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Windows 7 Virtual XP Mode Public Download Availability Announced

Windows 7 XP ModeOld application compatibility has always been an roadblock preventing users and organizations from upgrading to newer operating-system technologies, to take care of the problem Microsoft has now introduced Virtual XP Mode in its upcoming Windows 7 operating system, a fully functional licensed copy of Windows XP SP3 will be available via Windows Virtual PC Beta to users of Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions enabling users to run applications in virtual Windows XP environment from within Windows 7 offering seamless integration of core functionality.

Windows 7

Microsoft has now announced the public download release date for Windows 7 XP Mode to May 5, once released the virtual XP mode will offer single-click launching of Windows XP Mode applications with USB, printer redirection, clipboard sharing and folder-sharing features with seamless integration.


Yeah I read about this on Micro's website, just waiting on it to come out. I am on win7 7100 at the moment, and it looks great, with the integration of WinXP Mode, it will be one of the best OS's out there... well, for those of us with decent computers anyways, people with low end machines will always complain and blame the OS lol.

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i agree with Briansama. am also using the win 7 7000 and it has been great. some hiccups in the beginning but for me, it has been even better than vista. system boot is not more than a minute and boy is it faster!!!! people have always complained about new OS be it xp or vista when it is launched, little have they realised that the computer they purchased 5 years ago, simply doesn't has the juice to run the OS!!! instead of upgrading it, i think they find cribbing easier and affordable ;)

This new funtionality requires CPU support for virtulization, while most newer AMD system have this feature not all new Intel CPU support this, here is a table on what Intell processors support virtulization :

Core 2 Duo

E4300/4400/4500/4600/4700 NO
E6300/6320/6400/6420/6540/6550 YES
E6600/6700/6750/6850 YES
E7200/7300/7400/7500 NO
E8190 NO
E8200/8300/8400/8500/8600 YES

Core 2 Extreme

QX6700/6800/6850 YES
QX9650/9770/9775 YES
X6800 YES

Core 2 Quad

Q6600/6700 YES
Q8200/8200S/8300/8400/8400S NO
Q9300/9400/9400S YES
Q9450/9550/9550S/9650 YES
Core i7/Core i7 Extreme
I7-920/940 YES
I7-965 YES

Pentium D/Pentium EE

805/820/830/840 NO
915/925/935/945 NO
920/930/940/950/960 YES
955/965 YES

Pentium for Desktop

E2140/2160/2180/2200/2220 NO
E5200/5300/5400 NO

Available in

The links for rapidshare are dead, plis refresh ;]

I plis becouse i cant download this files from microsoft website.


plase download tally7.2

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