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Rapidshare Plus 3.1

Free automated Rapidshare download utility Rapidshare Plus is now updated to version 3.1 with several new features, the new version supports automatic queue saving, support for Rapidshare link list, improved clipboard paste functionality, new minimize to tray function and advanced error handling capabilities to name a few.

Rapidshare Plus Automated Downloading

You can now also configure Rapidshare Plus to auto-execute applications conditionally this can be helpful for executing IP renewal applications like automatic router re-connector.

Download Rapidshare Plus 3.1 [46.7 KB] >>


Application Error

Application failed to initialized

I am not sure but this might require Micrsoft .Net runtime installed, search it and download.

yea problem solved with .net

It needs net framework 2.0 wich can be downloaded from:

Does this work with the free version of rapidshare?

It is meant only for Rapidshare free users to automate the download process.

I´m using the 3.1 ver. and was working fine so far, but I checked the opition to start minimized and now everytime my pc crashes to the blue window. I deleted and download again but now it iniciates minimized and crashes every time. How can i undo it ?
Before the program crashed every time i close it.
Thanks .

If the program (or Windoze or the internet connection) crashes, does the program have the ability to resume downloading from a partial file?


Download can't be done, like this :

The link is broken!

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