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FBI Can Activate Your Computer Camera Without Triggering The Light Which Tells When It's Recording

We all are now very well aware of the fact that almost all big government's use cyber-warfare to spy on each other and individuals of interest, NSA, USA's cyber-weapon Flame, suspected Chinese spying using Electric Kettles and other communication devices are prime public examples of this.

The latest revelations made by "The Washington Post's" story "FBI’s search for ‘Mo,’ suspect in bomb threats, highlights use of malware for surveillance" provides further glimpses onto how intrusive these tactics can get. The FBI's ability to covertly activate a users computer camera without triggering the notification light which informs the user that it is being recorded is one such example, While used for good purpose of catching criminals and controlling terrorism now what happens when the technology gets leaked or gets abused by whom which have access to it now to settle personal scores or invade one's privacy?

FBI Camera Spying


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.. the only form of security, like being safe online, is to be physically disconnected from the network; it's kinda obvious that the only way to not get spied on - is to have the camera disconnected, when not in use: pointed at the wall, mic muted, whatever -- but, thanks for the info, good one ! =)

that's rather an oxymoron isnt it? being online by going offline :) but a fact at the same.

Just place a hole punch of aluminum foil onto a small piece of black tape and position the foil over your webcam. Press it on and no one can see you, but it would still be possible to hear you. You would have to disable your microphone in control panel, sound properties. Exactly how varies by OS.

Sir, if they can trigger the camera then they can even activate the mic also. any ways, data leaks are already there if you are online, now even the video & audio... Hope Quick Heal finds a way out of allowing only the FBI or such departments to spy and not the others who might steal the technology for wrong doing...

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