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Mozilla Adds Firefox Accounts And Brand New Highly Customizable UI Named Australis

Mozilla has introduced several new features to Firefox Aurora, the pre-Beta build branch of Firefox. The company has introduced Firefox Accounts, improved Sync and a brand new sleek user-interface with ability to be highly customizable and minimalistic, once tested in Pre-beta and Beta branches these changes will make there way into the Release branch in coming months.

Firefox Aurora

Major New Features :

  • Firefox Accounts is a new feature introduced by Mozilla which will allow users to capture their login credentials, bookmarks, web-browsing history and list of open tabs - enabling them to sign-in and take Firefox with them anywhere using the cloud powered Firefox Accounts service.
  • Sync feature - The already existing Sync feature is now been made more secure utilizing client side key stretching, end-to-end encryption, and a public key cryptography and the BrowserID protocol. Read more>>>
  • New Australis UI With High Customizability - Australis the new user-interface for Firefox not only provides modern, clean, and comfortable user-interface but also allows users to prioritize features in the menu, toolbar or tab bar by dragging them to wherever they wish offering a highly-customizable interface which can be personalized to users preference without cluttering the interface. Read more >>>
Download Firefox Aurora (Pre-beta) version with these new feature :


nimd4's picture

The "Australis" is truly horrifying, wait 'till you try it. =)

(Quickly reverted-back to "regular" Firefox, hopefully there will be an option once this comes out)

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