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Fixing Excel Error In "Form VAT-7A"

Indian businessman are required to fill-in and submit their Value Added Tax (VAT) returns in a timely manner and state governments provide Microsoft Excel template to make the computation easier and automated. However, the excel form-template provided by Rajasthan state government for "VAT Form 7A" always resulted in a read-only error for "PERIOD TO" field when a user completes the "PERIOD FROM" field with correct date as shown below. This error prevents further data input impossible, the concerned authorities and helpline have no idea/solution about this. Thankfully, when my friend approached me with the issue I was able to fix this as shared ahead.

Form VAT-7A

The fix is as simple as using the date format in DD-MMM-YYYY format as shown below which the sheet expects, the form designer forgot/overlooked the need to mention this crucial piece of information and even failed to notify the user about it with a proper error-message leaving users with a cryptic error message (like iTunes error codes) which makes fixing even harder.



dear sir,

while filling 2nd time revised return of vat qtr 4 2016-17, when we upload vat 10 the error occurred that you have already filed vat 10, tick the box for copy from previous latest return.

after copy of vat 10 from previous return and filing vat 7a there is error occurred that input vat claim in 7a and vat 10 are not same but the amount in both form are same,

kindly suggest that what should i do, i also mail this matter to sale tax department with error screen shot but still no reply receive .

dear sir please tell me as soon as possible because last date of filling vat 10a is 31.3.2018

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