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MalAware - Free And Fast Cloud Based Malware Scanner From a-squared

Cloud based anti-virus seems to be the next in-thing and more and more companies are jumping onto the technology, after Panda Cloud Anti-virus a-squared has now came up with a super-fast, compact and free Malware scanner dubbed MalAware.

Free Malaware Cloud Antivirus

The cloud-based malware scanner is just 1 MB in size requiring no installation, the scans are super-fast but you need to buy the product for removing found infections.

Here is the official description :

The basic idea behind MalAware was to create build the smallest possible (1 mb) and the fastest possible malware scanner (scan

However, it should still get the full Emsi Software technology with more than 3 million known nasties. Not an easy task - but our developers have found ways and means to meet these seemingly impossible combinable requirements. By combining a strongly limited version of the signature database of known malware paths with a cloud based scan of all active processes, MalAware achieves a similar accuracy as a-squared Anti-Malware.

If it detects that your PC is infected, the second step is to download the big a-squared Anti-Malware package, to remove the malware and protect the PC against new infections.

Download MalAware >>


just for scanning then gives false positive results to make u buy this.
Use malwarebyte. thats more than enough

I received no false positive results but I do agree it does try to scare people into buying there full of a-squared Anti-Malware when the scan is finished and on exit it has its hard sell options again.

Is it free or do I have to buy it? I'm still confused. One commentator said it's not free, but I can see a "free" download link. So what's the case then?

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