phone with idea to do this

Thanks, a lot it worked so well and simple
Otherwise it took over 20 minutes on phone with idea to do this

How to set it for iPhone 5 please?

same way man.. just follow the same procedure.. it worked for me..
just that after setting this you need to restart the phone..

You ROCK man !!!! IT really works ..... idea executives are pedaa !

works!! pretty cool

Thanks a ton it really worked without wasting my more time... I did not need to call customer care also.

Thanks u soo much got frusted calling continously to custimer care as they didnt respond so simple it is again thanks

Your result is best. Thanks a lot it works on iphone3gs

Your result is best. Thanks a lot it works on iphone3gs

APN: mmsc
User: blank
Pw: blank
MMS Proxy:
MMS max message size: 200000
MMS UA Prof URL : blank.


U rock brother...u saved me a lot of time....God Bless you...

thanks it works

Amazing..... it works!!!! Thanx a ton..super

Thanks thanks alot

It really works...Thanks bro

Thank u so much buddyyyy.....dis wrks

Last month i bought iphone 5 from singapore and i am using it on idea network...i am able to use 2g internet on it but not. 3g . Customer service of idea network is also helpless.kindly share the solution for this problem.thank you.

Thanks a lot!!! it worked :)

It works Awesome, itworks for 3g and ipad as well!

Manual Data Configuration for Apple iPhone.

Internet Settings for iPhone 3GS/4/5:
In the main menu tab -> Settings-> General Settings -> Network ->Turn ON Cellular Data
Select Cellular Network (or Mobile Data Network)-> new APN and type the following data there
Cellular Data:
APN: internet
Username: Blank
Password: Blank
APN: mmsc
Username: blank
Password: blank
MMS Proxy:
MMS Message Size: 307200
MMS UA Prof URL: default


Thanks a lot
Its simple and it works

great working fine

it does work really,,,,,,,,,because i checked it!!!

very good super in simple steps

thanks for doing us a favour.
simple but so out of reach till solution is given !!

Can.t use idea Internet open in my iPad please help me


Thanks bro


It has worked in my iPhone 4. I have tried through service provider links but it did not connect but typing internet in APN worked...
Thanks a lot

Thanks it also worked for i phone 5 s

It works thank you

waw its easy i lots a try but disappoint, but from here i got and use net in apple 4s. thanks lot

Thanks buddy its worked

Ictgink it is now working

Thanks dude......... idea customer care irretated me to say this thing. it works superb

Thx, it works! You made my day!

Thanks bro , for giving such a useful information . It really helped me . I used ur hint and enjoying 3G internet services ..!!!!!!

I came to India with my iPhone 5, and couldn't access the internet, even after I activated Idea 3G via SMS, and bought a 3G data pack. I used your setting and it works perfectly - thank you so much! :-)

Yes, the APN setting works.
But I remember NEVER filling any details on my Windows phone or Android.

Why such special care required for damn iPhone?

hello when i enable 3g in my iphone 4s it works for 3 seconds then again working in 2g how can i solve this

Super!! Thanks dude for sharing that.... critical point which the money grabbing providers don't divulge

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