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Easy YouTube Video Downloader - Popular Firefox Addon Updated To Version 1.2

UPDATE (13 Jue 2017) : The addon has been updated to v 9.15, get it from here -

UPDATE (11 Sept. 2013) : The addon has been updated to v 7.1 and is pending Mozilla's review to go public, you can still download the latest v 3.5 from Mozilla at -, this update features the all new instant single-click, direct high-quality (192kbps) Youtube to mp3 downloads.

UPDATE (17 Sept. 2010) : The addon has been updated to v 3.6 and is pending Mozilla's review to go public, you can still download the latest v 3.5 from Mozilla at -, this update makes it work again with newest Youtube changes which broke the video downloads.

YoutubeAn updated version of simple, fast and easy to use popular Firefox Youtube video downloader addon "Easy YouTube Video Downloader 1.2" is now available for download, the addon adds non-intrusive video download links in FLV, 3GP, MP4 and HD qualities next to video on Youtube pages.

Firefox Video Downloader Interface

The latest version features new button style, adds support for FLV download format and now displays HD download option only when available, with current release the addon is now Firefox 3.5 compatible.

Download from addon page at Mozilla >>


This issue has been fixed and v 3.4 is sent for Mozilla's approval, you can grab it right now here :


4K resolution added to youtube... need support to download that resolution..

how do i uninstall it!!!!

it has covered my post comment box. i just want to get rid of it.

cant find it in programmes in control panel.

Still can't download any vid on YouTube. I updated the addon to 3.4, the problem is still here.
I want to download in ANY file format, and the download stops immediately, and the file got 0 byte.
I tried the addon with Firefox 3.0, same problem.

It's Youtube, or your addon, or my computer... ? If someone got the same problem (and maybe resolved it), please reply.

Try configuring another file-save location from addon options.

No...there's a problem. I can no longer download any videos from YouTube. Tried Video DownloadHelper, tried this downloader, neither works. Just get 0 byte files. YouTube must have changed something that nerfs this...

It's not a configuration issue. Something is wrong. Check it yourself.

Yes, this issue is happening for me as well.

same here

hey i got the same problem here, it used to be fine.

Yep something on the youtube website is diffrent now.

Can't download any more, other plug-ins same problem. Both here at home as on work today.

Youtube closed the gate :-(

Me 2 whenever I download any format they all are 0 byte

Agree. I also have tried diff forms of this addon and have yet been able to download anything. I also get the 0bytes on the files from every addon I have tried.

I've been using this great plugin for a while now. And just recently (like within the past couple of days) I can no longer download videos with it. I've tried several different ones on YouTube. It downloads a 0kb file, and that's all. Worked perfect prior to this. Must be something YouTube changed?

Only Zero byte downloads now,
(Using latest EZ-YT-DL 3.4)


Only recently, (today 7-22-2010),
this has been occurring consistently,
regardless of selected file-type or
download folder-location.

The file downloads unusually-fast,
(because it's 0 bytes),
appearing in Firefox's download-manager list,
and "scanned for viruses" as usual,
as if it were a "real" file.

I confirm the same problem: no matter which file format I choose, the download stops immediately and 0 bytes downloaded.

cant DL anything like others resp I get the same... 0 bytes etc something is wrong. Anyone know of free conversion software? I can DL vids as FLV but need them in other format

can`t download youtube videos

I'm also having a problem downloading videos from YouTube as well. Every time I try to download, it is always a 0 byte file.

This doesn't usually happen to me. I thought that restarting my computer would make it work again cause it seems that when I restart, the downloader works again. However, this wasn't the case today.

Can you possibly check if there is an issue?

No formats save, YouTube must have changed their code. All I get are 0kb downloads, tried uninstalling/reinstalling, tried 3.3 (I am using 3.4 atm). I tried different file save path, and different downloaders. They are actively blocking.

The youtube download link is not working after 22 july 2010

The youtube download link is not working after 22 july 2010

i cant download video too ...any solution ??

I've got the same problem, can't download anything. So, what can we do?

nomas no valen madre caones

Youtube has disabled the feature to download videos as of 7/22/10 and now this doesn;t work no more so congrats on not paying youtube taxes.

when i try to download no bytes show up

UPDATE (24 July 2010) : The addon has been updated to v 3.5 and is pending Mozilla's review to go public, you can still download the latest v 3.5 from Mozilla at -, this update makes it work again with newest Youtube changes which broke the video downloads.

It is so f* true, it really works!!

Cheers man!

doesn't work at all with firefox 3.6

Every attempt at saving as MP3 receives a "parsing error"

I have this problem too. Everything else works but MP3, which is the one I'm going to be using the most.

I can't use it for download video on youtube. Help me!

I can't download anything. It always shows 0 byte. :/ What is the problem? If somebody can help me, write a letter. Thanks! :)

I've got the same problem, can't download anything

Pls. read the update above (top of the post) !!

not working with firefox 3.6.8... when download the file it immeadiately finish with 0kb...

i want tell i have this same

Please add option to download also video format "35". Currently for non-hd videos one can only download format "18" which is 600-700kbps 360p h264/aac in mp4-container, but most videos have also format "35" available which is 1000-1200kbps 480p h264/aac in flv-container.

Format "35" can be manually downloaded by copying the url of "mp4" (format "18") link and changing the "fmt=18" to "fmt=35".

+1 Not being able to download the 480p video easily is meaning I have to look elsewhere to download.

download mp4 works after add on update

thanks admin for your support & thanks for your great software!!

WHy is there no AVI option for the 'download as' ?

Usually the flv options have 360p and 420p

here we only have flv which is 360

how can i get the 420 one???

WorkinG Fine..
Thanks For SharinG Dude

Can't download any more
I download any format they all are 0 byte

I do use it sometimes, but I find that I would use it more often if there were a 'download as .wav file' option. Other than that, great program.

works perfect on mozilla firefox version 3.6.10 ;)
thank you for this good tool


Not working again I have the most recent version

There is a problem I use a mac ur add on was great until u updated the latest version 3.6 now when ever I want to download a video from youtube when i click on the Mp4 file or Hd nothing happens please update ur add on and fix this problem !!!

(10/05) Okay I tried to download a video but the 0 byte thing popped up again. Is there supposed to be a new update or is it just YouTube?

Doesn't work. I have the latest version of firefox and version 3.6 of this and I get jack. I want my donation back!

I am using Easy Youtube video downloader v3.6 and firefox v3.6. it works fine for many youtube video downloads, but fails for some with 404 error, any ideas whats wrong??

Thanks in advance

It works fine for me.

But how to download 720p version? It defaults to 240 even if I select 720p from Youtube.

works great on my firefox 3.6.11

Nice plugin, unfortunately it does not get the best available resolution. When i download mp4 oder flv the resulting video is of much less resolution than when i get the flv file out of my browser cache. This renders the plugin useless.

I tried to download a video, but the 0 byte thing popped up again. Is it because the layout for YouTube was changed again?

this doesnt work wit firefox 3.6

So uh whenever I try this, it is like "type in this captcha" blahblahblah and I have literally typed it in PERFECTLY over 60 times.
What the Hell Firefox get it together.

Are you still facing this issue ?

Word`s Is Not Enough To Thx You Guy`s .

But Thx Alot , it`s Amazing We All Supporting ya

Kind Regards

رائع جدا جدا
أتمنى لكم التقدم و الازدهار

I love this neat littler program i Really do~1 but It always saves to my Desktop ?? Is there any what of Specifying the drive path to save the files at - i End up with lots of clutter on desktop - This is the only issue i have with it - Kudus to the marker of this

Yes, you can. Here's how :

Open Firefox Addon Dialog -> Easy Youtube Video Downloader -> Options -> Browse (to fill Video Save path)

Everything works wonderfully except the MP3, I keep getting a "500 Internal Server Error". Please fix it.

Maybe some server issues, seems to be working fine now.

Thanks for this creation. I don't like the Java downloaders.

Ok, now when I try to use the MP3, an entire new window/webpage opens asking to download using Youtube Droid. Is this supposed to happen? Because when I convert using MP4, FLV, or 3PG this doesn't happen.

This is how it is supposed to work, to get video in mp3 format it first needs to be re-encoded and that hard-work is done by YoutubeDroid.

No funciona dice que no puede guardar los videos

Not working again. Youtube strikes again. Fix anyone?

Downloads end right away with 0Kb, and no file visible in the destination folder.
Previous versions of Add-on also no longer working.
I am currently using Firefox 3.6.7.

in the latest update, the 3gp option is missing. could you please bring it back?

hello, y is it that ur 720p n 1080p mp4 nt compatible for iphone?

the new version does not contain 3gp format

my downloader is not download 3gb format pleas tel me whats problam

i update the new version, but in the option i can't download video with 3gp format.
help me, i need the 3gp format for my phone.

hi wanted to know why the program no longer download the videos in 3gp?

Where did the 3gp button went to? Besides, every single download ends with 0 bytes.

Hi guys, I love your addon, but... why, in latest versions, the default-download folder option has been removed?

so what is the difference between FLV, 3GP, MP3, MP4, and HD? (those r the one that show up on mine) also, how can u get the videos on itunes?

I need to run multiple threads to download a video and I want this plugin to work with fat rat download manager to download the files.

I was wondering if someone has successfully achieved that in ubuntu.


Why, have you removed the 3GP download option? :(

I loved that for my mobile phone, downloaded and watched so many, now it is gone...

Please bring the 3GP download option back... :<


Please help me is not working

I use Mac OS X

What about the Youtube Droid??
when I click to download vdo as mp3.
It take me to "YoutubeDroid" page.
And I start to waste of my time.
Really hate that page.

3gp doesn't appear when it try to downloading

What one do you press to download just the song and the video with it Do you press the FLV, 3GP, MP4 or MP3. And can you download the song for free

no 3gp is available pls help me

It's super program, I love it!!

hi i use the downloader to download videos and add them some cool effects and then render them in sony vegas but it doesn't work!!do you knwo why?? i mean i use another footage from my camera and i can render it very well but using the downloader my proyect after been renderized looks kinda slow like if the fps have some little pauses and eventually the video track and the audio track are not synchronized!!so what the hell?? am i doing something wrong o what?? please help!!!! urgently!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

mp3 is not working

i miss bledding 3GP! why was it removed? i really need it!

what's happening with 3gp????
that's so bad!!

I have used this add-on for a while and the "0kb file" is the only problem that I has had, but now that I get the 4.0 version the horror comes:
I can only download videos on 360p, and I need some on 240p and some others on 460p -at least- due audio quality.
3GP is gone too, my cellphone has no new videos on it.
Besides, where the option button go?, there is no option button anymore, what's happening?, is the add-on broken due the Firefox 4 update?.
Please, fix it, it's a super add-on.

I get the Error: Checking Failed message each time I try to convert to a mp3 in Youtube Droid. Any suggestions? I've tried several different videos, same thing every time.

The last couple of weeks it has not allowed me to download any of music, saying Error: not found (or something of the sort). Now, it's telling me "Permission Denied". Exactly what is happening? Is that normal??

We are working on this and the issue has been fixed to some extent. Pls. bear with us.

Mine worked, but it only downloaded part of the song.

why i cant download in 3gp..uhhh ! :/

I can only download mp4-files! When i try to download mp3-files they are just 0kb

before i download FF4, i was getting a menu on you-tube download i right click an it would drop down an i could just converter to mp3 rite from there,, now i can't,,, do you know why????

How do I rename a video that has been downloaded from youtube when it already has a name/title on it??


i was able to convert the utube videos to mp3 however the mesg i get now is Error: Permission denied [e35413664e75896d75450242029aea70.flv]

Youtube video URL is automatically filled simply click the Convert button below to start the conversion, Pls. be patient while the video gets converted by our bot.

the new version has no 3GP
now I can't put the video's on my mobile phone :(

WOOHOO! Now I won't have to copy the video URL, go to keepvid, paste, and download, that's just plain annoying. I just click two clicks with this addon and I got the video. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

haven't 3gp?? can u help me?

Error: Permission denied.
I keep getting this and a bunch of letters and numbers.

it is very nice add on .Properly working with firefor4.1.It remove the need of separate you tube downloader.

Hi I use the latest version of this add-on which is 4.1 and when I download a video as mp3 I only get the first 53 seconds while the song is 3:43 minutes. Any idea?

i want to download 3gp video from this add on so please help me how can i download 3gp from this add add on reply me soon m waiting


I loved what you did admin!
Keep on sharing!

intresting post, it is a good online video downloader

Extensions Easy YouTube Video Downloader

Easy YouTube Video Downloader
by Alactro LLC
This add-on has been removed by its author.

Will post an alternative soon, thanks for informing.

This add-on has been removed by its author.

thank yesss

thank guys


it vary helpfull s

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