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New RemoveWAT Update Now Bypasses Microsoft Anti-Piracy Fix KB971033

RemoveWAT 2.2RemoveWAT would be the most popular and easiest to use Windows 7 crack out their, the hack once applied allows pirates to enjoy Microsoft's newest operating-system while retaining genuine status and receiving all updates on an illegal copy of the software. RemoveWAT allows illegal activation of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 by completely removing Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) from the computer, the scoop is that the utility has now been updated to v 2.2.5 allowing bypassing of Microsoft's recent anti-piracy WAT update KB971033.

RemoveWAT 2.2

According to the latest changelog the utility now features disabling shutdowns on 90 day trial builds, disables the trial time-bomb in evaluation versions and takes care of KB971033 update even it it's already installed.

What's New In RemoveWAT

It's a cat and mouse game between software makers and pirates and will continue as always had been.

Pls. do not post links for RemoveWAT downloads or ask for it in comments as such postings will get removed, on a side-note avoid downloads from untrusted sources as this can severely compromise your computer security.


Can you pls send me link to download this tool.
Many Thanks,

Dear rostik,

Are you serious ? can't you read the bold sentence which says :

Pls. do not post links for RemoveWAT downloads or ask for it in comments as such postings will get removed, on a side-note avoid downloads from untrusted sources as this can severely compromise your computer security.

wait,why would you just make it, show it to us and not let us have it? its just taunting us.

use google or your favorite torrent site you idiot.they cant link to it cuz it ILLEGAL.i cant believe how stupid people are sometimes.

I think you need to shush up your gosh darn yapper!

Pls send me the link to dwnload the Remove WAT......
Thank U.....


Please sent me too... thank you very much...

I'm sorry but in no case is a billion periods correct grammar
seriously this gets on my nerves more than people saying "u" does
you're not..... talking.... like you' can't breathe....

Can you morons not use Google?

I wish there was a like button...

can u send me the link too I'm been infected with the KB971033 :)

I can't find it, could you please send me a link?:)

Plssssssssssss send me the download link of this software dude......

Use Google, You Piece of s**t

what version or WAT is this? i read the skimmed.. when you google,,msn search for WAT you get anywhere for 1.3 to 2.3.3... what version is this?

The actual version is removeWAT Attention how I wrote the name.
Now u can use google

I use another one, that uses a loader, and worked :)

Doesnt have a name.

please send a link this way :)

i badly need to format my pc coz my windows is not genuine... please help me or send me the link in order for me to get rid of this windows genuine

send me a link asap

Please send me the link this. """"

pls send me the lin

piss on windows 7 nothing but problems

Please send me the link as well, cheers!

hi...I need the link too,i can't use completely windows 7.Could you send me it?

please send me remove wat donload link

R/R that download link, please

Where can I find the link please ? Can this be send to me ?

i just knew this thing.. its so cool and i need it.. can you plz send it to me?

can you give me that too please?
its so cool and i need it

woooooooow..... people need to learn how to find things for themselves....took me 5 mins

could u send me the link please

Where can I find the link please ? Can this be send to me ?
Please send me the link.

I applied the patch but now not able to boot up windows , it gives me BSOD on starteup and automatic windows repair fails with, "A patch is preventing startup"

Omfg cant u dumbf---s read?!

Where can I find the link please ? Can this be send to me ?
Please send me the link.Pleace :(:(:(

funny how peeps screem .. go google.. youll end up with millions of links.. to pay sites..

Can you pls send me link to download this tool.
Many Thanks,


the right name and version

Now u can use GOOGLE

for christ sake would you just post the d/l link?

plz send me windows activation key for windows 7 64 bit
i.d. 00426-oem-8992662-00497 plz

Works with me.

plz send me the link to download

please send the link - thanks!

please send the link - thanks!

Hello, can you please send this link. Thanks

you should just bloody learn to search for it in google. "whatever you are looking for" + downloads. useless wastes of space...

Link plz:P

plz send me the link

Plssssssssssss send me the download link of this software dude......

This Program worked great for me. Thanks so much. I just searched for the name in google.

This Program worked for me. I just googled the name and found it. Thanks a bunch

plz send me the link

Please send me a link to download the recent remove WAT, please. send to

could you send me a link this way plz :)

could you send me a link pls? thanks

I have an old WAT Remover but I am now receiving Genuine Microsoft notices. Can you send me the latest update for the new one??
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit.
If you have the Windows 7 ultimate 32bit Activation program to go with it I need that also.

Please send the link to reom WAT to me

hi can u pls send it to me..

please sent me remove vat download link

Please send me activation by mail to

thank you, i found it on google and its very good IT WORKS



alo can send me the link tomy email need to activate my windows 7 ultimate ungently

Can you send me a the download link

internet stupidity never ceases to amaze me...

Hahaha....there are no links. After reading up on Microsofts plan to spy on users. I went into Window updates and unistalled KB971033, then hid it, and did a reboot.
Tho if you continue to read the Forums on the internet, it will explain all you have to do is remove WAT from your system. Now as stated above, this is very easy........

Go to Google, type remove WAT,press enter.
One of the first things you will see is RemoveWAT v 2.2.5
This has been stated above by the OS.
Download, and run.....when running the program everything on your desktop will takes about 3-5 minutes to remove MS program, then your system will reboot.
By running this program it will also remove the KB971033 update.
You will have to go to updates and select, then right mouse click to hide.

Then at the bottom of your desktop, click the start...right mouse click my Properties...
At the bottom of the page : Product ID and days left to activate will be gone...
Very easy....
If you need a link, it may be best to throw out your CPU, or just turn it off....

Thanks to the OS, your info was very helpful... : )

Dear all, I need your help, can u give me the link for WAT please.

please send me the download link plllllllssssss..

Wow the comment section here is the biggest noobfest i have ever seen

please send me a link!

Thank you

i guess there is a huge language barrier here ????

top of the page tells you not to ask for link... first post asks for link, then other posts with DO NOT ASK FOR LINK... then bang, like a short bus riding window taster, achmed pops up asking for a link!!!


here's you link....

do the work yourselves you lazy f|_|ckers

cheers folks

please send me removewat link to download it.

please send me the link

Can you pls send me link to download this tool.
Many Thanks,


Read more:

Hi all, please send me the download link "removeWAT" please -

please help me to solve the problem....

Naturally this comment won't be read, but the article says DO NOT REQUEST LINKS and the posts of people who can read and spell also say the same thing: DO NOT REQUEST LINKS.

GOOGLE it, it takes three seconds. If you're unlucky, you might have to spend a WHOLE MINUTE ON IT! WHOA, IT'S ILLEGAL?!

Who knew it'd be -hard- harder to find than a nice link on a commercial site?

Where on earth is the link, I have trawled and straw picked every word and line, but no link. Anyone who has the link please post link, maybe email me or something. Those who doesn't know but pretended to know may do the same.

LOL Comments.... LMAO

Guys let me tell you: you are genious :)

I have just installed remove wat .successfully but I m facing problem of shutdown in every 2 hrs .pls tell me how to overcome it .

pls send the download link

Instead of RemoveWAT, use the "Windows Loader v1.9.3" from DAZ, it much more reliable activation crack and it works by injects a SLIC (System Licensed Internal Code) into your system before Windows boots, this is what fools Windows into thinking it's genuine but unlike the RemoveWAT crack that only removes the WAT activation code... If you want it then you can search for it very easy on google!

HELP!!!! I need to get rid of removeWAT! I don't know which version it is but I can't find any way to get rid of it... I downloaded it for the fun of it to see what it did/how it worked and I'm on Windows VISTA! Not 7... Stupid I know.. I just want to get rid of it... One of the reasons is it's changed the colour scheme to basic and it's infuriating me.. I repeat: HELP!

Hi,Can you pls send me link to download this tool.
Many Thanks,

Read more:

please send me a RemoveWAT.exe!

Thank you

is there any removewat compatible with my VISTA ULTIMATE 32-BIT? thanks

Can anyone please give me the download link to a windows 7 ulimate os crack? Thanks

I understand the "no link" policy.
We would appreciate you could post the md5sum string.
This will avoid the risk of downloading something bad, but with the right name.
Does it make sense ?

In any case and without any condition: Thank you very much

Read that this is supposed to 'uninstall' KB971033, but add-rem progs still lists it. Any comments about that appreciated as well.

No this does NOT officially "uninstall" KB971033. Rather, it renders the files that said update access inaccessible.. thus effectively destroying WAT's functionality. Don't worry about it showing up in "Programs and Features" list. As long as your Windows installation is not reporting as being non-genuine, then you're golden...

And again, for all you noobs asking for a link to D/L removeWAT, there's this magical new invention.. it's called GOOGLE.

Anyone tried it to see if it also might it side slip time bombs that accompany Amazon movie downloads?

Can you please send me link to download this, too. Please.

Big Thanks,

I installed removewat but windows updates do not install. Please help.

What a bunch of simpleton MORONS! The operator of this site specifically told user NOT to ask for RemoveWAT download links and what happens? Everyone is asking for the links. The depth of people stupidity NEVER ceases to amaze me. MORONS ...........

Can you pls send me link to download this tool.
Many Thanks,


G O O G L E -- IT ....idiots, IT IS ON GOOGLE SEARCH
just slide your lazy fat fingers over to the G... now the O.... this is tricky... another O... good boy you are half way there... now slide your fat little fingers over to G.... now L.... now E..... WOW IT SAYS "GOOGLE" NOW TYPE IN A SEARCH WORD, this is so much work I know, is that sweat?
OK here is the big giant secret LINK.... type in "removewat 2.2.6" and click on search.... now you need to do a little reading to find it all by your self like a real internet user does.
Ahhh it's so cute when they first learn to crawl.... suck there little thumbies, and poop them selves.




L_A_S_Y_ I-D-I-O-T-S ........

lol. let me tell you i found you post so fucking funny.

I'm starting to think all these people who are requesting the link are just doing it as a joke. I can't believe this many people are that stupid.

Hi I am an idiot who can't read and I only know how google works when I search for porn. Can you please give a me a download link? Pretty please? You will be my least after batman retires. Thank you so much. Where is the dislike button on this page?

pls send me link rewmove wat... tahnks a lot...

pls sende remove wat link

please send me that i was waiting for it .
thanks in advance

Ok here is the problem,ive downloaded removal wat 2.2.6 i install it (thats all fine) but on reboot it goes to go to the login screen and i get a blue screen of death i have to run start up repair and restore my computer to a previous state anyone can help??

I find it hilarious how many of your can download and install illegal copies of windows 7 but can't use google to find the removewat tool!!

I guess that higher-level language ,in addition to all the APIs they threw in their OSs (just like the cabbage patches on Mr. Robert's Neighborhood), I have NOOOO idea why java is such an easier OOL to learn. Windows isn't computer science: Windows troubleshooting is the occupation of the historian. If they're going to compete with java especially, as well as flash /html5 /whatever, they are going to need competent coders. I know for a fact Micro$oft completes their flow-logic-charts and ships it off to Indonesia. *I* wouldn't care if I was Indonesian I say: "Ha Ha Screw You Stupid Americans."

sorry, got off track, but us, the folk of america, are pretty dumb. I think gameboy was all the complexity we can take! lol


THAT SHIT COSTS LIKE 20 BUCKS, NOW M$ WANTS 300 FROM ME, TO RUN OFFICE ON AN OS WHERE THE MOUSE FREEZES EVERY TIME WINBLOWS EXITS OUT OF SLEEP. At least 3 or 4 of my services won't start (checked dependencies look like I'll have to audit).

So Windblows has an unquantifiable plethora of wonderful programs and resources to increase your productivity, get a better understanding on that project your team was just assigned. Go from hi-level to low, you know- learn. I feel I could spend four lifetimes on 7 and there'd still be quirks and 7 would be inoperative. All these great, well-thought out features to satisfy the customer, namely Bill Gates.

I say we make a band and pirate the shit out of that asshole. Come on jo, you need a 100 room house? And you know he wouldn't have got up in that pussy were he a Geek Squad employee.

In summary, thanks for the laugh. I heard it said recently that intelligence is the most mal-adaptive genotype we have yet revealed.

Quite funny. Thanks.

Ppl asking about links... Shouldn't even have computers lol...

what it mean no post links, no ask link?

I need link. Somebody pleez post me link to removeTWAT.

Link Pleeeeze?!!!

PHEWWW... People are really dumb for using Google to search for answers to removing WAT but they can't follow a link to download the file. And I suppose that this site will never ever give that link, and it should NOT! Keep searching people!!!
I just installed RemoveWAT v2.2.5 for Windows 7. Version 2.2.6 gave me some problems after some Windows Updates were previously installed.
Godspeed to the team behind RemoveWAT...
Good job guys...

please help l need a link they are holding my grandmother prisoner until i get the link !!!

All these people that keep asking for a link....I'm surprised you actually got your computer up and running.....they must all be Obama wonder our country is going down the shit hole.

I bow to your witty comment.

Can someone please post the link or email to me. Thanks,

Brad Kemper

Can someone please post the link to removewat? Thanks,

All your base are belong to us.

what is a link ? I just want the http:// thing that you click on, so I don't have to do all this googling ... I have more important things to do that sit around and google all day. I can't be bothered to read, because it is hard. All I want to do is sit still and have amazing things happen all around me, and I don't want to think or use my mind for nothing but looking at porn... goat and rhinoceros porn. Oh, and trying to find naked pictures of the weather lady. thank you.

I suspect that Microsoft knows that people hide KB971033 and using this program so is it possible that they could develop another program that does similar things and take out the present Remove WAT program?

Links, links everywhere...

Now I'm not really sure if all the d**kheads here are trolling just because the author asked not to ask for/post any links here or they're really so stupid or 50/50. Well actually I think it's not 50/50, maybe 80% stupid 20% trolls. But anyways, don't worry, it's not all Americans, I've noticed some Slavic names around here ;) Stupidity blooms everywhere. Don't you lose your nerve because of that, not worth it. Greeting from central Europe.

I cannot believe how dull and simple are some people.

The guy obviously said the tool is illegal and cannot be posted here to downloaded.
1. Google It
2. download it via a torrent.
3. install it and shut the fuck up.

One retard said that Google-ing it will end up in paying some bunch of websites.

Dude, If you do not want to pay a site, you don't. You just don't
If you're too stupid to get the removeWat, you deserve to pay for the license.

This is not illegal, it's called "Smart", which all requesters here are Not.

i downloaded the programm and it says it is removed. the only option is to restore the wat.what do i do???please help me

and i already uninstalled KB971033 myself

It's weird but if you read enough of these comments begging and pleading for links even though there is a large obvious warning near the top of the page: "Pls. do not post links for RemoveWAT downloads or ask for it in comments.." you can't keep from beginning to hear animal noises like mooing and braying and oinking etc.As you continue reading the sounds become louder and more insistently obnoxious until eventually you could swear your standing in a barn with pig shit up to your ankles.Just a thought...

Does Window 7 pro. supports remove WAT ?
And does it have any effect on pcs?


Gracias por el esfuerzo que haces

Can I get the link for download please?


okay okay okay... you guys can't read.

He said the file name and the version already, maybe you can google that thing?
and find a way to download it?

You ain't using your brains... If it's for spare then sell it to ebay

Please also update about the newer version Removewat 2.2.7

Pls mail me KeyGen...
Urgently required...!!!!

Please can you send me the download link for removewat 2.2 for windows 7

I need guide on how to download removewat 2.2 on my windows 7 laptop


Yeah right! I'm not going to give you any link to any illegal stuff! You think I'm stupid? I don't want to get fined. Giving out a link to this download is like passing out cocaine in front of a police station. If you cant research, you don't deserve the download.

pls mail the link at the earliest possible


I have used all kinds of OS, Beside of Microsoft Provides many kinds of Operating systems , But Windows 7 is perfect OS for hd gaming with its all versions like; Starter, Home premium, Professional and Ultimate, Which has been used both for home as well as business purpose.I want to suggest for you to use only a full version of any OS to avoid lost of your backup files and precious time. Last time, I also need a license for Windows 8.1 pro, Which installed at my cousin's PC, So I searched at Google to find a free license, but all in vain. The only thing which works is to buy a genuine version from Microsoft online store.
I bought it, Now I have Genuine, Which is working well. Cheers!

RemoveWat can easily fix windows 7 error... i also have made my windows 7 genuine :)

Any chance of a link to that tool?

What are you guys putting in the google search because I have been trying to find the MD5 so that I can find a genuine download and I have tried searching for RemoveWAT but everything is linked to a virus filled file instead of the one I need. I am not asking for a link I am just asking for a good google keyword or keywords.

Why you postred it even when you are not giving it to people. You are just picking the spot on google and let users open other pages to get the file..This is not a good thing mate

Please can I have the RemoveWAT for Win7 Ult.

please email me

use a bit torrent client, and find it. I did, and it works for me. I let windows update, however, and it locked up. One or more of the updates bypasses the WAT removal....and locked my non-genuine win7 up. newer version of removeWAT fixes this, but haven't tried it..

Can i get the email, please?

Hello, I'm a user of RemoveWat for a while now and it works like a charm.
Only thing that is bugging me as of today is that the ''Windows not genuine''
watermark appears on my desktop background. The background itself is not
blank or removed, the watermark is simply on it. I don't remember that appeared
before so I'd like to know if there is a way it can be removed. Thank you!

I've been using "remove Watt" for 6 months. Now the "Windows is not Genuine" logo is on my desktop. It appeared 4 days ago. Should I re-run the program? Is my Win 7 going to stop working? Updates are turned off.

It seems that KB971033 has sneeky been reinstalled and has been hidden to prevent removal via Windows Update.
But on the taskbar MS still likes me to download W10

The RemoveWhat power is the best software of the Microsoft Empire.

Waoo. My windows is now become register that i want..

Microsoft not genuine copy of windows OS error show, When you run cracked or not genuine windows. You can fix not genuine windows error by registration your OS, For which You need to enter Microsoft 25 digits product license activation key. You can buy retail product key from Microsoft, but its very costly, So I recommend you to buy cheap key code from:
as I recently bought it, activated it and my issue has been fixed.

Come on guys, there's no point making a hyperlink that links back to the same page. If you're going to hyperlink, make sure it actually goes to what it says. That's annoying. Either hyperlink the actual download page or provide a link. Searching for days on end is ridiculous. The software itself is not illegal and linking to it shouldn't be an issue.

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