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Recover deleted files from your computer with EaseUS

How often do you lose data from your computer? Have you ever ended up deleting files and folders mistakenly from your computer and realizing later that you deleted the wrong files? How many times your friend has formatted an external storage device mistakenly.

Retrieving deleted, formatted, and lost data from a computer, laptop, or any external device is the biggest challenge. Nobody wants to lose data accidentally especially if it is much more than movies and your favorite songs. It is really painful to lose your special photos, office files, your entire song collection, and other files that mean a lot.

It hurts more when you realize that recovering completely lost data is near to impossible.

Thanks to EaseUS. It doesn’t just help you recover all types of lost data but it does it for free. Yes, it is a free software that can be downloaded in a few minutes on your machine.

Rest is easy rather fun.

EaseUS data recovery wizard

EaseUS is one of the best free tools that will help you recover data quite easily. It works for both Mac and Windows and it can retrieve data from a whole range of devices ranging from hard disks to USBs to memory cards to mobile phones and more. No matter how you lost the data, it can be retrieved with EaseUS free data recovery software.

EaseUs Data Recovery

What types of data loss it can recover

Needless to say, EaseUS can retrieve all types of data loss.
• Deleted files and folders
• Formatted hard disks and external storage devices
• Virus attacks
• Data lost due to hard disk damages
• Raw partitioning
• Data lost mistakenly during partition
• Operating system errors and bugs

It doesn’t matter how you lost the data, you can always retrieve it as long as you use EaseUS.
Supported devices

EaseUS software works for Windows as well as Mac and has the potential to retrieve data from all leading devices.

• Hard disks
• Memory cards
• USB drives
• External hard disks
• Mobile phones
• Music players
• Digital cameras

EaseUS Features

EaseUS data recovery wizard is a very powerful software that has all the following features embedded in it.

Easy-to-use: It is one of the easiest data recovery software out there. You just have to connect the device to the computer, launch the software, scan the device, and recover deleted files. It hardly takes five minutes to recover data from any device.

File preview: The file preview feature is very handy which ensures you are retrieving the right files. You can preview the files and folders before retrieving them. You can choose which files to retrieve letting you choose the right files and folders.

Supports multiple devices and data loss situations: This is the killer feature. Unlike other recovery tools, the EaseUS has the potential to recover data from any storage device and from any situation. This makes it the best tools for data recovery.

Free download: You can download it free right now to retrieve up to 2 GB of data. This doesn’t just give you a nice idea of how it works but it will show you the real strength of the tool.


Do not panic. Do not lose your patience. You have already lost the data.

Use EaseUS instead to retrieve the data. It will make you feel better and peaceful.

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