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How To Select, Copy & Paste Text In Command Prompt

If you are a fairly advanced computer user you must be using DOS command prompt now and then to get things done, in this post you will see how to get copy and paste functionality in the DOS box.

  1. Launch Command prompt by pressing  WINDOWS + R key.
  2. Type in cmd and press ENTER
  3. Right Click anywhere in window (see image below)
  4. Select Mark or Edit > Mark (If used the title bar control menu)
  5. Highlight desired text.
  6. Press ENTER to copy text to clipboard.

Copy Text From DOS Window

Text Selection From DOS

Same method can be used to paste text into the DOS window, just select the Paste option from the right-click menu.


This tip is very good, I always wanted to achieve this in my DOS window :)

I was always looking for this feature, thanks!

Great simple feature, but hard to find if you are not familiar with it.

I want to know how you can paste text in command prompt via key board so that you should not use mouse for this..

Thanks in advanced...


hey dude...
its simple.another way to paste into it--try this with or without quickedit:
- get some text copied in the clipboard
- alt-space, e, p
- it's pasted!

Nice. I've been looking for this for ages. Thanks man!!

God Bless You

Thanks this is a great tip!!!!!!!!!!


really, really good ! :))

Is there any way so that we can do all these things without using mouse


dak seru..
semua juga tau...

without using mouse and alt...

do u know???

It would be nice if I can make a copy to clipboard right after selection, because otherwise I have to do 2 operations instead of one.
For example, putty.exe is using this simplified way - the text is copied right after you select it.

anybody can help me, how to copy the error text by using bat file for java platform

thanks !

Landed here fortunately searching for "how to select command prompt" and really have to appreciate you for taking your time and sharing this simple but very useful tip in DOS. This is a great help to me. Thanks ☺

While am running a command in cmd, text(or)error running 2 min in the screen. But if am using copy, i can copy only last page.

Plz give the solution.

Let me know if any clarifications.

Merciiiiiiiiiiii ! Simple mais impossible à deviner. A savoir combien de vies vous avez sauvées depuis que cette astuce est en ligne.

Open CMD promt
Goto properties and enable Quick Edit
(You may have to close and reopen the CMD for this to work)
Now highlight what you want to copy and press enter
Then right-click your mouse and the copied section will paste inside the CMD prompt

Open CMD prompt and go to properties
Enable Quick Edit
(You may have to close and re-open the CMD prompt to work)
Now highlight what you want to copy and press enter
Now right click the mouse and what you copied will paste inside the CMD prompt

Perfect. Thanks.

Thanks for taking out time for this .

Perfect. Thank you very much!!!

Very helpful thanku
Deepesh agarwal(this article owner),
Anonymous(6-9-2009 3:01 AM), &
Quick Edit Enable (on Thu, 05/17/2012 - 14:24)

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